1918 – Eaton Rapids, MI – $440,000

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202 S River St, Eaton Rapids, MI 48827

Map: Street

  • $440,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 full, 4 half Bath
  • 6400 Sq Ft
  • 0.39 Ac.
A one of a kind 1918 story book stone home on 115 ft. of river frontage on the Grand River in Eaton Rapids. There is a pedestrian bridge across the Grand River that is right next to this property, which you can walk across and be in downtown Eaton Rapids, the only Eaton Rapids on Earth. Three floors of stunning quarter sawn white oak beams, trim and crown molding. Oak floors. Crown molding in the rotunda curved in beauty. The field stone exterior impressive. Rumor says the stones were gathered from area farms, hand washed in the river and placed at the guidance of Margaret Bromeling, wife of M.P. Bromeling, who built the home. A world traveler, legend says Margaret imported the five crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia, the kitchen wall tile from Italy and the hand painted murals from 2 artist she flew in from Paris. The roof is clay tile and the gutters are copper. There are 21 sconces on the three floors lighting hallways and rooms. Original fixtures throughout.
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Pete Holoway, Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood
(517) 908-3030
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30 Comments on 1918 – Eaton Rapids, MI – $440,000

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10343 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    There are more photos on the agents site but it’s just different views of the same rooms as pictured.

  2. AvatarKathryn says: 11 comments

    Can I ask what the purpose of those little tiny tiled ‘bathrooms’ were used for? Obviously for washing up some, but seems like they’d just install a sink and/or toilet also. Hadn’t seen something like that before yet!

    • melissa bradshawmelissa bradshaw says: 18 comments

      Was that a sauna in room with wooden bench and skylight? Maybe the tiled room is pre-room to sauna?

      • AvatarKathyN says: 6 comments
        1900 folk victorian
        Eaton Rapids, MI

        I lived in the house during the early 70s.The third flood was a ballroom and the I’m guessing the window seat in the turret was for people to sit down on.There was also a full bath on the third floor

    • AvatarKathyN says: 6 comments
      1900 folk victorian
      Eaton Rapids, MI

      Kathryn,I lived there in the 70s and my bedroom had one of those little tiled rooms with a sink. I suppose they were just added as a convenience so you wouldn’t have to go into the bathroom to wash up or brush your teeth

  3. AvatarLinda R. says: 236 comments

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this house! Pretty close to perfect inside and out. Would like to have more trees, and I would think one would really need a garage, but looks like room to build one. I wonder if it ever floods? Seems really close to river. But the house itself is YUMMY!

    • AvatarjillieD says: 65 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1952 Ojai, CA

      Looks like there is a carport or storage area under the house but the only way to get to it is down that sidewalk over the bridge.

    • AvatarKathyN says: 6 comments
      1900 folk victorian
      Eaton Rapids, MI

      I lived there in the early 70s.There is a garage under the house in the back.The river does get high in the spring but to my knowledge it has never gone over the sea wall in my lifetime

  4. SharonSharon says: 408 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Sedalia, MO

    Murals like these just woo me away…… Add to them the beams, collonade, wainscoting, bathrooms and I AM GONE.

    Just gone.

  5. SharonSharon says: 408 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Sedalia, MO

    Oh, and those buttery kitchen tiles! Check out that tiled nook in the distance. Wish we could see it a bit better, especially the decorative tiles.

  6. AvatarKeith Sanders says: 104 comments

    My, oh my, doesn’t this just reach out and grab you! On hardly knows where to look in the room with the bookcases, grandfather clock, rolltop desk, and radio (and even the radiator). And there’s another room with an upright piano, and old record player and a window seat. And I love the curved seat in the upper room. Well, what with the stone and the wood and the glass and the painted walls and the river, on might rave on indefinitely. This is in my top five. Why does the foot bath(?) have three taps?

  7. Avatarvicki says: 15 comments

    well i cant hardly sit still and look at this gem…its the berries

    • Avatarddbacker says: 384 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1971 Uninspired split-level
      Prairie Village, KS

      Vicki can I ask you where you are from? My grandfather used to say “isn’t that the berries”.

  8. AvatarWendi Sue says: 74 comments

    Such a beautiful house and to my surprise… a video walk through to connect all those amazing pictures!

  9. AvatarjillieD says: 65 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1952 Ojai, CA

    This house is a humdinger and no doubt about it. So, is there an apartment on the top floor? Seems to be two kitchens in this place, and at least one bedroom with an exterior door. Where could you hang pictures here? You would no way want to poke holes in those beautiful walls!

  10. AvatarAngie boldly going nowhere says: 27 comments

    Oh, my word!!! A stone house on the river with tonnes of windows!! And one of the most glorious interiors I’ve ever seen here or anywhere. The fireplace in photo No. 20 — words fail me! I’ve bookmarked this and shall return to it often. Everything about this house screams perfection. Bearing in mind my passion for stone houses with windows everywhere, one can appreciate my excitement at seeing this dream. Thanks, Kelly. You’ve made my day!!

  11. AvatarHeidi says: 2 comments

    I was born and raised in this little town of Eaton Rapids, the only Eaton Rapids on Earth! (The welcome sign to the town even boasts this claim). It is a beautiful place. I passed by this house so many times over the years and never knew all of that beauty was inside. I’m so glad to have seen this. Takes me through memory lane seeing the outside and surrounding area. I can’t believe that such a treasure was under my nose the whole time. It’s just gorgeous. I have no other words for it. I’m in love and now I want to move back to my hometown. Lol

    • AvatarSuzanne says: 7 comments

      This is indeed spectacular. I live in SC though and that winter scene makes me shudder. You grew up in a beautiful place!

      • AvatarElizabeth Hiles says: 8 comments

        Even we tough Michiganders are worn out by the harsh winter we’re having this year, but when glorious spring finally comes to Michigan, we forget about the pains of winter. Do love SC, though!

  12. Avatarmiles227 says: 198 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1955 Storybook Ranch
    Northridge, CA

    Looks like some very low doorways on the upper hallway! Margaret must have lived a long time if she built the house in 1918 and “flew” a mural painter in from France, as the first transatlantic commercial flight landed in 1938.

    • AvatarKathyN says: 6 comments
      1900 folk victorian
      Eaton Rapids, MI

      I lived in that house in the early 70s.We had the opportunity to speak with a man who knew the family.Margaret Bromeling was an eccentric lady who traveled around the world to bring back bronzes,18th century French antiques and silk oriental rugs.We were told that she supervised the workmen and told them how she wanted the stones arranged.She did bring Italian artisans over to paint the murals as well as create a marble altar and do other work on the interior of the church down the street.She took great pride in the house and would scrub the front walk herself and would not allow the mailman or milkman to walk on it,so she would meet them each day.The house was sold in 1950 or 51 for 21K full of antiques and oriental rugs.

  13. Avatarkimmers says: 61 comments

    I love this home too! I only wish it had more period light fixtures. I could live here forever.

  14. AvatarMiaNJ says: 10 comments

    I just love this house, every inch of it. But, having been in the residential and commercial glass industry for many years, the thought of having to replace one of those curved windows will keep me up at night. And there’re a lot of them, too! 😉

  15. AvatarKathryn Evans says: 24 comments

    Totally wonderful house! Inside & out! Worth every penny!

  16. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1881 comments

    Wow, this is some house! Agree with so many above comments…
    I am not fond of dark woodwork, but all of the great stuff about this house cancels that out. 😉

  17. AvatarBrian Burbank says: 17 comments

    Marvelous!Fantastic! Best house ever on this site,must be terribly difficult to part with it.

  18. AvatarKathyN says: 6 comments
    1900 folk victorian
    Eaton Rapids, MI

    I lived in this house back in the early 70s.My parents purchased it for 52K back in 1971.It’s a wonderful house and while most of it is original, sadly the kitchen was modernized by the people who purchased it from my parents.A breakfast nook(which was surrounded by murals and cloisonne tiles) and a smaller room that had lovely murals were all torn out to make way for the modern family room.Everything was in pristine condition so it was sad to see that it was replaced by this modern room.There was also a sun porch with a flagstone floor which is now replaced by the family room.The kitchen had a high ceiling and the cupboards were oak with leaded beveled glass doors.It’s still a lovely home but it makes me sad that it wasn’t kept completely in it’s original state

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