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OHD is NOT a real estate agency nor does it represent any homes shown here. Agent or owner contact details are provided with each house post. (Links: About OHD, Registration)

See your home here and want it removed? Enter the address in the contact form below with your request. (DMCA Policy.) If you are looking for historical information about your home, it’s helpful to keep the address & photos on the site as previous owners or previous owner descendants could help with your search or provide old photos.

Readers, continue to share your finds in the weekly Friday Link Exchange where you can share and chat about homes. Go to this link, look for the last dated Link Exchange post (usually the first one on that page.) Please understand I’m unable to respond to all reader submissions, the link exchange is the best way to share your finds.

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Frequent Questions Answered
How do I change my profile pic/avatar (as in the pic beside your comment name)?
You must have an OHD account (register here). At the top of the website, under the page header (phone users it’s the little lines), click “My Profile”; scroll down and find the avatar section. Click “Browse” or “Choose Image”, when you get a popup go to where you’ve saved the avatar on your computer and upload. The image you upload will automatically be scaled to 96×96. After uploading, don’t forget to click “Update Avatar”.
How do I register on OHD? Does it cost anything?
Click here to register on OHD. No fees to register, emails are kept private. You must login once a year to keep your account active.
How do I search by state or only show homes for sale?
For computer and most tablet users, look on the right hand side of the home page for the drop downs that allow you to choose status, state, style, etc. If you are on a phone, scroll down toward the bottom until you see the drop downs.
Why are off market and sold homes left on the site?
“Not for sale” and sold homes are kept on the site so we can see what happens, allows the new owners to connect to former or descendants of owners and to continue admiring.
I wish you would only show “For Sale” houses….
You can view only the houses that are for sale by using the drop downs on the side menu (phone users, scroll toward the bottom of the home page), pick “For Sale” from the Status drop down. Note, just because a home is marked “For Sale” doesn’t guarantee that’s a current status, always contact the agent for more details.
Can you find a house for me or only send me houses in X state or for X price?
Sorry, that’s impossible both because of time and the newsletter can not be set up that way.
How do I subscribe so I won’t miss a post? And “I haven’t received any updates!”
Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed or sign up for the newsletter to receive at the end of a posting day. Newsletter sign-up can be found on the right side of the home page. I do not recommend following with Facebook as I do not share all houses there nor will you see all houses in your newsfeed.

If you see a gap each week in newsletters, I do not post on the weekends and may not post every day of the week. Newsletters are automatically sent out at 5amEST after a house posting day, sometimes up to 5 days week.

Last updated 11/22/17.