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  • JimH on November 9, 2018: Link Exchange
    That's a shame! Sears homes can be verified by the hardware and markings on the lumber. Too late for that one!
  • Sue on 1890 Queen Anne – Fitchburg, MA – $374,900
    This is a favorite for sure. Enchanting and beautiful.
  • zoomey on November 9, 2018: Link Exchange
    LOVE the 1950s bathrooms! Bless the owners for not updating them! Beautiful house!
  • gail on 1760 – Lévis, Quebec, Canada – $596,924
    WOW thank goodness I can speak French....I can move there...but I am willing to bet that is a bear to heat...…….and I need wool underwear
  • JimH on 1890 Queen Anne – Fitchburg, MA – $374,900
    For most of its 128 years, the house was the domain of 2 women: Flora Belle Ripley (1864-1947), who came to Fitchburg as a girl and lived with two families on Prospect Street. For a time she worked as a clerk for the Fitchburg Fire Insurance Co., and roomed at the home of its president, Lewis H. Bradford at 45 Prospect. In 1888, Flora married the cashier at the bank, Brigham Newton Bullock. At their marriage, Bullock was a 57 year old bachelor who had boarded in hotels and private homes before building this home for his young bride. After he dropped dead from a heart attack at Boston in 1907, Flora lived here with her only child Richard, and eventually remarried to Army General Benjamin A. Poore. Nancy Baumis Bullock (1913-2005) was a supervising pediatric nurse at the Burbank Hospital in Fitchburg. In 1940, she married Richard Bullock, who managed the hospital. For many years, Nancy gave tours of the house to students at the Applewild School up the street, of which she was a founding trustee. The children of Richard & Nancy Bullock have continued giving tours, and have done a great job preserving the home for future owners.
  • zoomey on November 9, 2018: Link Exchange
    Best of luck to you! It's a wonderful house!
  • Chris on Port Byron, IL
    Thank you very much for the additional pics. I love it. My step-brother's Grandmother had a very similar house on the bluff in Hampton that she grew up in, was born in I believe, and they tore it down in the mid seventies. Even at that age (12) it disturbed me that such a beauty was lost. I really wanted to go back to that area but the taxes are out of my budget.
  • John Shiflet on Port Byron, IL
    Wow! Talk about is very rare to find a mid-19th century home so intact and unaltered. When this house was built, it was a mansion grade residence with fine millwork in evidence. Although a decade or two later most millwork could be ordered from factories and shipped by rail, I would think much of what is visible here was individually made by a millwright, talented carpenter, or skilled cabinet maker. Black Walnut was the wood of choice in most cases although in the most expensive homes scarce Rosewood was sometimes used as well as Mahogany. The painted woods in rooms more distant from the entry might have been painted or false (Faux) grained to look like more expensive woods. It would be interesting to see what might be found under later layers of paint. Pocket doors were just beginning to become a regular feature in the mid-1800's. All-in-all, this looks like a carefully preserved treasure chest waiting to be discovered. My only advice would be to recognize the historical value of the house, the rarity of its period features, and carefully proceed with any renovation/restoration work. A wholesale gutting and remodeling to modernize would border on the tragic. Thanks to Tonya for sharing photos of her Antebellum home and I wish the best as work goes forward on this landmark home.
  • Gambaccini on c. 1870 Stick Victorian – Poughkeepsie, NY – $219,000
    WOW that is some imposing woodwork if I ever saw. What a place.
  • Gambaccini on 1896 Queen Anne – Fairfield, IA (George F. Barber) – $388,000
    i'd love to own a barber house
  • Gambaccini on 1885 Queen Anne – Hastings, MI – $335,000
    Look at all the roof ridge and finials in the basement. This house is a dream loaded with all sorts of heavenly Victorian design. God, if I had the money and lived closer, I'd buy this in a second. Why can't this house be where I live.
  • Gambaccini on 1885 – Nashville, TN – $925,000
    Wow look at the woodwork in this place. The mantels and the fireplace. Record scratches once i see the modern porch windows and openings to the back stairs. All things i'd change back if i bought! This place is a jewel.
  • Carole on 1922 – Portland, OR – $785,000
    Perfectly priced for Californians moving in. lol Home prices in Oregon have totally skyrocketed. I'd love the mountain views from this vantage point. Lovely home.
  • Gambaccini on 1883 – North Vernon, IN – $114,000
    I was JUST gonna say that the porch on the front doesn't seem to match the design and was probably change later. The porches on the back or sides seem to be more fitting to the style of the house. I've seen this front porch though in architecture books in the 1890s on. This house has great bones. LOVE the art glass and woodwork.
  • Gambaccini on 1890 Queen Anne – Fitchburg, MA – $374,900
    This house is PERFECT .. looks like the people who lived there did very little over the lifetime. Even the art glass is perfection. only thing needed is cosmetic. If I bought, i'd pull out the wall to wall carpet and fresco the walls and ceilings with aesthetic movement stencils and papers. :-)
  • Kelly, OHD on 1878 – Vergennes, VT – $179,000
    "Laboratory for Ingham’s Nervine Pain Extractor" Well that's way more awesome than a plain ol' mill! Although I'm guessing this was something before that but still, cool!
  • Neness on 1760 – Lévis, Quebec, Canada – $596,924
    Nancy C Grand merci, for the edification not only of an historic building but also of a unique and devout family. What a perfect votive chapel, and it's history is intriguing. Bien a vous
  • Kelly, OHD on 1931 Fire Station – Tulsa, OK
    Good news! Watch the video.
  • Kelly, OHD on November 9, 2018: Link Exchange
    Oh no! A few people shared this in link exchanges. They claimed it was a Sears but I don't believe it was or maybe they just used parts? In any case, burned down. :(
  • Phillip on 1890 Queen Anne – Fitchburg, MA – $374,900
    I remember seeing this one a while back and thinking what a treasure it was. Just amazing and such a bargain.