Welcome Back Old House Dreamer Readers!

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Hi there! Guess you've been wondering where I disappeared to? And why I'm back as Old House Dreams? First let me say that I'm sorry I disappeared without saying goodbye. One of the reasons I shut down my old blog was that I began to feel overwhelmed, stressed and I tend to do silly things when combined. I didn't think I'd be missed, but I was wrong.

I am back as Old House Dreams (thanks to some suggestions from some supportive OldHouseWeb forum members), because my old domain name expired and was bought up by a domain reseller, so it's forever gone. Unfortunately, when I backed up my site, something was corrupted in the backup file and I lost half of my posts and pretty much all of my pictures I had uploaded, comments, etc from my old blog. So I will have to start all over with new posts.

Thanks for welcoming me back, I missed you guys. :)

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