1821 – Stantonsburg, NC

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Step back in time when you enter this restored and updated 1821 farmhouse on 3.15 acres surrounded by farm fields. This Federal period house has exceptional decorative details. Made of hand-hewn lumber with pegged joinery rather than nails. Sturdy construction that has withstood hurricanes and still has level floors. Authentically restored and updated in 2007: new standing-seam tin roof, heating, wiring and plumbing, septic system serving house and barn. Original paint, plaster and paneling. Chimneys restored; four working fireplaces, two with gas logs. Eight rooms with 3 bedrooms, one bath; front and back porches. Seven outbuildings include large workshop, exercise studio, garage/tractor barn, and storage building. Hooked to county water system; good broadband service available.
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42 Comments on 1821 – Stantonsburg, NC

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9425 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Oh my word. Few houses make my heart ache, this is one of them! It’s beyond fabulous.

    A few more photos on the agents site, linked up top.

  2. Bethany otto says: 2398 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    Not usually my kind of house, but I’m just blown away. The property, the house itself, the atmosphere created by the lovely decorating–I just want to live here. The dining room is my favorite.

  3. TGrantTGrant says: 467 comments
    OHD Supporter

    New Orleans, LA

    Love that the original woodwork and paint finishes are intact. The simple life just calls out with this one.

  4. RosewaterRosewater says: 4081 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    A+ job on this house! That which needed fixing was restored; that which was fine the way it was was left alone to shine in it’s beautifully preserved condition; and updates were made minimally and judiciously. Just magnificent.

  5. Shar says: 9 comments

    Oh My I love also! Hitting my emotions and seeing others comments feel the same way. My first grand child is in NC and I was just there last month to visit, Ive been looking at lower priced Real Estate ever since.

  6. D Hupaylo says: 19 comments

    Perfect house! Beautifully decorated and some projects to work on with the out buildings. They would make good guest cottages. And 3 acres for fruit trees and chickens, maybe a horse.

  7. KC says: 14 comments

    Wow! Such a lovely house and property. Those hand-hewn timbers in the attic got my heart, along with the painted baseboards. I just love things like that. Not to mention the outbuildings are so thoughtfully laid out. The house is just gorgeous. I will have enough to buy in another year- but I bet you, this property will be snapped up quickly!

  8. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 697 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    The dichotomy between the formal rooms (elegant trim, details, mantels, paint) and the other rooms (more modest) really struck me (but I like them all). Refinement and formal rooms are not what i expect from a farmhouse through my european/french point of view (unless they were wealthy owners and had people working for them in the farm or wine producers, farms are super rustic here). I’m always hit by the fact that farmhouses in the US seem to be really refined and not that rustic. But what i see here is also the dichotomy/difference between public and private rooms. Those that are made to impress and those more laid back.

  9. SadieSadie says: 33 comments
    OHD Supporter

    There is something to love in each room! Not at all what I expected from the exterior. This house has seen lots of love and care!

  10. Jennifer Mosier says: 22 comments

    Each morning I get up and check my in box for these updates ! I don’t always look at every house , but loved the look of this one. So very glad I did ! The house and the video were the best . Hope the agent shares this video with the listing ,! Pulled at my heartstrings too ! Thanks !

  11. JB says: 110 comments

    WOW. Very, very nice property. I enjoy and appreciate the restoration included leaving many of the original elements intact. The video was AWESOME, and I admit the song used in the video production had me laughing as I watched the pictures roll by! EXCELLENT. The pictures of families in era’s gone by provides a hinting glimpse of the love, gatherings, and memories made that once flowed throughout the house. I do think, however, that I’d move the microwave to a different location other than directly above the kitchen stove—-seems like it hovers a bit too low. “Ain’t got time to mend that window, Ain’t got time to paint that house!” haha…love it. (He breaks into a two-step dance)

  12. PlasterboyPlasterboy says: 93 comments

    This is that ” diamond in the rough ” property you scour this site for.
    That is really country living.
    If I can convince my wife to go from California to N.C. this would be where I could live and work until I retire.
    Make country furnishings in those out buildings.

  13. ddbacker says: 352 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1971 Uninspired split-level
    Prairie Village, KS

    This is one of those where I think I would not change one single thing. I even like their dog!

  14. MonChiChiPox says: 223 comments

    Simply gorgeous. Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. Inside and out. It’s the epitome of the beauty of simplicity.

  15. Anne Hamilton says: 188 comments

    OH KELLY, NOW YOU’VE GONE AND DONE IT! A true, untouched (more or less) Carolina “I” house!.
    Now everbody can see why I keep yacking about them! They are the epitome of both southern architechture with high ceilings, carolina porches and vernacular american farm house architecture. They are a true quitisential “Old house” dream!
    Thanks to everynone for the added info, this is such a treat and a special pleasure!

  16. Beth Bridges says: 5 comments

    Absolutely smitten. Could happily and contentedly live there 🙂

  17. Sherry Hood says: 11 comments

    Love Love Love this house!!!! 🙂

  18. AbMellyAbMelly says: 43 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1920 Craftsman

    My husband would die to have these outbuildings and this acreage! This is a package deal!!

  19. Sean Lowry says: 31 comments

    This IS the dream of my life; to have a small old farm with an original old farm house, and grow enough food to be self sufficient. Its all there right before my eyes. the more I saw the more I fell in love! Bought a ticket for the power ball lottery ticket… earlier today…… IF…. then I would buy this on the spot! Dream dream….lifetime dream…have to pinch myself…!!!

    • Brosia says: 80 comments

      A self-sufficient life in an old farmhouse on a beautiful patch of ground is my dream also. I concur with everything you just said. This house has it all going on.

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