1873 Second Empire – Saint Johns, MI

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205 W State St, Saint Johns, MI 48879

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  • $219,900
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4504 Sq Ft
  • 1 Ac.
One of kind, magnificent brick Victorian built in 1873. Situated on a square block (4 city lots) this home has a well documented history and meticulously cared for. Truly romantic feeling to this great home!
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Peter MacIntyre, MacIntyre & Cowen
(517) 999-2675
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14 Comments on 1873 Second Empire – Saint Johns, MI

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  1. lara janelara jane says: 470 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Video!!!!! Awesome! I totally dig the ReMax balloon for the Earth view. Seriously cool. And they really took their time; this is not a quick little tour! 11 minutes! So fun!

    This is a great house. I’d love to see the woodwork stripped of its white paint. Not sure how I feel about the “newer” fireplaces… maybe just embrace the fact that a home evolves over 140 years! I’d love to know how the kitchen was originally laid out. That whole section with the sitting room and breakfast nook has old/original lights. The upstairs bathroom is a dream, though not likely more than 100 years old. The carriage house must’ve belonged to another dwelling. Wonder whether that’s in the extensive documentation. I’d love to read it if someone finds a link!

    • lara janelara jane says: 470 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Check that. This bathroom could easily be late-1800s, I just forget that we are 14 years into this decade (I like to forget, as our son was born in 2000! Ack!)!

  2. Marion says: 67 comments

    What a gorgeous villa. Seems a steal at this price!

    I love the tasteful furnishings in the home 🙂

  3. Laurie says: 1705 comments

    What a super house. I’d like to see what the kitchen looked like originally too. Wish it could have been remodeled more in keeping w/the house, but the “new” one might have been put in some time ago when people saw them as simply outdated. The sinks in the bedrooms are a delight; so glad they left them. The bathroom is wonderfully done.

  4. Cherie Perry ~ Bella Rosa Designs.com says: 2 comments


  5. Bob h says: 76 comments

    Super house. Great work by the owner to keep it in such great condition. This is a winner.

  6. Betsy says: 156 comments

    Gorgeous beautiful Iive-in-able house.

  7. RosewaterRosewater says: 6692 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Beautiful.. Very impressive.. Obviously the premier house in the community judging by it’s age, location, and 1/4 block lot..
    Looks like some major changes happened right around 1900. Those changes on the ground floor include: the combining of the front and back parlors, with the removal of the front parlor chimney mass, replacement of the original transoms, as well as the removal of the center window and subsequent addition of the door and transom in the bay, and the enlarging and re-styling of the rear parlor fireplace. Also on the ground floor at that time: the widening of the DR entrance into the side hall, and the addition of it’s (bronze?) doors and side lights occurred; also the addition of electrical service to the house and it’s attendant fixtures would have been done at that time. Upstairs, the boudoir fireplace was changed to a contemporary model, the en suite door from front bedroom to boudoir with closets between was added, and the SPECTACULAR, untouched bathroom was added as well..
    I would guess that the double bay garage doors were added to the rear side of the carriage house in appr. 1920. Thankfully that was the only exterior change made there, and it remains the delightful little gem of it’s original construction, and a fine compliment to the house.
    Judging by the Steel picture window with casements in the kitchen, that room probably saw a major remodel in the mid 1950’s, which unfortunately has been replaced at some point; and the current kitchen is from the mid 1990’s..
    The only VERY UNFORTUNATE change to the house happened somewhere along the way when ALL of the third story dormer windows were hacked off and shingled over. My guess is that this happened in the 50’s when the kitchen was re-done, as that was a popular thing to do at the time. Just imagine those poor rooms up there in perpetual darkness. Removing them has seriously diminished the quality of the home’s otherwise spectacular Empire appearance, and radically altered it’s character. They should be replaced..
    This is a very fine house indeed; comfortable, welcoming, and very beautifully decorated. The big meaty, “mini-newel” balusters are just superb, and I don’t recall seeing their like before. All of the wood throughout the public rooms is just deelish. The carpet is a personal choice, and I will say that it does make a house more comfortable. My aunt has a home of similar vintage with spectacular inlaid floors all covered in carpet. You miss seeing them, but it does make formal rooms feel more cozy, and the cats prefer it..
    Pretty smokin good deal for under $300K.. Lucky buyer.. Nice…

  8. Jim says: 5103 comments

    Agree on the dormers, and the fiberglass shingles supposed to look like slate don’t. The carriage house is a beauty, and the house could use some darker paint also.

  9. Jarod says: 1 comments

    I live here in Saint Johns, and I have done a lot of research in Hicks Estate. It was built in 1873 by architect Oliver Hidden for local grain merchant John Hicks. I have a photograph of when the home was built, it used to have a patterned slate roof, ornate dormers, and a tower raising above it all. There was also a two story porch on the front left of the home. I was told that was all taken off in the 1950’s because it was rotted. I love this home so much, the new owners plan on restoring the inside to its former glory! The mirrors in the drawing room are made of gold and were imported from Western Europe, and the flowers were painted onto the ceiling by Mra. Hick. The home featured a 3rd floor ballroom which was also painted with floral patterns, but I have no idea of its condition now. Inside it has had a few changes from the early 1900’s, such as taking out a wall to open the parlor and study, as well as the tiled fireplace in the study. The bathroom was also put in around the turn of the century.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6692 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Thanks’ for your comment Jarod. If you would e-mail a copy of the old photo to the webmaster, I’m sure she would post it here. I’d certainly love to see it; and if you ever meet the new owner, let them know about this thread so they might want to add to it. I just LOVE this beautiful, QUALITY house! 🙂 J

  10. Michael Mackin says: 2665 comments

    I love the bathroom, including the sitz bath.

  11. Doug Carpenter says: 1 comments

    I was amused to read some of the above comments. I owned the Hick’s Mansion in the early 1970’s. When it came up for sale a while back I returned to St. Johns to see if I would wish to re-purchase it. I was delighted to see that the family who owned it the past 40 years left many of my touches. The home still retains most of the draperies I installed, some of the same wallpaper and most of the Victorian furniture I purchased for the house in the 70’s. I had to install the chandeliers which are still there. I have no idea why anyone would think the carriage may have belonged to another property originally! The kitchen was installed by the people from whom I purchased the home in the 1950’s and does not appear to have changed.There is a wonderful coy pond which I hope the new owners restore. The dormers were gone when I purchased. The third floor is one unfinished room. I am glad to see that the new owners have plans for restoration…..it needs it in many areas. I was sorry to walk away as that house holds many happy memories for me and will for the families to come.

    • Red November says: 1 comments

      Since you are familiar with this home and neighborhood, I am hoping you may have information and possibly photos of the home next to the Parr Professional Building. The homes have changed hands and there are not too many resources to ask anymore. I live in the neighborhood hood and my great grandparents did as well. I understand there was a church on the corner of Ottawa and State Streets. Was there a parsonage for this church and is it the one next to the Parr Professional Building which is on that corner now? Any information you may have is helpful.

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