c. 1794/1825 – Paris, KY – $375,000

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4090 Lexington Rd, Paris, KY 40361

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Outstanding opportunity for renovation or redevelopment. Originally built as the home of Cpt. James Wright, on a land grant received for his service in the French and Indian War, the property contains an early log cabin (c. 1786) and his 2 story frame & masonry (c. 1794 / 1825) home, plus a detached 3 car garage. The main house features original ash flooring, cherry & walnut interior components (doors, mantles, trim) and English door hardware. Located at the southern edge of Paris, overlooking the Paris Pike / Lexington Rd and Houston Creek, the property is comprised of 1.62 Ac zoned B-2 and .777 Ac zoned R-2, totaling 2.39 acres. An additional 13.7 contiguous acres (w creek as shared boundary) with C and B-2 zoning is also available.
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Gary Wrenn, Wrenn Realty
(859) 987-9872
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11 Comments on c. 1794/1825 – Paris, KY – $375,000

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  1. Cindy Logan says: 15 comments

    Love the history

  2. Karen B says: 193 comments

    Bourbon County is Bluegrass horse country where Secretariat lived out his life on Claiborne Farm. Paris is a charming, historical town filled with history and antique shops. It is home to The Duncan Tavern where the DAR has it’s headquarters for our area and just some of the most beautiful old homes. It is about 30 min to Lexington and UK, Transylvania, Red Mile, etc.

    I know this house. It sits up on a hill over the Paris/Lexington Pike as you are entering Paris. I wish more of the house itself had been shown. Paris is also home to one of the few remaining drive-in theaters.

    • Karen says: 291 comments

      How appropriate I’m looking at this house while waiting for the Kentucky Derby to start! I too was wondering about that door. Maybe people told in laws to “go ahead, take that door”?
      I wonder what the cabin looks like inside. It looks to be in great shape.

  3. KittysocksKYKittysocksKY says: 74 comments
    Murray, KY

    Can someone explain the door in the stairwell to me? I have seen this before and don’t understand why they would do that.

    • BugLady says: 68 comments

      Entrance to the cellar? Harry Potter lived there?

    • Barbara says: 31 comments

      I’ve never seen a door situated on a wall above stairs. How would a person access the stairs behind the door? How would anyone escape injury or death from falling from one and or two flights of stairs?

    • Jani Robinson says: 1 comments

      Not sure what you are asking. Is it about the closet under the stairs? If so that would be what we would call a coat closet today.

      • KittysocksKYKittysocksKY says: 74 comments
        Murray, KY

        Janie Robinson, I’m not completlye daft. I know what a coat closet is. I am asking about the door at the top of the stairs which appears to open about 3 or so steps from the top. It looks like you would go falling down the stairs if you stepped out or if it is a closet, you would have to take a jump to get something hung up inside of it.

      • Ali Katze says: 5 comments

        Look at the last photo. There is a door that if walked through would land you in the stairwell.

        • Southwestlovesmomma says: 105 comments

          My thoughts are: the staircase USED to be MUCH steeper. After the incline was decreased, the door no longer fit, but due to historical needs they left it where it was. I was in an old house recently and the stairs where so steep, my size 11 shoes didn’t fit on the treads. It felt like I was climbing a ladder.

  4. Karen says: 115 comments

    Pole dancing, anyone?


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