1930 – View Park, CA – $1,750,000

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3644 Fairway Blvd, View Park, CA 90043

Map: Street









Simply put, this utopian Art Deco compound is a once in a lifetime property. Originally built in 1930 during the early development of the View Park Historic District, the home has since been remodeled relentlessly by the current owner with top choice materials and finishes to compliment it's original architectural sensibilities such as, imported Saltillo Spanish tiles, Art Deco plaster medallions and mouldings, Catalina tiles and arched Spanish cedar windows and doors with hurricane glass and French cremone slide bolts. The massive master suite features a glamorous fireplace, Moorish plaster archways and a wrap around balcony with sweeping 180 degree views of DTLA and the Hollywood sign. Central heat and AC. Water softening system. Basement converted into a recording studio / private unit that can be used for potential income of $2000/mo. Qualifies for an opportunity loan - 3.6% to 4.2%. Buyer to verify. A unique property that demands a special buyer who appreciates timeless detail.
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Benjamin Kahle, Deasy Penner & Partners
(310) 275-1000
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24 Comments on 1930 – View Park, CA – $1,750,000

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9652 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I don’t know how much of this is original but it’s way too interesting to not share. This price seems like an amazing deal for the quality of the home and that view!

    Open house Sunday, Jan. 20 between 1pm-4pm.

  2. Boxwood says: 46 comments


  3. Wendy T says: 40 comments

    Stunning. Every inch of it. The bathrooms…. the VIEWS… what a dream house.

  4. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1788 comments
    1920 Colonial Revival
    Upstate/Central NY, NY

    Lots of great elements in this house! And the view isn’t bad, either. 😉

    • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1788 comments
      1920 Colonial Revival
      Upstate/Central NY, NY

      You know… this is one house where I like its interior waaay more than its exterior. It’s often the other way ‘round…

  5. Jenni says: 20 comments

    She’s dreamy, I wouldn’t change a thing. They can even leave that kitchen table set.

  6. SueSue says: 229 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    The chandelier is the master bedroom……wow.

  7. Judith says: 7 comments

    Wowww!!! Breathtaking, I just love the medallions and some of the unusual curves and angles in the wall work.

  8. CandyCandy says: 116 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Carpentersville, IL

    I agree with everything that’s been said… great find! There seems to me to be an underlying flavor of art deco in the remaining interior elements. Wonder if the original was a wonderful art deco masterpiece? The 1930 build date certainly makes it plausible.

    • Martin says: 1 comments

      Having seen the introduction mention Art Deco, I set about viewing the photos with baited breath. But didn’t spot more than five or six small details that come across as Art Deco – and that includes the glass block partition. Overall, it’s a lovely California Mission-style home alright, and I’d move in tomorrow. Just not quite as austere and geometrical as one might have expected.

      • BethsterBethster says: 752 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1927 Spanish
        NY (house is in VA), NY

        I was wondering why this was being described as an Art Deco house. It’s basically a Spanish house. The triangle borders in the pale green baths have an Art Deco look, but I’ve seen those in so many Spanish houses from the ’20s that I’m not even sure they were considered Art Deco at the time.

  9. BethsterBethster says: 752 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1927 Spanish
    NY (house is in VA), NY

    When I read “the home has since been remodeled relentlessly,” my heart sank. So I scrolled down with trepidation. But I have to say, I kept being amazed. I love the arches everywhere you look (in many different styles) and also the Saltillo tile floors. I can tell that the pale green bath with the jetted tub is either new or redone, but an effort has been made to replicate the style of bathrooms found in houses of this style and era (the arched nooks in the shower are a nice touch). The tile in what looks like a powder room may be original, but I suspect it’s not; at least, the border tile doesn’t look like it to me. But the periwinkle tile (which looks handmade) is beautiful whether it’s original or not. And if that stepped bathtub arch in the last bathroom isn’t original, someone has done a masterful job of creating it.

    I bet they redid the kitchen tile, but it looks appropriate. The cabinets and countertop don’t look right for the period, but they’re not offensively “off.” From what I can see of the kitchen and nook floor, it may be linoleum tile with a border. Undoubtedly that floor was redone, but I think their choice was good.

    The glass brick, though, is jarring. And I say that being a big fan of glass brick!

    P.S. I’m so glad “remodeled relentlessly” didn’t make me beat a quick retreat.

  10. RosewaterRosewater says: 4221 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Despite the significant alterations; MAN-O is the finished product ever gorgeous! I can not imagine a more faithfully re-interpereted re-creation of a top shelf, 1930, LA interior, (aside from the saltillo tile). Very well done! The reproduced Formica kitchen countertop is sweet! The turquoise tile is GORGE, and possibly inspired by this: https://michaelblaze.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/6576d-dsc_0025.jpg which you can see prominently in the view panorama. From a distance I thought at first it might be the Anderton Shoppes spire: https://dome.mit.edu/bitstream/handle/1721.3/138786/174366_sv.jpg?sequence=2 but that’s on the “other side of town”. Those period correct slip shade fixtures are N I C E, and then some. I’m not sure about the fixture in the master, but as Sue noted, it is FOR SURE wow, and perfectly appropriate within the gestalt, regardless of age. I’m not a fan of the look of this place outside; but the interior is a grand slam homer! Soooo much to love; and their decorative taste is young, hip, deeeeluxe cassssh. That dinette fixture too – and the table set = sooooo yum. Noice.

  11. Keith Sanders says: 67 comments

    Pleasing uniformity and variety of design and finishes. The first time I’ve seen round, gothic and ogee elements in one structure, but they complement each other well in this instance. A house of considerable architectural merit most appropriate to its setting.

  12. KarenZ says: 839 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Art Deco has been my love since well before I could see pics of of it all over the internet! To be honest, I believe it was on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and they featured Cher’s opulent Art Deco home, lol! I really love this home and would purchase it tomorrow if I had access to that kind of money! I know that they are updated, but those tiled baths are DIVINE!

  13. Catt says: 49 comments

    Love it. I would want to make that kitchen match it’s tile so it sings like that amazing bathroom. (Sigh). I could totally live there.

  14. Gina Hill says: 73 comments

    Love this house. The bathrooms are amazing. It’s almost like the style is a mix of spanish colonial revival and art nouveau. Hmmm.

  15. Doreen says: 205 comments

    My dream bathroom(s) and kitchen, except I just KNOW that I would bump my head on the pot rack! LOL!–Would LOVE to get a better look at the chandelier in photo 29. Very Goth?

    ♥ Not my favorite era, but I DO love this house and the furnishings are spot-on!

  16. Architectural ObserverArchitectural Observer says: 425 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1918 Bunkhouse
    WestOfMiddleOfNowhere, KS

    The views are astounding! I do appreciate the realtor’s honest description: “…the home has since been remodeled relentlessly by the current owner…” Relentlessly, indeed! Great tile work – both old and new; admirably true to the period.

  17. NancyNancy says: 199 comments

    I love this house as well. Relentlessly remodeled or not it is sooo glamorous. Well done! such a fun one to look at Kelly!

  18. DianeEG says: 460 comments
    OHD Supporter


    I don’t want to live in California, nor pay almost $2mil and have never thought about owning an Art Deco remodel but there is absolutely nothing that would keep me from wanting this beauty. I think the glass block wall might be prettier in person because it has the arches etched on it to match other arches. The relentless remodel end results are stunning (as is the view.)

  19. Bethany otto says: 2448 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    One of the lovliest homes I remember seeing on OHD!

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