1903 Folk Victorian – Fincastle, VA – $799,950

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2422 Poor Farm Rd, Fincastle, VA 24090

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Rare Opportunity for a 253 Acre farm featuring lush, gently rolling, fenced pasture and cropland, bordered by Catawba Creek and Lick Run; 1st time offered for sale. Original 1903 farmhouse in good condition has standing seam metal roof, 3 covered porches and balcony, hardwood floors, wood stove, main floor bedroom and bath, super-spacious rooms throughout. Roof and boiler recently replaced, new water heater 2018. Priced $63K below assessment! Note: Land is leased for grazing cattle. Please DO NOT enter fields or open gates.
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Dayna Patrick, RE/MAX All Stars Realty
(540) 992-2525 / (540) 342-9600
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19 Comments on 1903 Folk Victorian – Fincastle, VA – $799,950

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  1. AvatarStacy says: 94 comments

    I absolutely love this place!!

  2. Avatarzoomey says: 475 comments

    Love the floors, the old farmhouse feeling, the land. A perfect farmhouse requiring a little paint, some kitchen appliances, and maybe some bathroom updates. The porch is beautiful. Is that hay stored to feed the cattle in the winter? What a beautiful, peaceful setting.

    • ErnieErnie says: 205 comments

      Yeah, they are round bales that are wrapped in plastic so they can be stored outside.

  3. AvatarJill says: 16 comments

    I’m always a little afraid of the inside when they start with 20 exterior shots, but this is nice. Update the kitchen, fix the scary spaghetti at the electrical panel, and paint the outside. I’m in, right after I hit the lottery.

  4. AvatarKaren says: 577 comments

    I would get rid of the baseboard heating-I hate that in any house of any age, probably because when I was bad, my mother would make me take it apart and clean the fins with the vacuum cleaner. Yuck! And, I do like my central air! But, except for having the buy kitchen appliances, and updating the kitchen cupboards and the bathrooms, maybe redecorating to suit your tastes, this house would be a fantastic buy. And renting out that pasture land might go a long way towards a mortgage payment!

  5. Avatarmontana channing says: 241 comments

    and before someone asks, those long lines of white things are hay bales wrapped in plastic.
    an absolutely beautiful typical farmhouse mercifully untouched by progress and that worries me. based on what happened to my old farm and house, I can hear greedy developers salivating in the background. this is only 3200 an acre and with the view and all that flat land, I sure hope someone with horses buys it and puts a restriction on it so it will be used for farmland into perpetuity.

  6. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 788 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    This is beautiful.
    But, why the hanging water tank in basement? Or maybe it’s not a water tank?

    • Avatarrodeolthr says: 33 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Most likely an expansion tank for the hot water system. I myself would reinstall the cast iron radiotors….so much more efficient than the baseboard type, and a great place to rest your cold bum in the winter.

  7. AvatarLinda in Idaho says: 7 comments

    Beautiful property and farmhouse! I would love to live there.

  8. AvatarPeggy Sullivan says: 39 comments

    I’d much prefer to buy my own appliances because if you think about the life span of appliances relative to a 30 year mortgage…you may have to replace them 2-3 times over on appliances you’re still paying on if they’re included in the mortgage….make sense?

  9. AvatarSheila Wiernicki says: 6 comments

    Fincastle is in one of the most beautiful areas! And this is a beautiful house.

  10. AvatarKarrie says: 228 comments

    I love this house and would restore it and update as little as possible to keep the old farm feeling. If one has the money, this would be a great deal plus leasing out the land! And keeping the property just as it is. sigh, wish I had that kind of money.

  11. JimHJimH says: 4010 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Peaceful countryside and lovely views! This would be a good one to pool money from family or friends and use it on weekends and in the summer, or as an early retirement home. It wouldn’t be easy to make a living or raise a family out there unless farm life is what you know. Doesn’t look like the house needs that much at all.

  12. CoraCora says: 1856 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    This embodies many qualities of my dream home: Peaceful and secluded, mostly un-remuddled, great front porch, incredible views. Beautiful place.

  13. AvatarFanshaweGirl says: 268 comments

    I love it!!

    The customary repairs are necessary, but nothing seems too bad. I’d much prefer nice cast iron radiators instead of those school style ones. Lots of wallpaper and painted/stained trim and floors to strip back. Bathrooms certainly need help. Exterior rehab would make this a crisp beauty.
    The yard could be very nice. Mow the grass, plant a couple of trees, start a veggie garden, put up a white board fence.

    Having the land already rented is a bonus if you’re not moving in your own herd. There’s no barn, so your limited to beef cattle. The creek may be a nice water source, hard to tell from the map.


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