1889 Queen Anne – Pittsburgh, PA

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1425 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

  • $99,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2782 Sq Ft
  • 0.12 Ac.
The Crown Jewel of Carrick! A true Grand Victorian. What a stunning home with a turret in the master bedroom. 6 beautiful fireplaces. Stunning woodwork and stained glass. This home has historical designation and with that comes the possibilities of grants for renovations. It does need some work that will bring a lifetime of pride for the new owner. Do not miss your chance of a lifetime.

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10 Comments on 1889 Queen Anne – Pittsburgh, PA

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  1. Tracy says: 91 comments

    And yet another, “You’re killin’ me!” moment…

  2. John C says: 434 comments

    An article and a follow-up about the house and its fate.


    I found both pieces at the Property For Sale section http://www.phlf.org/category/property-for-sale/ of teh Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation http://www.phlf.org/

    This house is in the remarkable Carrick district of Pittsburgh, which has a very active neighborhood group and history appreciation. http://wiki.carrick-overbrook.org/Carrick_Glossary_of_Terms That organization has put together a remarkable history of the house along with a very fine photograph from the side. http://wiki.carrick-overbrook.org/1425_Brownsville_Road.

    If someone is interested in other opportunities in Pittsburgh, one place to start is a remarkable blog, http://www.jonathondenson.com/2011/01/abandoned-building-of-week.html The blog covers both abandoned and endangered buildings.

    I was indirectly lead to this house by a friend who presses on me that Pittsburgh — post-steel and iron industry — is now a wonderful place to live with a mild winter climate and, depending on the place in the city, cool summers.

  3. Robt. W. says: 349 comments

    “I’m going upstairs now and am not to be disturbed.”

    Quite nice. The rooms are interesting and well-lit and seemingly spacious.

    Those metal awnings extending from the sides of the front porch really give it an unintended dimension.

  4. Mark says: 143 comments

    This has been for sale for a long time. Zillow says 300 days.

    Lovely house. But, it’s the best house in the not best part of town. Basically, it’s the opposite of the standard “buy the worst house in the best part of town”.

    If you search online, you’ll find lot’s of people recommending against Carrick. There are worse parts of Pittsburgh to live in, but this part is going down instead of up. They might have a good history group, or they might just have put a lot of effort into this one property because it was going to be bulldozed to make way for a parking lot.

    If someone was moving to Pittsburgh it might be hard to find a much better Victorian house for the price, but I would still recommend numerous other neighborhoods.

    This winter is mild. Pittsburgh may be milder than say Buffalo, but I wouldn’t call it mild winters all the time. It was only a few years back we had 30+ inches of snow on the ground and the city basically shut down.
    We do receive numerous accolades for being “the most livable city”, or “the hippest city”, etc. in national publications. We were even on the list of one of the top most livable cities in the world in some publication a year or two ago.

  5. John C says: 434 comments

    Mark, thanks much for your comments. Pittsburgh is also ranked high as a retirement city, e.g., http://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/best-places-to-retire/pennsylvania/pittsburgh and http://www.kiplinger.com/features/archives/5-great-cities-for-retirees.html

    The prime attraction for me — after amenities such as hospitals, public transport, etc., — is climate. Due to pulmonary disease, I face either having two homes to avoid hot summers and searingly cold winters or, else, finding a particular town with “moderate” weather. Pittsburgh has a lot of snow and wet Falls and Springs, but the average high monthly temperature is such that I can, even in January, get out and about.

    Now, my friend didn’t push Carrick or this house. I went house-gaping on the internet and found it. I didn’t find the other materials until today, after the house was posted here. So this was a blinkered look at “just a house”. Still, being in an area with Section 8 and so on doesn’t in itself matter to me. Too, I live now in an area in Chicago with a murder within three blocks of me every year or so. And my Pittsburgh friend knows this area here in Chicago pretty well and can tell me about this area compared to Carrick: he used to be a tenant here of mine for years.

    My only point is that all of us look at possibilities in life from different starting points and frames of reference. I have no worries about snow, since I will hire someone else to move it, but many worries about outside temperature. I have no worry about declining property values because, to be frank, I have no heirs I really worry about. Indeed, if you tell me that a neighborhood may be dangerous at night, I will be tempted to invite some relatives to visit and shove them out the door at twilight to walk for pizza. For me, where to live is becoming choice between present comfort and fun working on a home environment or, say, how much more of my own money I want to see eventually going to a nursing home.

    I could go on, but, believe me, I respect what you say. Indeed, one of the wonderful things about this blog is how it makes one contemplate one’s self and one’s possible life with a cool yet critical eye. Thanks!

  6. Robt. W. says: 349 comments

    What is going on with that stair to nowhere?

    • Sue S. says: 273 comments

      Do you mean the third photo? I think that just shows the first part of the staircase to the beautiful landing, then it turns 180 degrees and continues up.

      By the way, is “turret” the trigger word for anyone else? Sigh… wish I could magically transport this house to our current lot.

  7. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12626 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Glad to see the new owners restored the exterior, looks nice in street view.


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