1926 – Milwaukee, WI – $84,999

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4928 N 55th St, Milwaukee, WI 53218

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Brick bungalow that offers old world charm. This home features fireplace, built in china cabinets with stained glass. An abundance of space on the lower level with sun room, livingroom and formal dining room. Master bed on lower lever with walk in closet. Loft area on upper level with 2 additional bedrooms. Priced to sell!
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Brenda Kirk, Coldwell Banker
(414) 964-3900
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25 Comments on 1926 – Milwaukee, WI – $84,999

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  1. Brenda says: 35 comments

    What is that thing next to the blue curtains in picture #6 ? And how did they get that pool table into the loft ? LOL

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9369 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That may be a cheap pool table and not a slate one so it would come up piece by piece.

      • Phillip Brown says: 28 comments

        All slate tables are not one piece. A friend bought one years ago and the top was in three sections. Once the sections were put into place and leveled, you used Plaster of Paris to smooth out the joint between sections.

        • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9369 comments

          1901 Folk Victorian
          Chestatee, GA

          Yeah, we’ve had a pool table that was slate but in two pieces. But the one in this home looks like an MDF table.

    • Linda R. says: 230 comments

      My guess is that the thing on the wall in pic 6 is some kind of electric heater. A strange and unattractive heater, or whatever.

      • Doreen says: 190 comments

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with “?????” over my head with regard to that thing in picture #6. This house is very reasonably priced for Milwaukee. Extremely reasonable.

      • RonnieH says: 74 comments

        I’m thinking it’s just a small tv sitting in a corner mounted entertainment center.

    • Diane says: 1 comments

      I think it’s a dixieland cup dispenser.

    • Caren says: 6 comments

      The thing in picture 6 is an ugly custom TV cabinet. If you blow up the pic you can still see the small older style tube TV. Most pool tables can come apart to be moved. It was likely assembled in that room.

  2. Garrisms says: 16 comments

    The plaster coved ceiling, all that beautiful leaded glass. The home is a gem at a bargain price.

  3. Tess says: 274 comments

    That kitchen is perfect!

  4. Jan A says: 11 comments

    This is such a cute house with wonderful curb appeal, and it looks rock solid. What a bargain for some lucky buyer! I would leave those nice vintage cabinets in the kitchen for sure but would change the back-splash.

  5. Eric says: 245 comments

    I love the leaded art glass windows in the living room/dining room. Wonderful detail that is still there.

  6. Julie says: 19 comments

    Cute house with lots of period details intact. I’ll bet the hardwoods are beautiful under all that carpet!

  7. FanshaweGirl says: 257 comments

    Well that carpet looks familiar…
    And I have the same brick in my kitchen (1971)

    That blue thing in the corner is a shelf, there’s a tv sitting in it.

    Love all the windows! This place would be a quick clean up. Paint, carpet, refresh the kitchen and baths if wanted.
    The front porch looks like it’s sinking, that would be a consideration. And the fence is wonky. Would be nice to see the inside of the garage.

  8. BethsterBethster says: 706 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1927 Spanish
    NY (house is in VA), NY

    There are wonderful features inside, but I love the way it looks from the outside the most (especially those two windows at the front). It’s got style plus a sturdy stockiness. I don’t know, hard to explain, but that really appeals to me!

  9. darla says: 109 comments

    oh, how I lament the absence of the Save to Your Favorites option!

    • KarenZ says: 816 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Save your favorites to Pinterest, Darla! I have so many things saved there–my favorite houses, but I have a thing for staircases and vintage bathrooms, too! It takes me forever to get through listings (because I pin so many things)!

  10. Keith W Brown says: 8 comments

    Looks like major issue going on with the front step / entry area, Left side of steps wall leaning in, right side splitting at bottom, What’s the angle iron on right? support? the area in front of door looks to have sunk [notice the leaves collecting ] there is a noticeable height difference in that area. foundation issue that could be bigger.

  11. sterling says: 2 comments

    I suspect the gutter and down spout got clogged and ran over the front patio for quite a while. Washed out the fill under the porch. Concrete cracked and sunk exasperating the problem..

  12. CeylaClaire says: 73 comments

    I also noticed the concrete work and immediately worried about the downspout pouring water that close to the house! Take a look at the bottom of the garage wall. I think it indicates standing water was in the back yard.
    This area is in fluctuation and it is good to see the homes are being kept up.

  13. Priscilla says: 35 comments

    If this house has a fire place where’s the chimney?

    • Marc says: 171 comments

      The chimney could have been removed, but I would guess it never had one and the fireplace was built as a decorative non-functioning fireplace. I’ve seen if before in similar houses.

      • Priscilla says: 35 comments

        I think you’re right about it being decorative. It doesn’t appear to have ever been used now that you mention it.


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