1906 Colonial Revival – Westernport, MD

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165 Upper Church St, Westernport, MD 21562

  • $72,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 2694 Sq Ft
  • 0.41 Ac.
Gracious and Historic Georgian Style Home with wonderful woodwork and custom features. Triple Fireplace, Study, Library or large office off of Master bedroom # 2. Very light and airy. Needs some work but homes of this style and quality seldom come available. New 40 yr.roof, gutters & 200 amp elec.service.
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74 Comments on 1906 Colonial Revival – Westernport, MD

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  1. John Shiflet says: 5470 comments

    The interior photos were exciting until they suddenly ended. But enough visually to see this is a fine house inside at least in the areas photographed.

    • Bridget Marsh Brooks says: 8 comments

      I am the Owner of the Beautiful Home I grew up in. The photos are coming, we had 30 done by professional photographer. Unfortunately Realtor told me that due to a sizing issue, resolution? Not sure, she had sent the photographer back to take the photos again. They will be posted within the next couple days I am told. If anyone has questions about the house, I love it and probably know every inch of it. Our family has owned the house for 56 years. Prior owner was Original Owner who also raised a family here.

      • John Shiflet says: 5470 comments

        Many thanks, Bridget. As a fellow homeowner (with my wife) who is currently trying as well to sell our 1880’s home, I readily understand how difficult it is to get things arranged to create and present the best possible listing. Our listing began in May and I noted then it incorrectly listed our home as having 2 bedrooms instead of the 3 that it has always had. (and rather large ones at that) To cut to the chase, only about 10 days ago did this glaring mistake finally get corrected after I personally contacted Zillow and our realtors (repeatedly) with the problem. I have since wondered how many prospective buyers since May typed in “3 bedrooms” in their search criteria and didn’t see our listing? I now understand why some homeowner/sellers skip the realtor representation process entirely, although trying to sell a property without a realtor has downsides too. In summary, as you can see from the comments below, your home has many admirers (and maybe the next owner is among them) but before someone travels to see it from hundreds or even thousands of miles away they would appreciate having a better visual understanding about the house, its features, and layout. A long time homeowner is often a goldmine of historical information as well as being very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and community. You were very kind to inform us about more photos soon becoming available and I hope this will translate into a quick sale at full price.

      • Paula says: 104 comments

        Thank you Bridget, we can’t wait to see this lovely home! 🙂

      • Melissa D says: 5 comments

        Bridget, I love this home. If only I were closer, you would have it sold today.

        • Bridget Brooks says: 7 comments

          As you can tell, our Family has the greatest love for this house and so many wonderful memories. And being such a close family, we respected and appreciated all the work My Parents did. My parents were raised in the towns Westernport and Piedmont, so we have the great fortune of living the history and enjoying it. It was never a hassle as kids to dust and polish the woodwork, because even as children we knew the Treasure we had!

      • Bridget Townsend says: 1 comments

        Dear Bridget, I am in love with this house. Unfortunately I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and am working on a home to sell and here for one more year. Your family home is gorgeous. Aloha Bridget

  2. Gini Freemyer says: 19 comments

    Not sure when I’ve wanted more pictures more! I don’t know what a triple fireplace is, but I want one.

    • Bridget Brooks says: 8 comments

      There are three fireplaces on the main floor. That is what the realtor meant by triple fireplace. The unusual feature is that they all are in a triangle of room and use the same, o end only chimney.

  3. Paula says: 104 comments

    Would have loved to see more of this home.

  4. KarenB says: 268 comments

    Well, if this realtor isn’t a tease! More pics please. I would imagine from the few pics posted the house if full of lovely delectables.

  5. Sapphy says: 390 comments

    More photos please, Realtor! This one looks promising. I’m not a fan of the view, but if that brick monstrosity weren’t there, it could possibly have a great view.

  6. Melody says: 527 comments

    I sure wish there were more photos available, it looks like there’s a lot of the original house still intact. The location looks alright too. It’s on a hill, so the view out the front is fairly elevated. I wouldn’t mind so terribly looking at an elementary school, there are far worse neighbours to have! Out back is a nice patch of woods, and then a cemetery, so the backyard will be nice an quiet.
    The price seems quite reasonable, but that’s hard to judge without seeing the rest of the house. For all we know, the rest of the place is in shambles, or all the mechanicals could be in bad shape. (200 amp service is a plus)

    • Bridget Brooks says: 7 comments

      On the second floor back, there is a very large porch that looks into the mountain. We used to have it screen in, and it could easily be done again. We watched deer, raccoons, opossums and baby in the mountain rocks, rabbits, occasional fox, occasional snake.
      The house was kept as original as was practical! The radiators are original throughout. The lights that had been gas/electric are in two rooms still. The two rooms that are paneled from when I was a child were done because that was the trend them. As obnoxious now as when people went through the blue and olive color antiquing of beautiful pieces of furniture. Two of the fireplaces have the original grates and covers that are so beautiful! The rock fireplace was built by my Dad from local stone we dug from Savage River Dam area. He and Mom, thinking about the single chimney and layout of the house, tapped the blank wall in that room and realized the flue opening had been covered. So he opened the wall and rebuilt the 3rd fireplace in what was our family room. The other room upstairs on the mountain, with open windows, and window seat and great radiator, also have those beautiful ceiling to floor closets and drawers on both sides of the door. The original transom is at that door also. There is also a small room that was my brothers bedroom when he was small, but could be and office or whatever.
      The house has been updated as needed, as with appliances, breaker box, etc.
      We had offered info about the rehab loan if someone wants to take on the update of electric.
      The house had been abandoned for several years as the matriarch had to move at an advanced age, and then passed. Her adult sons, daughters where raising kids of their own by then,
      When we moved in the servants, pantry and servant bells were still in place. I have pics of Mom in the old kitchen which had 7 doors!

  7. Curiouser George says: 142 comments

    I also do not mind having the school to look at. It’s a fine old building with character and soul. Likewise the woods to the rear and the adjacent cemetery…would be wonderful to go strolling amongst such peaceful surroundings. House is close to downtown, so could easily walk to shop and church. It’s got a new roof and front steps, so those are big positives.

    • Bridget Brooks says: 7 comments

      As for the school, it has an direct relation to this house and the one next door. The first official school in town was started by Oliver H.Bruce. His son Norris Bruce and wife Marie lived next door when I was growing up, fascinating historian who passed away at around 90 yrs old In early 1970s. His sister Anne Bruce Dellinger lived in our house, prior to our family purchase in 1959. She was married to Richard Dellinger, DDS, the town’s dentist who had his office in our house in a small room upstairs. That room is in the middle of the second floor where the door opened out to the porch rough, and a small area that had railing where we used to sit. My mother and I enjoyed it as our “sewing room”.
      The school across the street was Bruce School. Then a new Bruce HS was built on one of the mountains, and this school was Bruce Elementary.
      The address Upper Church St. relates to the Catholic Church up the street built in 1873. The road also was referred to as River Road, because many years back when Railroad was being run though the town, the Potomac River had ruin. Front of the house. The Potomac River was moved or diverted to the other side of the railroad. The railroad runs behind the school you can see from the house. What wonderful wailing whistles and clanking, I used to hear many years ago as a child in the quiet of the night, as well as the clank of the milk man’s stops on our street. Of course, railroad is quieter now, but you hear and smell the wood of the pulpwood trucks that pass on the lower main highway on the way up to the Paper Mill.

  8. twobuffalo says: 43 comments

    Like you John;
    I agree that this appears to be a really nice house with lots of period left inside. Now, where are the rest of the photos? Would they show a rental side that has been patched up by landlords who throws up a patch for a needed repair? The lack of images suggest that they may be somewhat of a negative to neutral aspect of this home. Who knows?

    • Bridget Brooks says: 7 comments

      No the lack of photos was because the resolution was wrong or file too large from the professional photographer, and we couldn’t get them to load. We had to have him come back and redo the photos. As I said, our family of 5, Father, Mother, and three children moved in to the house which they purchased from the original owners. My Father lived in this house until 2003 when at 90 years old we had to bring him to live with his eldest child because he developed Shingles. Otherwise he would have stayed in that house until his passing. Upon his leaving, my first cousin who practically grew up in the house with me and loved it as much as we do, moved her adult daughter in to keep it in good repair and safe. My sister and I visited often to check on the condition of the house and approve and repairs as needed. There have never been tenants or renters. There have been two families that have loved this beautiful house and tried very hard to preserve its original beauty…those families, the original owners The Dellingers and my family, The Marshes who have owned it and kept it inhabited by family since 1959!

  9. John Shiflet says: 5470 comments

    twobuffalo, these are all valid points. Given the features of today’s smart phones with high resolution built-in cameras, there is no legitimate excuse for not taking an adequate number of photos to provide prospective buyers with a good idea of those features the house and property offer. Then again, some realtors (maybe “old school”?) believe its better to provide just a few “teaser” photos to generate interest and then when contacted, encourage any serious prospects to come out and view the house in person. In the past, that marketing tactic was widely accepted but in today’s digital virtual world a realtor-agent seeking the maximum reach and interest in properties listed with them should provide a photo of every room, exterior views of the front, back, and sides of the house including the yards as well as a couple of shots of the adjacent neighborhood streetscape because even if streetview is available, it may from five years ago or more with no current views available. When agents or sellers provide such a small number of photos, there’s a good chance some prospective buyers will just move on to look at other properties featuring more photos and information. As we have frequently seen here, even in our Digital Age, there is no standardized way of presenting listed properties. (but there really should be just as legal real estate contracts are standardized) Some properties, (mostly high-end in the high six figures or more) border on “TMI” in listing content, but those looking at the listing can decide to look at the number of images they choose, omit the virtual tour or added Youtube video, as they wish. That is marketing in the 21st century even if the house is 200 years old. Really cutting edge listings must now have the ubiquitous drone camera fly-over images which seems to give these listings a slight marketing edge over those lacking the same. I have personally known realtors (not giving out names) who put forth a marketing effort directly proportional to the property’s selling price so that relatively bargain properties received less attention and effort than high value listings. If all of the recommended things I mentioned were very costly or prohibitively time consuming, I could understand, but a smart phone camera and posting a few extra photos even for a bargain property increases the chances for a quick sale and getting the agent’s commission faster as well. Sellers also remember agents who go the extra mile to market their property and often will provide additional positive reviews and personal referrals. All that said, I actually believe there are some agents who do not care about increased business but are content to rest on their laurels and thus are not motivated to do more. I’ll never be a realtor, (although I did work in mortgage banking eons ago) but I assure you that if I were, I’d treat my clients the way I’d want to be treated even if I was selling a $20,000 property for them. A talented agent in high demand can cherry pick those listings most likely to sell and earn a quick commission for them and some do, but those in the business know there are million dollar producers and some who will never be. Understanding and meeting the needs of the seller and buyer are what make that difference.

    • Brigsy says: 8 comments

      Thanks, we have since cleaned and cleared the house more. But I haven’t been able to get the pics transferred from my file to the realtor’s. The rooms have all be cleared, cleaned, polished! My pride and joy wonderful house, that my cousins love to from growing up near and making great memories. Any other info or pics anyone is interested in, just let me know. One pic of the carport, with much stuff and leaves, will be replaced. It is all cleared, and does fit a car well. There is room for 2 cars in driveway, and then also carport. Great for Winter! The built in closets and drawers are on both sides of door, entire wall of room with window seat

  10. says: 5 comments

    and may I add, those very very infrequently included FLOOR PLANS. Even if someone just doodled the location/relationships of rooms, halls, don’t bother about scale or even rulers, just for the love of Pete, show me what is where! That being said, I love this site, and Kelly, I know you post them if you have them ?. As anyone can guess, I wish my super power was that I could figure it out from photos. Hi I’m susan, and I am crazy for old floor plans ?

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11836 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      lol, I’m the same way of thinking! Sometimes it is so hard trying to figure out the layout of a home, floor plans would go a long way in helping figure out what rooms go where.

    • Bridget Brooks says: 7 comments

      We have the original blueprints and my brother is an Engineer. so I can ask him to scribble out a quick floor plan if anyone wishes. Just let me know.

  11. southwest Guy says: 4 comments

    Today, I found more pictures on realtor.com. Looks like a very promising home with money needed. Lovely!

  12. Can someone tell us a little bit about Westernport? What is there to do? Is there Community Theater? Where do you park to gain access to the house? Is it on street or can you get to the back of the house? I saw additional photos of this house and it is stunning.

  13. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11836 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Uploaded the new photos!

  14. John Shiflet says: 5470 comments

    Many thanks both to you and “Brigsy”. Don’t know if this will speed up a sale but it can’t hurt. Old house fans will be especially appreciative.

  15. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 359 comments

    A somewhat unusual but promising facade with that bowed porch, made all the more prominent by the raised setting. The interior, though, is a stunner, both in plan and decorative finishes — in this case a plan and decorative scheme that belies the relatively modest 2700 sq.ft. and an unarguably modest and attractive price.

    My favorite view is the 15th down (the image embedded caption #25) looking across the front left room to the center hall to the front right room. It’s an impressive and sophisticated arrangement of spaces and details, the likes of which are rarely seen even in houses of much larger scale and expense.

    • Bridget Brooks says: 7 comments

      As you see from the photos, I just replaced the wooden steps to the front porch. When we first moved in in 1959, so much work had to be done to restore the house to safe condition because it had been left by Matriarch, with no one to keep up. However, those were the days when neighbors and co-workers pitched in, and many men from the Paper Mills helped my father with lifting and leveling porch etc. My father had the round pillars on the front porch specially made copying the originals. And the front steps had a lovely bow that followed the porch line. However, in the last 20+ years, it was near I possible to find any carpenter willing to recreate that bow. They all said it was too much trouble, sadly! When I was early teen, maybe early to mid 1970s, my parents and I rode to Winchester VA where my father had found a Master Carpenter who took a few weeks and made the steps with the bow for us. But that was the last time we were able to have such a wide bow. The next steps were less, and these I could only get the carpenter to do straight. Though the work was very professional done for $2500. I am still waiting for a 2 week dry period so that he can stain and seal the new steps. Seems to be many cloudbursts this Summer that set us back to Day One again. But we stay in touch since he already has the stain and seal needed, just needs dry wood!

      • JimHJimH says: 5120 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Bridget Brooks, you are a gem, and so is the house. Thanks for sharing the history with us, and preserving the house for the next generation of owners, whoever they may be.

      • stacey says: 1 comments

        I’ve just seen this beautiful lady in person. My gosh the woodworking is amazing. The steps however are just painted not stained sadly. I wish it were in a different area. I’d snap it up in a second.

  16. Melissa D says: 5 comments

    I am in love.

  17. Allan says: 79 comments

    In the 12th interior photo (the cheap paneled room with the open window) are those radiators under the other window? They are fabulous! This house has moved into my top 5 favorites.

  18. Michelle Garvin says: 29 comments

    What a beautiful house! The woodwork is to die for!

  19. Thanks for the description of the area. I have looked at the bird’s eye view of the property and I still can’t figure out how you access the house. Is there a driveway, or off street parking? Or do you pull around to the back?

  20. Brigsy says: 8 comments

    Just to the left out of the photo of the full house and porch, there is a driveway that has space for 2 vehicles. There is also the carport which first my mustang fine in Winter. The driveway is a steep incline to park right at side porch door entering family room or walk through carport to other side porch entering kitchen. There is also room on the street, a and very light traffic on this small street. To the left of the driveway is another yard.

  21. John Shiflet says: 5470 comments

    In streetview, going some distance past this house, it looks like a smaller street branches off and goes up the hill from the main road down below.

  22. Brigsy says: 8 comments

    That is correct. The main hwy below is Rte 135. A small road veers off and up past about 6 houses or lots, thinking of the school as midway,and on about 6 or 7 house farther where it yields back into Rte 135.

  23. Brigsy says: 8 comments

    Just for comparison, and coincidentally, the Sister house next door is also for sale. The current owner have done much updating, but not maintained the charm I would prefer. If you’ve read my other messages, this is the house where Norris and Marie Bruce, Norris whose father began the first official school in town lived. I used to visit them as a child and he would take me up on the hill behind the house to see a fish pond he maintained. He passed away at 90 yrs old in 1972. House Looks very different now! It was Norris Bruce’s sister Anne Bruce Dellinger who originally lived in my house.
    I saw it on Zillow, 163 Upper Church St. Westernport MD.

  24. Chyrill says: 1 comments

    Nice home. Love the wood work. Do you have pictures of the bathroom and exterior back?

  25. Deb says: 2 comments

    Oh my Lawdy! This house makes me want to sell everything and move! If only I was able to commute to Baltimore from here! Beautiful, beautiful….

  26. Ann says: 1 comments

    Sigh. I won’t be prepared to buy again till next year, so it’s really killing me to pass up a home that truly says “me”. Sigh.

  27. Stacey says: 2 comments

    I’m really really interested. When were the furnace and wiring last updated.

    • Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

      The furnace is + yrs old. Father passed away around 2005, and I belleve it was around then. The wiring needs to be updated. After Dad got too old, he couldn’t maintain his renov. Take all those simple things a Dad does, until they are no longer able. Or appreciate when you own of home of your own!

      • Stacey says: 2 comments

        I see your beautiful home is pending sale. I’m so glad someone is buying it, however I wish it would have been me.

      • Stuart s says: 3 comments

        Bridget have you finalized the sale? I’m so sad I didn’t find this about 2 weeks ago

        • Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

          The sale has not been finalized yet. I haven’t met the potential buyers, just know the closing attorney started very late to look at papers, deed, etc. Therefore the potential sale was delayed up to one month. We’ll see what happens!

          • Stuart s says: 3 comments

            Bridget if they for ANY reason don’t like what they see or ask for too much to be fixed I am and will offer full price of not better and we will be cash so no long escrow , as well as this home would be sooooo awesome to let us live there and being a master carpenter whom worked all over the U.S. and Europe as well I can give her the love and attention she needs and my children will love it also, would be nice for little feet inside again. Thank you keep us posted please please please .

            • Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

              I forwarded your message to my realtor. It would be wonderful to have another family in this beautiful house, and put love and laughter in the air again! I actually went there middle of last week with a friend since 1st grade so she and I could reminisce, soak up the memories and love, and say “goodbye” to my home. I will keep you posted.

  28. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 248 comments

    This home is heavenly, and I have enjoyed all the comments and information. I live in MO, but would have no problem moving to MD if I could live in this home. Alas…..no dinero!

  29. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 248 comments

    Thanks so much for the update, Bridget. Many times we old house lovers never know when the house we are crazy about sells. Please continue to keep us informed. I am so envious of you growing up in this spectacular home.

  30. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 248 comments

    Stuart, that is wonderful. Now Bridget has a back up cash offer, and it sounds like it would be perfect for you.

    • Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

      Stuart, i emailed my brother and he said to tell you to get in touch with Amy, our realtor right away. I don’t know where the attorney is with the deed, etc. So if you are really interested, you need to tell Amy White ASAP! It is another realtor who had an interested party, but their offer is lower than your amount. amywhite@coldwellbanker.com


  31. Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

    Hey Stuart, I spoke with the realtor Amy today via email she said she hadn’t heard from you today. If you are still interested in the house, she said for you to contact her ASAP, with information to confirm the offer you stated last night. The atty here in DE is sending docs to the atty in MD, to set up an ancillary estate, so that my brother and I put our names on the deed . It had been in a Living Trust in Dad’s name, then my late sister took over the management when he passed. She of course passed the house to us, Since she recently lived and died in DE, the MD ancillary estate has to be set. But once they get the docs, it will probably be fairly quick, end of Dec., if not sooner. de atty was sending to MD atty tomorrow a.m. That’s why I am impressing that contact should be made if you are still interested in also submitting an offer, countering the first lower one.by other paety.
    Thanks, don’t me to pressure, just trying to keep folks in the loop, which can move quickly with cash!


    • Stuart s says: 3 comments

      Wow talk about a day a late and a dollar short!!,,,I’m not sure why the posts about this house haven’t shown up in my email as others I’ve looked at do, but today I noticed I left the original listing from the Realator open on my iPhone and being crushed a few weeks back that we couldn’t get to fix this one up and have the little feet inside I just took time off from looking. I thought the attorney had my email as I left it on a post before but I’m not very tech savvy (just a good old carpenter) but it seems I may have missed the chance of a lifetime. Talk about a emotional roller coaster today when I looked and saw you reached out but to no avail . I just phoned a Realator since the contact for Amy didn’t respond and hope that this awesome piece of history can still be ours. Hope fully they didn’t close yet and I would still love to come and look and make this pretty old house a home again. Here is my email and phone number for a more direct contact if needed ( hope they didn’t like it) so we can expedite the process if there is a chance. Stuart1632@gmail.com and cell phone 602-690-9847 must leave a message or text though. Bridgette I hope the gods are smiling on us so we can make your lovely house the home you so warmly remember and if not thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts, I’m sorry I didn’t check the posts more often, I was just so sad when I thought it was sold as my wife was too the look in her eyes was one of the saddest I can remember. But your the best and this website is awesome so hopefully I’ll try to keep a good attitude and use the slogan when one door closes another opens and just wait for another exceptionally beautiful house that will someday show up here for Us although it will pale in comparison to yours Bridgette .
      Warm wishes for the new year and thank you again for thinking of me I’m touched.

  32. Christopher d odom says: 1 comments


    • Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

      It has not gone to close yet. That is tentatively Jan. 8. However, if you are intereted, get in touch with Amy White, with Coldwell Banker in Keyser WVa. You could see about being back up. One never knows what may happen. Worth atleast the contact. 304-813-5201 or Amykaywhite@gmail.com or amywhite @coldwellbanker.com

  33. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 248 comments

    Well I am nosey….did Stuart get the house?

  34. ellen says: 58 comments

    According to Redfin, it sold on Jan 29 for 55k

  35. Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

    The couple that wanted to buy it, who had just fallen in love with the woodwork, waited patiently until we got the Estate and deed paperwork completed, and purchased on Jan. 29, 2016 for $ have adult children who are skilled to work on the repairs or upgrades they will need. And they have 8 grandchildren! My brother and I were very happy to sell to a family who had a few generations that loved the house, and were excited to think of returning it to its original charm. They have the original woodwork, firelaces, hardwood floors, radiators, stained glass, and on and on! It was bittersweet to sell, but I’m so happy to think of another family having joy and laughs in our former beautiful Marsh Family home!

    And by the way, never heard from Stuart again!

  36. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 248 comments

    Bridget, thanks so much for the update. …such wonderful news. I really wanted to know the outcome since this is my all time favorite house. Funny about Stuart, all talk I guess.

  37. Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

    Thank you! Yes, we were so fortunate to have this as our home! A true beauty,the woodword, the porch, the 2 ndfloor porch on the mountain in back, and the BRICK. I love a brick house! I am so happy that this sale of the house has led me to this group, because I too am definitely a lover of these beautiful old houses built with such skill, quality materials and love.

  38. Thank you so much for the updates Bridget, I am so glad this house got adopted!

  39. Bridget Brooks says: 12 comments

    Yes, adopted by a lovely family with adult children skilled in some of the work needed for the house update/safety upgrades. And then grandchildren. The older couple I sold to are lovely, she is crazy in love with the original woodwork and fireplaces. I will stop back by maybe in the Fall when they’ve had time to get settled and do some work, make it their Beauty!

  40. anonlass says: 6 comments

    Marsh hmm we could be kissing cousins…..your Marsh from Salems or Danvers area?

  41. Doreen says: 234 comments

    When I saw the interior pictures of this house, I swear to god, my heart STOPPED. So glad it’s already sold, as I was going to sell everything I own and buy it!

  42. JulieB says: 1 comments

    i remember visiting this house in the 1940’s when i was a small child, and the Bruces next door. my family was friends of the Dellingers and the Bruces; Anne Dellinger Smith (daughter of the original owners) and her husband Rab Smith (from Luke) were close friends of my parents. wonderful memories to see these beautiful rooms and spaces again. it’s wonderful that your family has had it so long and obviously loved it. i hope it is being well taken care now as well.

  43. Kitty Walker Zell says: 1 comments

    Bridget Marsh Brooks….stumbled upon this post. Not sure if you remember me Kitty Walker from the Bruce house next door? I have pictures of you and I playing in front of your beautiful home; lots of years ago!

  44. Bridget Marsh Brooks says: 12 comments

    Definitely, loved all my days playing there and with the kids on the street through the years. Loved Anita, Marie and Norris and all the kids who came to visit. Would love to see your pictures, share a memory. Thanks so much for the message.

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