1925 School in Randall, KS – $35,000

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304 4th St, Randall, KS 66963

Map: Street

  • $35,000
  • 26000 Sq Ft
The Randall School building is an early 20th century school house and gymnasium for sale in north central Kansas near Jamestown Wildlife area and many other area lakes and hunting areas. This facility would make an excellent hunting lodge near world-class hunting and fishing opportunities in Kansas, an event center with lodging or unique living.

The school building is a massive brick complex and features include:
More than 26,000 sq ft of covered buildings
Lot Size: 264′ x 442′ (2.68 +/- acres)
Original School Built in 1925
Original School is 2 Floors
Original School is more than 17,000 sq ft
Attached Gym Built in 1945
Attached Gym is more than 8,500 sq ft
Contact Information
Chris Wagner, Wildlife Properties Land Company
785) 534-7184
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13 Comments on 1925 School in Randall, KS – $35,000

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  1. KEYLIMEKEYLIME says: 91 comments

    Does this include any pull down maps of the United States and of the world? And the teacher’s long handled pointer?

  2. AbramsBridgeAbramsBridge says: 124 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I just finished reading “The Topeka School” by Ben Lerner, which just feels like the same place. The book is set in Topeka, KS, which is not really close. This one for sale is much more remote, but the atmosphere is the same. BTW, would highly recommend the book!

  3. ErnieErnie says: 326 comments

    Not in too terrible of shape for that price. Hopefully there is rubber recycling some where close by.

  4. Imagine turning this into a house. That would be so cool

  5. I love this old school! There’s a lot of life left in it. It reminds me of the old school Mom and Dad attended just outside Erie, PA. It’s about the same age as this building and was recently renovated in the last few years and now is affordable apartment housing for senior citizens. I think the original building was “Wesleyville Elementary School” (although Mom says K-12 were all housed in one building). If you’d like to see the restoration of Wesleyville Elementary School, please go to https://www.zumper.com/apartment-buildings/p237082/willow-commons-erie-pa

    Thank you and God bless!

  6. hearsetraxhearsetrax says: 220 comments

    😍 love it, tons of room and the gym would make for nice mancave/hot rod garage jejejeje

  7. DianeEGDianeEG says: 557 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1896 Farmhouse W/Swedish roots
    Rural, IL

    There’s quite a few examples in Illinois where schools such as this have been repurposed into condos or nice apartments. Not for the faint of heart because it takes millions to do it right and with a sense of preservation and style.

  8. cagpcagp says: 1 comments

    I taught at this school for one year back in the 80s. Lived in nearby Jewell and commuted between the high school there and this school in Randall. What a blast from the past. All the boys dreamed of having a pig farm. I’ve never commented before but this made my heart a little sad to see it this way.

  9. That gym looks really tired.

  10. EllisEllis says: 14 comments

    Oh the things I could do with my own stage and gymnasium! Kitchen could be great. But SO.MANY.TOILETS to clean!

  11. RichMRichM says: 14 comments

    With a price like that you could use adaptive reuse as affordable housing with recreation and in house food service.

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