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1903 Classical Revival – Orange, MA

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75 E Main St, Orange, MA 01364

Map: Street View

  • $742,500
  • 14 Beds
  • 6 Bath
  • 15406 Sq Ft
  • 1.53 Ac.
Downton Abbey in Central Massachusetts! Constructed in 1903 as the private residence of renowned industrialist John W. Wheeler from the best materials by the finest craftsmen of the era. Step back in time as the Industrial Revolution took hold in America and successful entrepreneurs enjoyed enormous prosperity and entertained lavishly. From the brick and sandstone façade, the formal living room with elegant plasterwork, the carved Mahogany dining room encircled with a continuous frieze depicting a hunting scene, to the library paneled in Red Birch and the den in quartered Sycamore, this extraordinary property offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history. Many of the major spaces have been lovingly restored by the current owners and includes a state of the art Buderus heating system. As a private residence, bed and breakfast, restaurant, wedding and event venue, corporate retreat, or other creative use, this masterpiece would have few equals.
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Stephanie Pandiscio, Foster-Healey Real Estate      (978) 630-2070
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48 Comments on 1903 Classical Revival – Orange, MA

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  1. AvatarAlicia Kelly Sullivan says: 6 comments

    That basic looking swing on the porch is too funny!

    • Avatarowner says: 10 comments

      hi, yes the porch swing is funny. but it was in the backyard. it would have been crushed by the 4ft of snow so we put it on the front porch.

      • AvatarAlicia Kelly Sullivan says: 6 comments

        4 feet?! I bet you guys are so happy Spring is finally here!

  2. AvatarNeobrien says: 4 comments

    Doesn’t look like the fireplaces are in working order anymore. Other than that, wow!

  3. AvatarUnheard Uv says: 33 comments

    The chimney tops have been taken down? Does that mean the fireplaces are no longer operable?

  4. AvatarRobb H says: 184 comments

    Great house but it looks off balance. I would restore the chimneys so they are operative.

  5. AvatarMW says: 727 comments

    Is definitely a mansion, no doubt about that. Seems like a bargain considering. But the taxes are $15K/year too apparently, and probably not going down any time soon.

  6. Paul WPaul W says: 562 comments

    Given what you are buying it seems well priced and 15K a yr in taxes is a relative thing at this price point.

    The interiors are exactly what you would expect and the detail is top notch. Personally I don’t know I’d be willing to spend the price off adding back that many chimneys. The cost of hiring the kind of skilled masons you would need, scaffold, permits its probably a 80-100 K project…of course your taxes will go up as result of the permits.

    • Avatarowner says: 10 comments

      hi, instead of rebuilding the chimneys, I suggest ventless gas logs for the fireplaces — check Massachusetts building codes. 2 fireplaces do work.

  7. AvatarPatricia says: 13 comments

    I believe this building used to be a rest home/nursing home.Not positive though.

    • Avatarowner says: 10 comments

      hi, this building was originally a 4 bed house for John Wilson Wheeler. he died in 1910. in 1925 it was picked up as the Eastern Star Home — rest home for the ladies of the Masonic Lodge. that ended around 1990. we have had it since 1996.

      • Avatarorange girl at heart says: 1 comments

        I love this place. My grandmother spent the last years of her life here at the Eastern Star home ( she also lived her entire life in Orange). My favorite part of visiting was having dinner in the dining room with full white table cloth service, and a cool old style beauty salon on premises.

      • AvatarDickinRockport says: 1 comments

        Drove by place today while looking at an old doctor’s house for sale in the neighborhood. Truly an incredible property, but now starting to look dilapidated and unmaintained. Is the old girl for sale? She should be a museum.

  8. Tommy QTommy Q says: 464 comments

    Uh, what’s that white stuff all over the ground? (says the guy living in Sacramento CA)

    • AvatarPatricia says: 13 comments

      It melts and becomes water.From the woman in Mass who is tired of white stuff on the ground.It is raining today.

  9. JudithJudith says: 23 comments

    Love this home – would have loved to have seen the bedrooms and other bathrooms but if it was a nursing home, then they’ve made some changes. The one bathroom in the photos does have handicap bars so now that makes sense. I’m sure that in it’s day, the home was spectacular. Anyone buying this home will probably be able to restore the chimneys and pay the taxes. It’s a bit more than I can take on but if I could, I would!

    Patricia, our snow is almost gone – nothing like the East Coast USA – it’s definitely time for Spring.

    • Meg@sparrowhaunt.comMeg@sparrowhaunt.com says: 101 comments

      Actually, if we’re looking at the same thing I think the grab bars are actually a towel warmer radiator – I think I see the water connection at the bottom, but can’t be completely sure. If this place did serve as a nursing home they did a remarkable job of preserving it, although I’m sure there are many rooms we’re not seeing. Either way, I found the interiors far more homey than I had expected.

      • JudithLorraineJudithLorraine says: 23 comments

        Ah, I think you may be right. A shame that there are no postings for the bedrooms. Would love to walk through this in person.

  10. Ed FerrisEd Ferris says: 311 comments

    Are my eyes deceiving me, or did the capitals on the front porch columns get changed from Ionic in the postcard to annular in the photo?

  11. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4718 comments

    Ed, nice call. Yes, the columns were likely replaced in more recent years as the originals were probably made of wood staves with carved wood, compo or plaster capitals. The replacements were probably whatever was available at the time. Others have noted the truncated chimneys. But the best news here is that the interior looks remarkably original and intact. That metal sink (German Silver/Monel metal..Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monel) if original and not of later stainless steel, is a high end rarity as are several other details in this once grand mansion. It was a landmark from day one and although it needs some minor TLC, it remains so today. Taxes and winter snows come with the territory. I could see this as a really fine B & B operation or Inn/boutique hotel.

    • Avatarowner says: 10 comments

      hi, I am the owner and noticed the many nice sayings about the pictures. to help, the columns were not replaced. they are hollowed wood columns of which we did find a time capsule when we replaced the porch underneath it back in 1997. the capitals used to be plaster but the last pic I have of them was in 1940 and they were cracking.

      • AvatarJoe D says: 5 comments

        Hi Owner. Your home is stunning and I hope you get full price. What was in the time capsule?!

        • AvatarStacie Erickson says: 2 comments

          Your home is beautiful I hope you find someone who will love it and take as much care of it as you obviously did! Was it so wonderful to live in? My 15 year old son and I were just looking at the pictures and he said, “Can you imagine living there?” I can imagine I think I would spend all day just sitting and staring at my home! It is so amazing!

          • Avatarowner says: 10 comments

            Just tell your 15yr old son that he will have to work for his goals to get something like this, because we worked very hard — to earn the money to make the repairs and to also do the repairs. but he has to have goals to work up to it. here is a funny tidbit — we moved from Chicago 2bd 1200sqft bungalow to this 12,000sqft mansion. I had to watch The Money Pit twice and make sure our personal finances were in order. the rest is up to God.
            also, my wife, then a little girl, told her mother that she would live there someday. didn’t know it would be starting in 1996.

  12. Avatarowner says: 10 comments

    the bath pic shows a standing towel warmer — not a handicap bar. when refinished this bath. the floors are heated by radiant — who wants to step on cold tile in the winter morning.

    • JudithLorraineJudithLorraine says: 23 comments

      Hi Owner – Such a lovely place – I see now that it’s a towel warmer and not a handicap bar. Would have loved to have seen bedrooms.

      • AvatarTom Kratman says: 3 comments

        Bedrooms and a floorplan, to include for attic, basement, and the wing toward the northwest.

        • AvatarOwner says: 10 comments

          hey Tom, sounds like you need to get pre-qualified and talk to my real estate broker. lol

          • AvatarTom Kratman says: 3 comments

            Even if I could afford it – a very iffy proposition, in itself, albeit not an impossible one – it’s too far from the only thing that would bring me back to Massachusetts, my aunts in Braintree and Quincy. And getting the wife to live with a cemetery abutting the back yard just isn’t going to happen. “But Yoli,” say I, “they never complain or have loud parties. They won’t call the police if you do. They don’t have any bratty kids overturning the trash cans. They don’t leave their dogs out to howl all damned night. They never have domestic disturbances, and certainly none that require police intervention. In other words, the dead are the best neighbors one could hope for.” Sadly, she just doesn’t see the logic of my position.

            • AvatarPatricia says: 13 comments

              Tom, The commuter train to Boston (MBTA) starts in Fitchburg.There is a parking garage. There was/is a bus on Main Street (RTE 2 a) that went straight to the train station. I know a person who went to town every week to visit family.
              Orange is a nice quite town to live in.

              • AvatarTom Kratman says: 3 comments

                I don’t do trains and buses well anymore (though I think it a great pity that New England has long since done away with the spiderweb of streetcar lines that used to connect even fairly small towns). That is, I would want to pick up both aunts, every Sunday, and take them to what might be called our ancestral church, the Gate of Heaven. That’s four hours, round trip with all stops, from Orange, which is more than I can do anymore.

  13. AvatarARB says: 2 comments

    This house is just stunning! Oh if I were rich……

  14. Avatarowner says: 10 comments

    The November 1, 1902 edition of the Worcester spy newspaper. Also a slip of paper with the names of the builders.

    • AvatarAlicia Bryce says: 2 comments

      What a cool piece of history to have. What a dream home.

    • AvatarCrystal Wheeler (Carpenter) says: 1 comments

      Not sure if you’ll see this, but here goes nothing 🙂 this was my greatx4-fathers house. Neat that you found a time capsule! He supposedly hid other treasures in the house; hope you find them one day!

      • Avatarowner says: 10 comments

        hi crystal. this is the current owner. we’ve had it since 1996. what other treasures were there. the building has been worked over in the last 100 years

  15. AvatarJonathan Bish says: 1 comments

    I was researching my family tree over this weekend and learned that I am actually related to John Wheeler! While going through the genealogy book I was using, I saw a picture of this house. I figured I would look it up to see if it was still standing and you could imagine my surprise…not only is it standing, it’s been restored and is up for sale so I can see pictures!!! Thank you so much for taking care of this piece of history. You did a beautiful job restoring it. I only wish I could see it in person. Unfortunately, I’m in the military and stationed currently in California with no opportunities to make the trip anytime in the foreseeable future. I hope you find a buyer who will take as much pride in the home as you have.

  16. AvatarWayne Dippel says: 1 comments

    That has got to the most fantastic home ever!

  17. AvatarRobb H says: 184 comments

    We attempted to look at this house last week and were disuaded by I believe the listing Realtor as was told the 1st floor is done but 2nd floor and other areas need to be done. Our Realtor called in to schedule a time and was told this information. I thought the house was pretty done. We had our pre-approval letter. We are moving to the MA area and are seriously seeking a place. Needless to say, we looked at others in MA, NY and CT as I need to be within 90 min of Springfield, MA.

  18. AvatarBob says: 8 comments

    I wonder what the current zoning of this property is? Would it allow for restaurant serving alcohol?

  19. Avatarowner says: 10 comments

    I am sure this is zoned commercial residential. Call listing agent for more info please.

  20. Avatarlbbjr says: 52 comments

    this house would make a wonderful venue for shared living or a new monastic movement, quite spectacula!!

  21. Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10360 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Really cool old postcard photo on eBay:

    link to auction

  22. AvatarKirt says: 5 comments

    Does this home have Central heat and air? Please let me know? From SOUTHPORT. NC Wanting to move back North.

  23. AvatarKirt says: 5 comments

    I clicked on Agent and it goes blank can’t contact agent.

  24. AvatarBfh says: 1 comments

    I worked in this building as a maintenance assistant in the late 70s. Absolutely fabulous facality.


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