OHD is really just a site that highlights historic real estate. It’s maintained by one person, me (Kelly) and is not hooked into the MLS. The site is a mix of agent/owner/reader/OHD submitted listings. If you would like to read testimonials and additional info about adding a home to OHD click here.

Home must be older than 1970 and not significantly altered. Homes that have been over updated featuring major recessed lighting, “open concept” remodels, brand new floors and doors will not be considered (some examples of what over updated means). If the exterior has non-original siding and windows, it may be considered if the interior is mostly original. Submissions can be anywhere in the world, not just the states. Commercial buildings, churches, barns, schools, other types of buildings that could also be used as a residence or have a residential space are welcome as long as they retain some original features.

No fees or charges! OHD does not charge any fees to the agent or owner.

Different information is needed depending on agent or owner listed. Please use the appropriate submission form based on how the home is being sold.

Agent: Use the “Agent Listed Form”.

If you are the owner and your home is listed with an agent: “Agent Listed Form”.

If you are the owner and selling it without an agent: “For Sale by Owner Form”.

If you are a reader and want to share a home you do not own, please use the newest “Link Exchange” post.