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  • Dan Ranieri on Hazlehurst, MS – $199,000
    Hazelhurst MS is where the movie "Crimes of the Heart" takes place. It's a must see for all old house lovers. The movie has a great cast.
  • John on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    Athens, NY,fsbo_lt/house_type/2088529997_zpid/200000-_price/796-_mp/1_days/0-1930_built/pricea_sort/61.564573,-65.830079,27.215556,-125.859375_rect/3_zm/5_p/0_mmm/?
  • John on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    El Reno, OK,fsbo_lt/house_type/52543376_zpid/200000-_price/796-_mp/1_days/0-1930_built/pricea_sort/61.564573,-65.830079,27.215556,-125.859375_rect/3_zm/2_p/0_mmm/?
  • JRichard on 1882 – Bridgton, ME – $289,000
    I've just spent nearly an hour in the history of Bridgton trying to find exactly what the story is on the monument, but inexplicably there's only a photograph of its dedication, around 1900, to judge from the way people are dressed. Having climbed on it as a kid, I seem to recall that it commemorates not only Civil War veterans, but also Nathan and Henry B. Cleaves, prominent native sons (Henry B. was a Maine governor.) Someone at the Historical Society must surely know. If I'm able to find more, I'll come back and tell you. As to the pile of rocks, there used to be a large, elaborate Victorian house there which operated as a "tourist home" when I was young. It was called "The Dromore" if I have it correctly. Sometime in the mid to late sixties it burned and I think the stones are what remains of its foundation, though why they're piled just there I couldn't say. There is (last I knew) a restaurant two doors west of there -- I think that must explain the sign.
  • bpmurray9 on Roslyn, NY
    I grew up near Roslyn and am sick to see such destruction! Long Island used to be so beautiful. Now, most North Shore neighborhoods look as if they are extensions of Western Queens. SAD,SAD,SAD!!!!!
  • Tim Snyder on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    My wife and I enjoy shopping in the store. There's also a number of Amish stores in the area with some of the best cheese in the world.
  • Marc on 1894 Queen Anne – Portland, OR (George F. Barber) – $699,900
    John, as JimH points out below, one of the two families to own this house was Asian, sorry to rain on your racism parade.
  • JStiner on 1889 Queen Anne – Lincoln, IL – $110,000
    Hello all, what are the best ways to go about learning the most possible about this house? Building plans Original exterior and interior colors Who's lived in it. Any and everything about the house.
  • John on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    MCM Wernersville, PA,fsbo_lt/house_type/8889916_zpid/1_days/0-1970_built/wright_att/pricea_sort/61.564573,-65.830079,27.215556,-125.859375_rect/3_zm/0_mmm/?
  • StevenF on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    Is that some kind of secret compartment in the newel post?!
  • StevenF on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    The Biltmore Forest home is worth every penny and is going on my lottery list. Thank you!
  • Kelly, OHD on 1902 – Ripley, TN – $69,500
    Keep us posted on how it goes!
  • Ann Stafford on c. 1910 – Patutahi, New Zealand – $211,289
    This was our family home. Very happy memories.
  • Ernie on 1882 – Bridgton, ME – $289,000
    Hi! Having grown up in Bridgton, could you please tell me what the lot is across from the statue? There is a pile of boulders & a sign but I cannot make it out very well. I thought it said The Homestead Restaurant but I'm not sure. Also, if you could, could you tell us about the statue? Thank you!
  • JRC on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    Beautiful home but odd placement for stove in kitchen.
  • Ernie on 1882 – Bridgton, ME – $289,000
    That is a whole lotta house for that price. It needs some work, but at that price you could afford to do it right. I know I would first want to get rid of the baseboard heat & put in forced air. This beauty would be fun to play with.
  • nailwhacker Pete on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange 1890 nicely restored.500K 4bd/3.5 bth
  • nailwhacker Pete on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    Across the street from Cheryl Plato's earlier post. 1887 Queen Anne restored, with before picture. Current B&B 5bd/3bth 299K, wrap around porch, loads of wallpaper. 1926 stone house, 5816 sq ft. 6bd/3.5bth, lots of decorative plaster ceilings and crown, 288K 1929 French Chateau, sale pending,1.25 acres 6bd/3.5bth 4 fireplaces, Mahagoney paneling, trim, beamed ceiling. butler pantry, 1916 145K
  • KLeigh on 15th Century – PĂ©rigueux, France – $2,295,710
    In France the dovecote is called a pigeonnier. The pigeons were valued for their meat but the real gold was their droppings which was used as fertilizer. Usually built in some form raised above ground the early pillars here discouraged damp, foxes and rats. Before the revolution pigeonniers were a status symbol reserved for the nobles. Now they are often listed historical buildings. You would probably have to restore this one carefully.
  • EOlson on July 20, 2018: Link Exchange
    This one has a lot of beautiful features. Massachusetts.