1802 Georgian/Federal – South Royalton, VT – $595,000

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58 Bridge St, South Royalton, VT 05068

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The Joseph Fessenden House is one of the most extraordinary examples of the subtle blend of both the Georgian and Federal Colonial styles. Having undergone a complete and painstaking four year restoration from 1988 to 1992 under the meticulous eye of the current owner, the reverence for the property's place in our State and Country's architectural history, exhibited in the workmanship and simple beauty, is unmistakable. Period details including incredible millwork, 10 original working fireplaces with soapstone surrounds and fireboxes, a leaded fan-shaped transom window, shallow molded cornice dentilation, cornice moldings, interior window shutters, original paneling grace the entirety of the home's interior. Two historic frame barns, transported and reconstructed on site, as well as extensive European style gardens laid out in symmetrical designs with perennial plantings and fountain combined with acres of flat, open agricultural land with long frontage on the White River.
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Richard Higgerson, Sotheby's
(603) 643-6070
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16 Comments on 1802 Georgian/Federal – South Royalton, VT – $595,000

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  1. Ken says: 53 comments

    My all time favorite federal on here. What a beauty, some real early furniture too. Kudos to the owner.

  2. MW says: 677 comments

    Very, very nice. Looks very comfortable as well, inside and out.

  3. Zann says: 503 comments

    I am SO impressed that the gardens/walk are still intact or a later created one. I can’t tell from the description if the gardens were restored or added. You don’t see those anymore, and it is a great touch.

    I have a soft spot for Vermont, and this one is a doozie. Besides the obvious love for the paint choices and the floors, I really like the light fixtures. It would be easy to feel like you’ve stepped back in time here.

    There are a few interesting buildings near this one, but an odd one caught my eye. If you go to the church across the street and down a smidge (as opposed to the church next door) the home across the street from the church has a really interesting dome/tower/thing.

    • Scott Walton says: 1 comments

      The building across from that church is actually the old Town Hall. It also served as a part of the School at one point as well. The building next to it is the old one room school house. These are all located on what is known as Royalton Common Road. I actually live in the only residence located on Royalton Common Road and have grown up here.

  4. jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 865 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1947 Ranch

    Impressive grounds, peaceful and lovely. The house is pretty as well, oozes history in every room.

  5. Bonnie says: 17 comments

    I am in love, beautiful home with fabulous gardens!

  6. Karenl says: 537 comments

    My great great great grandfather came from this area-I wonder if Levi Blake was familiar with this home! I think you’d have to be retired or so wealthy you didn’t have to work, to take care of the wonderful gardens. I wonder what is planted in them-things that grew there in long ago times, or more modern plants. I love the back of the house-how wonderful it would be, to sit on that porch after dinner with a gin and tonic, looking over the results your hard work has gotten you in the gardens!

  7. Nancy Gravel says: 5 comments

    Beautiful in every way! Too bad it’s out of my price range, I think they must own a carpet business. It’s a beauty….and the gardens!

  8. VMaloney says: 93 comments

    Another beauty! I especially love the stenciling in several rooms.

  9. Lissie says: 284 comments

    Such elegance and charm. I love it!!!!!!!!!

  10. prettypaddle says: 49 comments
    OHD Supporter

    So perfect! Not sure if I would spend more time in that beautiful garden or canoeing on the river behind the house. Of course winters inside the lovely home wouldn’t be half bad either 😉

  11. Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 487 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Victorian Farmhouse
    Lancaster, PA,

    Does anyone know the original purpose of the cage thing in the dining room?

    • Christine Cassner says: 10 comments

      It reminds me of bars I’ve seen in old taverns. They would lock the good stuff up at night. 😉

  12. FergusFergus says: 267 comments
    1420 Perpendicular Gothic

    Who’s been plucking homes out of my dreams and putting them in places I can’t reach again?!?
    This place is gorgeous! It has that wonderful unassuming Georgian frontage that doesn’t hint at the beauty and wonder that lies inside and behind it too. That back porch and gardens really sold it to me, even if the interior hadn’t done so already. I’d feel right at home pottering about out there, glancing back at the house every once in a while and smiling at its beauty. Internally, the choice of colourscheme and furniture is certainly outstanding. I’m absolutely in love with it. My heart would be content with both house and garden, if only I could afford to buy it.

  13. Colleen J says: 1272 comments

    The grounds alone will sell this beautiful home!

  14. Christine Cassner says: 10 comments

    LOVE this. It’s twice the size of my remodel project. I’ll use some of these ideas for sure. The stenciled walls are to die for, so well done. I do wonder where the kitchen is located? Could it be in the red and white room behind the area that looks like the bar in a tavern? That gave me tons if new ideas for my kitchen renovation. Would have loved to have seen a photo of how they incorporated a bathroom into the home. THANK YOU for sharing your magnificent house!

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