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1896 Folk Victorian in Bay City, TX


For Sale

Added to OHD on 5/17/23   -   Last OHD Update: 5/17/23

2400 Avenue F, Bay City, TX 77414

Maps: Street | Aerial

  • 8 Bed
  • 4.5+ Bath
  • 5088 Sq Ft
  • 0.24 Ac.
Price Reduced!!!!This beautiful home has so much character. Would be wonderful if it could be restored and brought back to life. House is a tear down and being priced for land value only.
Listed With

Kayanne Crain, Bill Bell Realty :: (979) 245-5589

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11 days ago

I wish there were even a few interior pictures. It’s a very handsome, well-proportioned home. I hope it doesn’t get torn down 😪 

10 days ago

I’m going to be in the area next month investigating a possible job transfer. If I can carve out some time I’ll go check it out.

Reply to  Grant | 1724 comments
10 days ago

Grant, let us know what comes of your visit. I hate to see the word “tear down” for an old house. It has character!

Reply to  rosecorona | 1 comments
10 days ago

Same here, I’ll see if I can get some images inside.

10 days ago

Perhaps that addition on the back could be torn down, leaving the original portion intact. I would be less to restore and provide a nice back yard space. I wonder if that would be allowed with a Landmark building, but since it was a later addition, I don’t see why not. I like that balcony connecting the two sections. I’d sit up there all day and watch the traffic go by.

Reply to  Boobtube | 494 comments
10 days ago

I’m always skeptical when someone issues a house a “tear down”. Does it really need to be demoed or are they just assuming no one would want to make the effort? Was the house inspected and said to be condemned? I’d be interested in hearing more about that.

I know some will throw stones at me for saying this, but I do hope that if demolition is going to happen, that salvage of some of the historic elements is done. Sometimes people just crush these houses to the ground with some beautiful mantels, staircases, doors, trims, and other wood embellishments all still intact.

Reply to  MJG | 6666 comments
9 days ago

I’m with you on the salvage—it always seems like such a waste when no effort is made to retain what could be used and appreciated well beyond the lifetime of the demolished house.

Reply to  Jkleeb | 721 comments
9 days ago

Totally agree with that. I drove by a house last year and saw the crane has smashed the entire front off the house and you can see inside beautiful staircase and woodwork. None of it salvaged. It is hard to believe that still happens.

Reply to  MJG | 6666 comments
9 days ago

Salvage should be a requirement when a demo permit is issued. Those architectural elements and old lumber are irreplaceable.

10 days ago

That’s not fair. She does say “Would be wonderful if it could be restored and brought back to life.” Tear-down is an unfortunate economic assessment often made by realtors without consideration of the historic and esthetic value of old homes. A better phrasing would be “Buy an old home for the price of a building lot.”

Reply to  JimH | 8078 comments
8 days ago

I like that statement Jim!

8 days ago

Can i do a blind bid on this house!?! Cause ive never wanted a building so bad, site unseen.

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