Stockton, NJ

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37 Brookville Hollow Rd, Stockton, NJ 08559

Map: Aerial

  • $269,900
  • Foreclosure
  • 3 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 2021 Sq Ft
  • 10.68 Ac.
Over 10 Acres of land slopping upward to a Pre 1850 home, a large Barn, Potting Shed, In-ground Pool/Pond, all on a wooded retreat. House needs major Rehab or Teardown and start over. A custom Bridge was washed away years ago, leaving the coveted property abandoned until Now! While there is No Access to the property(do not enter), once you replace the small bridge you can begin your once in a lifetime project that will reap it's own rewards. Parts of the home date back to the late 1700's and mid 1850's. The property is being sold 100% AS IS. No exceptions. Buyer is responsible for any and all inspections required to close on the deal at the buyers cost. Best for Cash Sale. No utilities are connected to the property and will not be connected. Serious buyers only, will see the majestic location and what can be done here.
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James Barger, Suburban Realty Professionals
(609) 688-9900
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36 Comments on Stockton, NJ

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12146 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I hope to see this house in one of those click bait articles “You won’t believe what this look like before!” Something of this age built of stone is certainly worth saving.

  2. Marianne says: 15 comments

    Love this! Property taxes alone are $7,000.00. God knows what the school taxes are. Too bad, because this house is a gem!

  3. Glen says: 80 comments

    Needs some serious love. Not sure how anyone can live in it though with all that MOLD.

  4. Sarah M says: 45 comments

    There is something so magical about this house and property. If I had the money, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat and restore it to all its glory.

  5. StevenFStevenF says: 788 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    I like this place, particularly that room with the leather sofa that has a fireplace and double exposure. That would be a great room to read a book in on a warm summer evening or cold winter night with a fire roaring.

  6. George of Rhinebeck says: 16 comments

    Having spent nearly every summer of my childhood camping on Bull’s Island in Stockton, and having restored a house in Hunterdon County (chronicled at, I can tell you that this is one of the loveliest places in the entire state. It is particularly appealing for old house lovers as it boasts one of the largest concentrations of stone houses in New Jersey. Many of them, like this example, are bank houses with different elevations from the front to rear facades. This gives them the quaint impression that they are rooted into their hillsides like moss on a tree stump.

    I don’t see how with that barn, that setting, and a stream, this won’t find someone to fall in love with it. Even the later addition looks great. Once the roof is stabilized, the gutters kept clean, and the place dries out, it will take a good deal of plastering but given the house was built to last centuries, it would be so worth it.

    • BethanyBethany says: 3450 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1983 White elephant
      Escondido, CA

      It is so disturbing that the realtor suggest it might be a tear-down. I’m surprised that it hasn’t been vandalised.

    • GeoffreyPS says: 102 comments

      Yes. Drop the little man on the road on Aerial Map link above and check out some of the neighbors.

    • DianeEGDianeEG says: 561 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1896 Farmhouse W/Swedish roots
      Rural, IL

      I feel I should reach out and give you a hug after reading your vail house experience. Glad you’ve hung in there with your love of old houses.

    • Miss-Apple37 says: 1167 comments

      I’ve just binge-read your Vail house blog, this is heartbreaking, so sorry for you!

      • Paula Libby says: 30 comments

        Having just lived through an oh so very similar experience with our house on an island, and moving to a 200 YO farm in need of restoration on the mainland, I can say, you will survive and hope that at the very least you can be proud of what you did accomplish at the Vail house. It does hurt though to see what the Philistine neighbors consider good taste or preservation. I finally am at peace with what our neighbors who bought our house are doing with it and have moved on, emotionally and mentally and hope you can too in time.

      • George of Rhinebeck says: 16 comments

        Thank you both for taking the time to read my blog and for your sympathy. As Christopher Hitchens said, “All of life is a wager”, and indeed, we took a huge gamble buying into a place so tethered to its neighbor. I still think about and miss that house tremendously.

        • Kelly says: 7 comments

          George – thank you for this much needed diversion. I’ve been taking care of my elderly mom and even though your story is heartbreaking, it has taken my mind off the thought of losing my mom for a brief time. I’m sorry your family went through that and I wish you only the best in your new venture!

    • Tara says: 3 comments

      Sorry to hijack the comments. I’m in NJ and spent many years in the Hamilton area, so this house was of particular interest. Then I saw comments about George’s blog, so I immersed myself in that. Oh George of Rhinebeck, my heart broke for you at the ending. I’m so sorry for you and your family. (Typed by the girl who left notes in the walls of her house, listing the curses that would be heaped upon anyone who painted over the painstakingly stripped doors, or who painted over wallpaper.)

      I hope your move to NY has turned out wonderfully. While our future ventures have us more often frequenting the Finger Lakes area, if I ever make it to Rhinebeck, I will definitely make sure to find your place.

  7. DeniseLynn says: 201 comments

    Overwhelming potential!!! Could be such a cozy home!

  8. BeccaD says: 3 comments

    I second what George of Rhinebeck said. My husband grew up in Stockton, NJ. It is a beautiful area with a great deal of history. Stockton is a great place to raise a family, if you can afford the taxes. It is a well-to-do area, and the price of this home reflects that. I would love to see someone restore this beauty!

  9. TGrantTGrant says: 943 comments
    OHD Supporter

    New Orleans, LA

    What a wonderful property with marvelous possibilities! Definitely not a tear down!

  10. Brian Terry says: 1 comments

    I live very close to this place and I have to say, it is surrounded by really lovely homes! In fact I remember when this property was on the market for over $1.25 million back in 2009 because the area supported that asking price at one point. Currently there is no direct access to the property because there was a little driveway bridge to it that got taken out in a flood, so there was no way to get to it. Might explain why so much large furniture got left behind as they couldn’t get it easily off the property. This is a hidden gem just waiting to be rescued.

  11. Doreen says: 242 comments

    Oh, this poor old love–I hope someone can bring her back to her former glory! ♥

  12. Handymam says: 55 comments

    When you think of a stone house, it looks like what this one could be. Wish I had a boatload of money to make this house smile again.

  13. Judith says: 8 comments

    One thing that is curious is saying that “no utilities are connected and will not be connected”. Does that mean just until someone buys the place? Or never? It is lovely, but a massive project. Good old bones, as they say.

  14. Cynthia Skidmore says: 17 comments

    Oh holy moly!!!! What an incredibly beautiful gem!!! It would definitely require some major tender loving care and a large working budget, but so very worth it.

  15. Anne Hamilton says: 202 comments

    I’d be aafterthis house and property in a red hot second if I wanted to move back to NJ, fabulous opportunity, and it would re-value over a milion in a heartbeat, even just with minor updates, like bathroom and kitchen stuff, new sheetrock,scraping,painting, new roof and havc would probably do it.

  16. Anne Hamilton says: 202 comments

    I’d be after this house and property in a red hot second if I wanted to move back to NJ, fabulous opportunity, and it would re-value over a million in a heartbeat, even just with minor updates, like bathroom and kitchen stuff, new sheetrock, scraping, painting, new roof and havc would probably do it. Oh, and a new bridge!

  17. JimHJimH says: 5265 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Purchased for $485k in 1994, lost in foreclosure – I feel bad for them. ☹️ #circumstances

    Wonderful old place “up the Hollow”. Unless there’s a major technical issue with the bridge or septic, this should sell fairly quickly and be renovated, either sensitively or not.

    The property next door is asking $1MM on a smaller lot.

  18. David Sweet says: 258 comments

    Lots of love will bring this one back. Great old place; kind of sad though, it’s like the people just went to work one day, and never came home.

  19. jb says: 95 comments

    Tear down my booty! NO WAY! Plenty of life left in this beautiful diamond in the rough. What are these realtor’s thinking? I hope someone comes along and saves this gem!

  20. Ernie says: 323 comments

    Oh man! This place is great! Would love to see someone with some major skills &/or really deep pockets (a friend in NJ told me the governor just raised property taxes again) fix this one up.
    Do you think that’s toxic mold or just regular mold from the water leaking in?

  21. jillieDjillieD says: 104 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1952 Ojai, CA

    It is wonderful… but it would take such deep pockets to turn it around. Reading through the price history and foreclosure info on Zillow, the previous owner didn’t have deep pockets either. Very sad. You can almost feel how wonderful it is from the pictures.

  22. Tess says: 297 comments

    Husband is ready to build a drawbridge for privacy. The potting shed is mine. Really not too bad. Needs mold remediation first. Then the rest is cleaning and painting. Oh to be 20 years younger.

  23. kdar says: 74 comments

    No freakin way you tear this down!! Stonework = artwork.
    Does however need a lover with deep pockets.
    Wish it luck.

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