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122 Belmont Ave, Winchester, KY 40391

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This home is located in the Historic Thomson Subdivision. It is within walking distance of many popular Historic Winchester destinations. Also you can be at the public library and the indoor swimming facility at Parks and Recreation in minutes. The owner of this has beautifully maintained it for many years. Now retirement is calling and they must answer. Now you answer the call to see this house and see how you may make it your new home.
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Linda Bridgewater, Bridgewater Real Estate
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12 Comments on Winchester, KY

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9829 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    The National Register report says this was built 1900-1907 but I would have guessed a little earlier based on the newel post peeking out from the wall and the interior trim design and doors. Thoughts?

    • AvatarDavid Sweet says: 184 comments

      I would put this house mid 1890’s, the bookcases and room divider are probably a later addition, as they would seem out of place with the otherwise victorian trim and doors.

  2. AvatarStevenF says: 699 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    It looks older…the door surrounds seem older. I wonder if it wasn’t updated around 1900-07 to include those almost crafrsman-like bookshelves.

  3. respectthishouserespectthishouse says: 36 comments
    OHD Supporter

    sweet 50s ranch Nashville, TN

    Obsessed with the beadboard bathroom

  4. AvatarAnne Flint says: 3 comments

    Love the mantle over the sink in the bath.

  5. AvatarJasmine says: 1 comments

    Did anyone else picture the scene from Friends when Joey built that home entertainment system when looking at the fireplace/book shelf? I totally thought of that the moment I saw the design of it. Ha! It’s a beautiful house though.

  6. AvatarTess says: 309 comments

    Love old houses that have been thoughtfully updated over the years. Not a museum but a comfortable family home.

  7. AvatarJason says: 30 comments

    I might go take a look at this some time this week. I’m going to look at a 1860s home in Paris, a home Maysville built in 1840 that is on the historich registry, that has an attached part much older where people hid from Indians. I’m also going to look at another Maysville home built in 1831 and added onto in 1865. Maysville has a lot of historic homes, and a lot of great ones are for sale. This home might be a good one to add to my list. Thank you.

    • AvatarThadaB says: 29 comments

      A 1986 article in NYTimes re nearby old towns… Wonder what’s still there.

      • AvatarJason says: 30 comments

        Thank you for the article. I will read it tonight. I and a friend went to Maysville today and I have to say I have never been to a small town with that many historic homes and buildings still standing. It’s like the whole Town. Every street you went down was lined with historic buildings or homes or both. And all the buildings have some business in them. So it isn’t a run downtown. It is a town on its way back up. So without reading the article would say most or all the buildings are still standing. after I read the article I will let you know if I’m wrong.

  8. AvatarJason says: 30 comments

    I went and looked at this home this past weekend. The photos don’t do it justice. I pulled up little areas of the 70’s carpet and the floors look beautiful. The bathrooms are in such great shape. It has a great flow to it. The stairs are very wide, although I hate they are closed off like that. I really like big grand staircases and these are not. Most of the woodwork looks great, they will look even better with the paint strippeds off. There is one spot where someone cut like 3 sections out of the baseboard and did a bad job of putting it back together. That would have to be fixed The attic is the biggest attic I have ever been in. It looks a lot bigger than the add says, I would say close to 1000 square feet. The house is in good enough shape where you could get in there pull up the carpet and clean it and you could move right in. Now the issues. The porch needs boards replaced, the balcony is in roughr shape, the agent said not to step on it because you will fall through. Some of the foundation need to be repointed. Either the gutters are full or need work because the water just runs down everywhere. It has vinyl siding so that all need to be taken off and have the wood painted. The home needs work, but it is livable.

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