1851 – Glyndon, MD – $525,000

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331 Railroad Ave, Glyndon, MD 21071

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  • $525,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • 3436 Sq Ft
  • 4.35 Ac.
Boasting rich historical charm and significance, the oldest homestead in Glyndon welcomes you onto over 4 acres of land and numerous outparcels including an oversized 2-car garage, outdoor cooking area, two-story barn, and charming spring house. Former residency by Dr. Charles A. Leas, the town of Glyndons founder, and James E. OMeara and family, the main part of the home is over 200 years old. Spectacular features include a wraparound stone porch with stately columns, grand foyer with an oval winding staircase, craftsman wood carved fireplace, custom glass front door, a den complete with a stone fireplace and panoramic built-in bookcases and much more. This once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of legendary history awaits you! Sold AS IS. The land is subdividable.
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16 Comments on 1851 – Glyndon, MD – $525,000

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  1. AvatarBethany otto says: 2663 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    Wow! I love the kitchen–are those metal cabinets? and that divided door adds such a nice touch. All I’d do is swap out black appliance for white. What a great home!

  2. AvatarKeith Sanders says: 104 comments

    This place has a certain je ne sais quoi – that which I can’t quite put my finger on. It might be a collected reminder of things from long ago that were of a smaller scale – my grandmother’s porch, the interior of house my other grandfather built with his own hands, the train tracks in our neighbourhood, and other little things. A sort of sentimental synergy… interesting.

  3. AvatarKrysta says: 16 comments
    1912 Adobe Craftsman
    Fort Davis, TX

    This could be a real stunner … I would love to see this place with a crisp exterior paint job, and the trees with leaves! Looks like a made-for-tv neighborhood. I do hate to see fireplaces bricked in (brick work that I DON’T like). I’d leave all the retro cabinetry in the kitchen and go for stainless appliances. The kitchen’s Dutch-door is so sweet. I’d love to scrape up that linoleum (well, not me personally but that would be the case LOL) and pull up that carpet. Excellent man-cave barn, too. Lovely.

  4. AvatarDeniseLynn says: 239 comments

    The house appears to be in good shape so you can take your time with any cosmetic changes. The chandelier featured in the close up pic is gorgeous! I really like the barn. I can imagine my husband wanting to turn it into an entertaining space.

  5. AvatarDeborah W Mann says: 176 comments

    Beautiful home. A little TLC here and there and it would be great. I would like an island in the kitchen.

  6. AvatarKaren says: 626 comments

    I’m wondering, how would that barn serve, as a few apartments? There is a nice big garage, and 4 acres seems a bit small for farming, so it’s not like you’d need a barn.
    As for the house…get rid of the carpet, and the linoleum, and hopefully there’s nice original wide plank flooring underneath. I’d also get rid of the paneling that probably dates from the 70’s. I like the idea of a library though, so that room would stay.
    I love that light fixture! I hope it’s an original, old one, not a repo. But if it is a repo, it’s a good one!
    I’m not a fan of metal cabinetry. Reminds me of an old office. So, I’d maybe relegate that to the garage or basement, for storage ( don’t ever trash your old kitchen cabinets-they come in so handy!). I’d do some research, and “oldify” the kitchen and the wallpaper/paint.

  7. ErnieErnie says: 217 comments

    Love the dutch door in the kitchen, great barn & other than some cosmetic changes… but with those train tracks in what looks to be spitting distance of the outdoor BBQ, that could get loud & it may rattle the dishes, the foundation & grandma’s false teeth, but it could still be a beauty.

    • AvatarKrysta says: 16 comments
      1912 Adobe Craftsman
      Fort Davis, TX

      331 Railroad Avenue… I didn’t even notice the tracks SO CLOSE. Aerial view fills in the blanks!!! Maybe it’s no longer in use? 🙂

      • Avatarkdar says: 83 comments

        Tracks seem to be very much in use. Scroll northwest on the aerial view (towards the post office) you can see a train on the tracks.

        • AvatarKrysta says: 16 comments
          1912 Adobe Craftsman
          Fort Davis, TX

          Well, dang. I grew up two blocks from busy railroad tracks and a mile from a major airport and never even heard trains or airplanes… until I moved away and came back to visit and it drove me batty! Amazing what you can tune out. I wonder how long it’d take to NOT hear the trains??

          • TXJewelTXJewel says: 293 comments
            OHD Supporter

            1920 Thurber Brick 4 Square
            Strawn, TX

            We moved from the Dallas area to a small town 75 miles west of Fort Worth around August 2016. We are almost that close to a very busy railroad track. By the end of that first year I didn’t notice the trains unless we were outside, now I don’t really notice them at all. I do enjoy watching them go by though and it’s interesting how all the engines have different whistles. I never did get used to the sound of all the traffic and the planes from DFW AIRPORT when we lived in the city. Give me a train any day!
            BTW – My husband and I LOVE Fort Davis. We’d move there if we could!

            • AvatarKrysta says: 16 comments
              1912 Adobe Craftsman
              Fort Davis, TX

              TXJewel – I grew up near Hobby Airport in Houston… you DO tune things out! We own the old Nel’s Cafe/Bookfeller/Tommy’s Seafood/Betty’s Emporium/Chappell’s Rock Shop/Sleeping Lion property, a block from Hotel Limpia. It’s been many other things, too, but started out as a service station (we found the Texaco Stars under masonry!). It’s quite an adjustment to live here, we moved from Boerne (I’d been in Boerne for 17 years). You really have to learn to make do without conveniences and realize that Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping is actually closer to 4 or 5-day shipping. Quite an adjustment, but beautiful 🙂 It forces you to slow down and breathe… and enjoy the stars and the mountains and the wide open spaces!

              • TXJewelTXJewel says: 293 comments
                OHD Supporter

                1920 Thurber Brick 4 Square
                Strawn, TX

                Next time we visit Fort Davis/Alpine we’ll look you up. Fellow old house lovers need to stick together!

                • AvatarKrysta says: 16 comments

                  YES! There are several old houses for sale here right now, BTW 😉 Speaking of Alpine, I’ve written the weekly food column for the Alpine Avalanche for three years. 🙂

  8. AvatarKarenZ says: 976 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Very lovely home!

  9. AvatarBrooke Russell says: 5 comments

    this is the “twin” house to the one my grandparents bought, where my mom grew up and where i lived for 10 years. the dr had two other brothers and they scattered across the valley building essentially the same house. i can’t believe this is finally on the market – i would buy it tomorrow. it’s so cool to see what my grandparents’ house looked like before they renovated it in the 1940s. thank you so much for finding this!

    if you all have seen the romcom runaway bride, it was filmed about 8 minutes from this house in the beautiful surrounding horse country.

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