1887 Shingle Victorian – Joliet, IL – $89,000

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608 Morgan St, Joliet, IL 60436

Map: Street









The Famous Frank Shaver Allen house, built in 1887 by the renowned architect of the same name features unique design elements including limestone exterior, cylindrical tower and ornate woodworking. Newly updated full and half baths, new drywall, plumbing and some electrical work already done. At approx 3200 sq ft with 5 bedrooms, this large home sits on 3 1/2 lots. The home is seeking a buyer to restore it to its former glory. Possibilities abound. Bring your ideas and your contractor!
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19 Comments on 1887 Shingle Victorian – Joliet, IL – $89,000

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9425 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    There are more photos on Redfin, actually looks like they were taken during different reno times so I’m not sure what’s the newest.

    Since this home has multiple news articles about it…one from 2017.

    • Crimson_Roo says: 123 comments

      Interesting article. Funnily enough, when I saw the 4th picture, my immediate thought was that it looked like the house should be considered haunted. Then I scrolled down and saw this article. Weird.

  2. Crimson_Roo says: 123 comments

    Oh. Wow. That ceiling molding in the public room(s) on the first floor?? They haven’t invented a superlative yet that would do it justice. Such a lovely house!

  3. CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 728 comments

    Romanesque Revival houses were almost always the grandest of all 19th century styles. It’s interesting to see the style scaled down to a relatively modest cottage. I love the use of limestone blocks and the giant arched entrance.

  4. Karen B says: 193 comments

    I personally know this house because Morgan Street backed up to the alley behind my house. I lived there for 14 years and I was the President of the St. Pat’s homeowners group. This house has a very interesting history. There was a write-up on it back in the Joliet Herald in the early 80’s and there is a video of it on Youtube. It could really be a charmer and nice to see so much of the original remains.

  5. Bethany otto says: 2397 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    The google street view is soooooo cool. I would buy this house just based on that! I’d love to be the one to restore this lovely lady.

  6. Mary C. says: 172 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Upstate, NY

    A storybook look to this wonderful house, interesting from every angle!

  7. Colleen J says: 1272 comments

    This is one cool house, nice size on nice lot(s) … what a great buy for someone!

  8. Qabbott says: 25 comments

    I wonder what the story is with all of the mantlepieces? Were they the saved originals or just? Very intriguing house!

  9. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4467 comments

    Sad to see such a formerly grand house fall on hard times. The exterior suggests it has experienced a steep decline over the years but at least some of the period details remain. It may be a worthy candidate for a top to bottom restoration but if the surrounding neighborhood is sketchy, then probably not.

    I won’t even seek information about the taxes but from those properties I’ve looked at in Illinois they seem to run about $1,800 for every $25K of assessed tax value. Thus, for a house valued at around $100K that could run as much as $7,200 annually, divided into two equal payments paid every 6 months. Owner occupied homes have less assessed taxes than rentals. However, I’m not aware of any tax breaks for seniors. If the Land of Lincoln doesn’t find a way to reduce the tax burden on its citizens, the result will be continuing losses of people and its fine stock of old houses. The present tax structure was conceived during a time of prosperity when the heavily industrialized state had a healthy large middle class. Today’s post-industrial Illinois economy simply cannot sustain the current tax structure for the long term. Some painful choices lay ahead for taxing authorities or the unpleasant realities created by high taxes will only get worse in the years ahead.

    • Aquila says: 26 comments

      To the best of my knowledge tax breaks for seniors in Illinois are on a county by county basis. One county might have a decent reduction while another might not. One would have to check what Will county does about that. It’s an interesting house and if I could afford it and the neighgorhood was okay I’d certainly consider it.

      • John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4467 comments

        Thanks for the information. I have noticed differences in taxes depending on the location. I guess if I see a “must have” house in Illinois, best to check on the taxes first.

      • PaulPaul says: 54 comments
        Arlington, VA

        It is $5,000 off accessed value for 65+ senior discount.

        The assessed value for this house is about $44,000. The taxes paid last year were $5,000.

        • brenda mills says: 1 comments

          my little old farmhouse is assessed at $48,000…..my property & school taxes are $465 per year..frozen when i turned 65 ..

  10. montana channing says: 227 comments

    What’s wrong with this house? – Nothing, absolutely nothing. It has so many incredible touches both inside and out – too many to list but all that fancy exterior work on the siding and worth it just for that amazing entrance and then inside, the kitchen, the room with the amazing ceiling and all the other little quirks and touches – so worth it for the price and what’s been done hasn’t hurt it yet.

  11. PaulPaul says: 54 comments

    Totally fascinated with this house. Some additional photos. Staircase doesn’t seem right in the house. One photo shows a door opening up OVER the stairs.


  12. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4467 comments

    It took me forever and a day to finally access the article and photos but I agree with you that the upstairs door opening up into the stairwell makes no sense. Because it was designed by a prominent Joliet architect, maybe some floor plans or interior photos exist somewhere. It would take a lot of work to determine the exact original configuration. The turn of the last century mantels seen are not original for an 1880’s house. (they are newer) Still, this is a rare Romanesque style house in a smaller form.

    • brigidbrigid says: 216 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1930 Eclectic Lake Cabin
      Smalltown, OK

      I was never able to get the article to load. Every other article did!

  13. stellabella says: 9 comments

    I read Stephen King back in the eighties ,when I lived by myself with my cat . But only at night with all lights except a lamp off . It certainly taught me how a building settles at night , the groans , the popping , the creaking . But was I scared ! At times yes ! But I had my attack cat with me ,if he wasn’t worried nor was I lol . Loved that moggy . And these old homes are a treat for the eyes . And a big Thank You All …..

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