1739 – Paxton, MA $180,500

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508 Pleasant St, Paxton, MA 01612

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Calling all investors! Great opportunity to build sweat equity. Large home offering almost 3000 sq feet of living area. Spacious bedrooms, fireplaced living room, pretty lot. Wont qualify for FHA/VA but could be a good 203k candidate.
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Michelle Fermin, Century 21 North Shore Fermin Group
(978) 208-0449 / (978) 423-6545
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9 Comments on 1739 – Paxton, MA $180,500

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  1. Avatarpamibach says: 117 comments

    Not too much needs to be done lots of potential

  2. JulieJulie says: 14 comments
    OHD Supporter

    The ceiling height in many homes that are *this* old makes me feel a little on the claustrophobic side. Don’t get me wrong, they’re super interesting and intriguing for their age alone and I love taking a little tour through, but I’m not sure I could actually do it if it was permanent. It makes me sincerely appreciate my 9′ Victorian ceilings even though they’re actually on the short side for Victorian lol.

    • AvatarJoseph says: 309 comments

      Yes, low in what appears to be the oldest part, fortunately kitchen area is higher. But I would probably wind up spending most of my time in the “modern” room with the cathedral ceiling. I used to go by this house almost every day. Would be great for someone who has a good antique collection.

    • ErnieErnie says: 205 comments

      I was thinking the same thing about the ceiling. I have 5 family members who are over over 6’2″, they would have to be extra vigilant when it came to looking out for pendant lighting. Ceiling fans would be a major hazard for them…..

  3. AvatarStacy says: 101 comments

    1739, WOW!! AWESOME home & if only we could see back in time!!

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1533 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1988 Fake Greek Revival!

      Yes, one of those “if walls could only talk” situations. So much beautiful potential here. The former owners may not have been able to keep it up perfectly but bless them for appreciating its antique elements & not pulling down walls, etc., for an “open plan,” grr. It has maintained an amazing amount of originality for its long history. Wonderful buy.

  4. AvatarDeniseLynn says: 225 comments

    The exterior definitely needs to be painted. I would want to change those colors. Then polish the gorgeous wood floors and move right in!

    • AvatarJenna says: 1 comments

      A ton of older homes in New England are painted in very dark schemes like this one. I didn’t even flinch at the exterior. It was the baseboard heaters that made me want to make some updates. It’s so hard to live around baseboard heat!

  5. AvatarHazel says: 3 comments

    Does anyone know if that is an effect of the photography or if the ceilings are quite a bit lower in the middle of the rooms in the older section of the house? I love this style of home and am looking to move Northward, but I worry about how much leveling would be needed in a house like this. This one is pretty close to the top of my budget as is. Still, it would be an experience to fix it up.

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