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101 N Prairie Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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This 1907 Queen Anne style, 2 story home in the historic Cathedral District was built by Hubert Loonan of Loonan Lumber Company. It remained in the family until 1958 when it was purchased by Dr and Mrs. Barnett. The marble paneled entry has the original mosaic tile floor which leads to the piano room with carved oak ceiling and grand staircase. Living room paneling, columns and floor is quarter-sawn oak. Fireplace is original converted to gas. The dining room panels and ceiling are of Honduras mahogany and features original paintings by local artist Henry Rezac. Rezac also painted wall panels and the ceiling of the sunporch. Each bedroom is finished with different woods reflecting Loonan's lumber business. The home sits on 2 lots with a 14x10 gazebo in the north yard which has been the host of 2 family weddings. A 15x13 carport accentuates the covered front porch. Please take note of the ornate columns on the porch, carport and gazebo. Many more details on the attached addendum!
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Jeff Nelson, 605 Real Estate
(605) 400-3050
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22 Comments on 1907 – Sioux Falls, SD – $450,000

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  1. Carlyn says: 9 comments

    What an amazing house! So many original features have been preserved. It has elements of Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival and Queen Anne and somehow they all work beautifully together.

  2. Alice says: 52 comments

    Man oh man this one is stunning!! I cannot believe that price!

  3. TGrantTGrant says: 431 comments
    OHD Supporter

    New Orleans, LA

    That aesthetic movement or Japonisme sun parlor! I absolutely dropped my phone when I saw the ceiling shot! Totally loving this one!

    • Kimberly62Kimberly62 says: 272 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1980 board & batten modern

      Love! Looks like silk Japanese panels and the beautiful aesthetic movement ceiling.lets you and I go spend time in that room. Here is another home the whole group at OHD should purchase. Wink

  4. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1626 comments
    1920 Colonial Revival
    Upstate/Central , NY

    Agree with TGrant about the sunroom – wow, beautiful! Also love the frieze in the DR. The staircase and the fp aren’t bad, either. 😉

  5. ddbacker says: 322 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1971 Uninspired split-level
    Prairie Village, KS

    An interesting and impressive mish-mash. The result looks better than the idea.

  6. Linda R. says: 224 comments

    My dream house! It all looks perfect to me. I lived in Sioux Falls for 4 yrs. of college. Very nice small city, best place in SD IMO. Very humid summers and frigid winters lots of snow. Otherwise I would live there.

    • Coqu says: 263 comments

      The town has changed dramatically. It keeps growing. This house is listed as being in the Cathedral District but is only one (large) city block away from 10th/12th Street, which I believe is now the second busiest street in the city. Population keeps increasing and so does crime; last I looked, violent crime was up 80% in 5 years. I won’t describe this neighborhood because it’s not in my place to do so.

      Just to the south of this house is the Sioux Quartzite home that was listed on this site several years ago. I’m sure you remember the buildings downtown made from that beautiful stuff. I wonder how the remodel is going. When did you go to school in SF?

      • Valarie says: 3 comments

        I live in this neighborhood, just 2 blocks away from this house. Please, enlighten me on how terrible it is…

        • Coqu says: 263 comments

          I think you missed the part (of my reply to Linda) where I wrote “I won’t describe this neighborhood because it’s not in my place to do so.”

          10th Street is a major thoroughfare and always has been. It’s perhaps not as busy today because the rest of the city is growing much, much more. I engaged Linda because I’m assuming she’s a bit older and can possibly remember when the busiest intersection in SF/the state was just a gravel road.

      • Valarie says: 3 comments

        We have lived here 12 years. And that street is busy, but not remotely one of the busiest in town. There is a vast difference in traffic between where this house is located and the street you speak of.

        Also, the Avery house is coming along beautifully. They just had a fundraiser where they opened it, and other Cathedral district homes, up to the public for viewing. The owners are doing a very nice job.

  7. John says: 69 comments

    It probably wasn’t intended as such, as I haven’t seen many, and those I have lack the built ins, but the paneled bedroom, I call dibs

  8. MichaelMichael says: 1109 comments

    Definitely not what I expected when I saw the exterior. Even on the exterior they went with porch columns usually not seen with this style. That said, I agree is does work and presents a stunning house, top to bottom!

  9. jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 824 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1947 Ranch

    All this lovely wood and a not too bad kitchen. The price seems a little high, but I don’t know how real estate is in SD. I just can’t get over the woodwork. I hope the next owner doesn’t know how to open a can of paint…

  10. Kimberly62Kimberly62 says: 272 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1980 board & batten modern

    I love the dining room w/ it’s paneling and the lovely murals, stunning. Oh to drink a fine bottle of wine w/ good food and a great conversation in that room.
    Thank you Kelly, a very stellar day!

  11. Deborah W Mann says: 99 comments

    Absolutely amazing…..so beautiful. I love it.

  12. Paul M says: 29 comments

    The only thing I would change is the kitchen overhead light. Otherwise – it’s perfect.

  13. NonaKNonaK says: 92 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Austin, TX

    Sigh. Such beauty.

  14. MISTERMICELY says: 32 comments

    Sensational in my opinion. The outside is wonderful – then I stepped inside and lost my heart! I ache for this one. I could not, in all conscience, leave that wood panelled room upstairs as just a bedroom. I would have it for a retreat. I would need to get away from the yumminess downstairs.

  15. Eric says: 201 comments

    I love the quiet elegance the paint scheme gives this grand house. The interior is one of the best ever! 6 months of the year I would wonder through this house taking in the incredible details, woodwork and supreme beauty and the other 6 winter months would be in a warmer climate. I wonder how much snow they shovel per season?

    • Preservation MattersPreservation Matters says: 77 comments

      But Eric, if you went south for the winter, you would miss the joy of cozying up to a roaring fire with a good book, a throw and a hot drink while a blizzard raged outside. One of my favorite pastimes as a 12-month New England resident.

  16. FergusFergus says: 272 comments
    1420 Perpendicular Gothic

    What an amazing home! I like the way the exterior doesn’t give you many hints as to the treasures that it conceals. Only the gazebo hints at the eastern influence inside the house. Walking through the front door must be a truly magical experience. And all that gorgeous woodwork too!

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