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Please read the FAQ’s at the bottom of the contact form as your question may already be answered.

OHD is NOT a real estate agency nor does it represent any homes shown here. Agent contact details are provided with each house post.

See your home here and want it removed? Enter the address in the contact form below with your request. This goes for owners, agents or the photographer. If you are looking for historical information about your home, it’s helpful to keep the address & photos on the site as previous owners or previous owner descendants could help with your search or provide old photos.

Read this before sharing!

Do not use this page to send in houses to add to the site. Every Friday there’s a new post where you can share houses for sale, links to articles about old houses or ask questions about your own old house. Go to this link, look for the last dated Link Exchange post (usually the first one on that page.) In the Link Exchange post, scroll down to the bottom and find the comment box. Paste your link(s) and hit submit, that’s all! Houses shared in link exchange does not guarantee it will be featured as a post on OHD. This includes agents and owners. I’m unable to respond to all homes sent to me so please, PLEASE use the link exchange.

I do not promote GoFund for your house fund.

Read before contacting OHD. If you are wanting a home added to the site please do not use this form. Read the info above. Sorry, I’m just one person running this site and cannot respond to all the requests sent in.

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Incorrect details (status, agent, price, etc)

Details come from the listing at the time of posting (posting date provided on each post.) This isn’t a real estate site that is hooked into a MLS database so changes made there do not automatically reflect here. “Active” and “Pending” posts are checked each week but if you see a change in status or any listing details, leave a comment in the post or contact me with the address or post link.

How do I change my profile pic/avatar (as in the pic beside your comment name)?

To upload your avatar, you must be logged in. Scroll to the bottom of any page, look for the spot where you log in and click “Profile”. On your profile page scroll down and find the avatar section. Click “Browse”, when you get a popup go to where you’ve saved the avatar on your computer and upload. The image you upload will automatically be scaled to 96×96. After making changes to your profile, click “Update profile” found at the bottom.

How do I register on OHD? Does it cost anything?

Click here to register on OHD. It does not cost anything, email and personal information is never shared nor sold. The only reason you would want to register if you want to create a “Favorite House List” or create a custom avatar for the comments section. You must login once a year to keep your account active.

How do I search by state or only show homes for sale?

For computer and most tablet users, look on the right hand side of the site for the drop downs that allow you to choose status, state, style, etc. If you are on a phone, scroll down toward the bottom until you see the drop downs. As I stated above, OHD may not always have the most current status so you must verify the current status by visiting the resource links or contacting the agent.

Why are off market and sold homes left on the site?

“Not for sale” or “Off Market” and sold homes are kept on the site so we can continue to admire it, see what happens to it or others can get ideas for their own home restoration.

I wish you would only show “For Sale” houses….

You can view only the houses that are for sale by using the drop downs on the side menu, pick “For Sale” from the Status drop down.

Can you find a house for me or only send me houses in X state or for X price?

Sorry, that’s impossible both because of time and the newsletter is not set up that way.

How do I subscribe so I won’t miss a post? And “I haven’t received any updates!”

Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed or sign up for the newsletter to receive at the end of a posting day. Newsletter sign-up can be found on the right side of the home page. I do not recommend following with Facebook as I do not share all houses there nor will you see all houses in your newsfeed.

If you see a gap each week in newsletters, I do not post on the weekends and may not post every day of the week. Newsletters are automatically sent out at 5amEST after a house posting day. Emails are never shared or distributed.

Important information about browsing and searching this site.

You have the ability to combine categories (build dates, prices, states, etc.), to make it easier to find what you are looking for. There are various reasons why some houses will not show up using the ‘Browse Houses’ feature. If certain information is missing in the original listing details, square feet or acreage for instance, and you set up a search for Queen Anne homes in Texas with X-X square feet, and the listing details did not include square feet, then there will be some Queen Anne houses in Texas that will not be displayed in your results. There’s nothing I can do to fix that so I suggest browsing all Queen Anne’s in Texas with no square feet or acreage chosen. And some homes that are off market will be shown as “Active” and will be included in searches. Until I know the home is off market, the status will not change automatically when the house is no longer listed.

Last updated 6/6/17.