Comment change, annoying ads and it’s still just me.

I thought deserved it’s own post to explain what is going on.

Starting tomorrow (4/12/19) if you want to comment on a home you must be logged in to OHD. What does that mean? That you must have a registered account and be logged into your account when you want to comment. Registering is free, you just need a real email address to confirm your account. The rest of the info asked for is not a requirement. I don’t do anything with your data nor do I email you with spam. (If you wonder what “I allow the website to collect and store the data I submit through this form.” means, thanks to the European GDPR law is why that’s there. It means that the form you are submitting will be stored but doesn’t mean I’ll do anything with it.)

To register, it’s free:
If you do not get the confirm your email email, check your spam. Hotmail users may have trouble with this (Hotmail hates OHD) but you can email me after trying to register and I’ll manually approve your account.

Next, ads. I’ve talked to my ad network about the annoying popup/redirect ads. No, I did not allow that but cheap advertisers will sneak in and do that anyway. They’ve changed some of my settings and hopefully it’ll weed out the popups. If you get one, note the web address and let me know. I’ve gone through trying to get my own popup but it’s random and I didn’t get one. So you’re the only way I can put a stop to it, by knowing the web address you are directed to.

I’ve said this before and just want to throw it out for anyone that is new but, it’s just me here. Cora does help with comment moderation as well. If you see a post it’s because I’m the one that posted it. I don’t have a team of people doing it for me, I’m also my own developer (I really want to fire myself but my budget being what it is.) I’ve promised things that haven’t happened yet, I tend to pile on what I need to do thinking one of these days I’ll have time but I never do.

People are complaining about the lack of cheap houses, it’s not like I’ve stopped looking. 50 states, unnumbered styles and prices, if I post 20 in a day that’s an enormous feat. Interesting homes are posted first (the most recent listings and homes in states that go too fast like Pacific states are also put at the top of the list.) I feel like it’s being click-baity by posting a home just because it’s cheap and there’s nothing really that interesting about it (then again who am I to tell someone that it’s not interesting?) or it’s in a neighborhood that most of you wouldn’t consider, I feel fake doing that. Not saying I haven’t posted homes in questionable areas but they usually aren’t murder-death-kill streets. I can post cheap homes all day long but I’m taking away from the homes that are actually worth it to me, those with beautiful woodwork, interesting architecture, sometimes the “meh” homes but because the neighborhood makes up it.

I’ve never wanted OHD to be more than what it is, just someone sharing old houses that makes you stop for a second and wonder what life would be like in that home. If one of your dreams becomes a reality, that’s just the icing.

That’s all. -Kelly

Adding, that’s not all. I do appreciate everyone here and don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. Many of you have become like internet family to me. Lately I’ve wondered if OHD is nearing it’s end, nothing to be worried about, I think everyone goes through times when they are not sure about things. I do think life without OHD including you all would not be a life I want. So thank you for sticking with me through the ups and downs. 🙂

OHD Supporters! If you do register, email me after you confirm your email as your account will need to be manually switched to supporter status. Supporters are those that are currently or have donated in the past. 🙂

Featured photo that you saw on the front page cause who wants a blank box: Photo by Viktoria Alipatova from Pexels (link)
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