Not all homes submitted will qualify. OHD is strict on what is posted here. Because there are so many variables on what may or may not be accepted, feel free to submit your listing if you are unsure.

Features we love: wood floors (even if under carpet), unpainted woodwork (dependent on the style, some were painted from day one), original windows, original siding; vintage, original or “period style” kitchens and bathrooms.

Features that may disqualify a home: painted woodwork (again dependent on the style but not good in Craftsman, Tudor Revival and certain Victorian era homes), open concept, laminate floors in the main living areas, massive amounts of recessed lighting. Although vinyl siding and vinyl windows are not good features, I will consider a home if the interior is near time capsule quality.

This may seem nitpicky but the fact is this site caters to a particular audience that does not look kindly on homes with those updates. Some homes just do not do well on OHD.

The homes below are typical of submissions I would not accept.
Too dark, we cannot see the room.
Too many furniture shots. Unless the furniture is included, we must be able to see the home itself.
Showing closeup shots is fine if it’s in addition to seeing the whole room.
New flooring in addition to missing wood work. It’s too updated for OHD.
If everything is new (floor, windows, walls, etc), it’s been too updated for OHD.
Another example of a home that has been too updated. The old house community frowns on missing and painted woodwork and a massive amount of recessed lighting. If it looks too new, it will not be featured on OHD.