1905 Classical Revival – Stamford, NY

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13 W End Ave, Stamford, NY 12167

Map: Street

  • $119,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 4800 Sq Ft
  • 0.5 Ac.
Built in 1905 by the owners grandfather this stately home has all the charm and original detail from over a century. Beautiful front porch with portico. Interior features custom woodwork paneling and built in book case. Glass sliding doors into the living room with wood burning fireplace. Wood flooring throughout the first floor. reading nook with leaded glass on the staircase landing. Upstairs there are 4 large bedrooms and a full bath with walk-in closet. 2ND floor sleeping porch/sunroom. The attic has 3 additional rooms for storage or more bedrooms. Brand new furnace is currently being installed. Exterior features 2 separate detached garages. a Morton building built in 1980 and the one car garage built in the 1950s. This home is very unique and is a must see.
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Evelyn Kuhn, Coldwell Banker / Timberland Properties
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40 Comments on 1905 Classical Revival – Stamford, NY

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12146 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks to John for sharing.

    This has a Barber quality to it, I wonder…? 🙂

    • Christopher DiMattei says: 268 comments

      Kelly, I agree with you about the Barber quality here, but at the same time, there are characteristics of this home, that is out of character with Barber’s work. And while this home does look like a smaller version of a published Barber design, I believe that this home is likely a builder’s attempt to construct something based upon Barber’s illustrations, but at the same time, forgoing actual Barber documentation, thus accounting for the visual oddities. I am trying to research this home further, but for the time being, I have it as a “definite maybe”.

  2. BethanyBethany says: 3450 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    That is one of the more unique kitchens I’ve seen! If the avocado washer and dryer work, I’d keep ’em; pretty cool!

    • Coqu says: 249 comments

      This house was on the front page of Trulia this morning when I went to look at local (not NY!) homes–“I must have looked at this on OHD Link Exchange???! Huh?”

      My only memorable thought was KEEP THAT AVOCADO GREEN MAYTAG WASHER AND DRYER! They won’t regret KEEPING THEM! This is a set from circa 1970, back when they were made in IOWA. QUALITY! They probably won’t even need to make one single repair before any new set needs to be carted away (besides ONE brand which is made in Wisconsin). New appliances are abysmal—please keep these in use 🙂

    • chad8203 says: 19 comments

      My parents had the very same washer and dryer when I was little. I used to sit in time out in the utility room on a small stool and play with the dryer door. ?

    • emily says: 34 comments

      Lol My parents had the same kind of Machines when I was a kid! My sister has them and raised 4 kids with them they are heavy duty. The new machines do not last and front loaders grow mold not being able to use gravity to spin all the water out. wow

  3. RossRoss says: 2417 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    I can’t quite decide.

    Is the kitchen a horror?

    Or kinda amazing (with some careful improvements)?

    I suspect (but will deny this later) the latter. I ache to clean up that wall-o-copper-tile.

    • darla says: 88 comments

      it is semi-psychedlic, make me a little dizzy.

    • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 1052 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1947 Ranch

      I totally agree Ross about the wall-o-copper, lol. And, although I’m about as anti-wallpaper as a person can be, it really, really like the wall paper surrounding those cute little cupboards. Just not for a kitchen; maybe a powder room?
      This house has so much going for it. Gorgeous wood, lovely box beams. And mostly looks like cosmetic work. Stately curb appeal….

  4. Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

    I grew up in Stamford & had long admired this house from the outside; I had known it to be referred to as “the Govern house” – although there were various members of the Govern family in town, and exactly which one owned this house (at least back then; have no idea who owns it these days) I don’t know. That glassed-in cupboard next to the fp is rather unusual. And the French doors with the thick beveled glass are cool, as is the landing leaded glass window. Looks like this house hasn’t seen any updating in the decor dep’t. in a long time…

    My HF French teacher lived diagonally across the street from this house, friends of my parents across the street and also down the street, my best friend in HS lived on the next block of West End Ave., etc. The mountains in the background (street view) are Utsayantha & Churchill. (Upper NE reaches of the Catskills.)

    • says: 158 comments

      Hi, Cathy – I think I may love this house for all the reasons you mention. That landing nook would be perfect for reading and it looks nicely situated on the map. What is/was it like to live in Stamford? I worry that hospitals, even grocery stores, would be far away.

      And does anyone know if the enclosed porch between the columns is original? Thanks.

      • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

        There’s a doctor in town, but the nearest hospitals are in Oneonta (25 miles) and Cooperstown (35, maybe?). There is a grocery store (Tops, I think) and a Stewarts, and a bank, P.O., centralized school, Village Hall & mayor, municipal pool, library, etc.

        When I was living in Stamford (1950-‘68), there was also a movie theater and a second grocery store, plus a hospital – then a new one was built, which was later repurposed into a nursing home & rehab. The pop. is prob around 1500-2000 – I haven’t checked lately.

        Nearby & smaller surrounding villages are: Hobart just a few minutes down Rte. 10, Jefferson about 10 miles to the north, Grand Gorge 8 miles to the east on Rte. 23, and then Roxbury another 8 miles south of Grand Gorge. Oneonta, where most people in Stamford do their more serious shopping, is as mentioned, about 25 miles to the west on Rte. 23.

        The surrounding countryside is lovely. One can drive up to the top of Mt. Utsayantha (first part is paved, then dirt); the view from up there is really pretty. But I guess I’m more of a city person than a country one, and the older I get, the more convenience I want. My father was born in Stamford, worked in Manhattan for RCA after WWII, but then moved back up to Stamford by the time he was in his early 30’s. And my mother, from the Bronx, moved up with him after getting married, & was happy there. All comes down to personal preference…

        I have no real knowledge about the enclosed 2nd story front porch, but… looking at its siding, I’m *guessing* it wasn’t originally enclosed.

    • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

      I haven’t lived in Stamford since 1968, and still know it only via past visits to my parents, until their deaths a few years ago, and a few forays down there since then; so I am no longer super-familiar with it. I would *guess* the crime rate to be low/avg. Ex: my parents usually, but not always, locked the house doors when they went out, and friends of theirs sometimes leave their door unlocked, too.

      Nope, there’s no longer any direct train line into NYC. The train station still exists, but the last passenger train ran through Stamford in the mid-50’s.
      The drive down to the City isn’t overly long from Stamford, or one could drive to Albany (~ 1hour) or, more logically, to an Amtrak or Metro North station along one of the Hudson River stations, and then take the train the rest of the way down.

      • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

        Oh, and as far as I know, the old rr track bed is now a walking trail through town, running westward behind & down the hill from the east end of Main Street, at least over as far as Railroad Ave.

  5. Andrea S says: 54 comments

    Absolutely love the leaded glass landing window and living room coffered ceiling. Not a huge fan of the kitchen and its copper wall, but you have to admit, it’s definitely unique!

  6. Kelly P. says: 8 comments

    Ross the tiles are aluminum with anodized finish that’s brushed in one direction. Setting them in different directions gives the tones. I take care of an apartment building that has them in silver in the kitchens,they can be hard to get grease off of. Once clean they can be very striking.

  7. PhillipPhillip says: 271 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    sure has lots of potential, i like that a good bit of the woodwork has survived being painted. The added room above the porch needs to go, but overall a great project for someone

  8. Colleen J says: 1058 comments

    LOL on the comments about the washer/dryer, I was thinking the same thing, if they work, please keep them! This house just looks tired, I bet with a just a little TLC, (mostly the ceilings in some of the bedrooms, they look like drop ceilings, gosh I hated those growing up) she will come to life. Features I really like are the fireplace, that wonderful seating area, great place to have our morning coffee/tea and catch up on OHD!; the leaded glass windows are gorgeous, and all that garage/workshop buildings outside. For that price, and the house looks so solid, I bet this one will be a beauty when it is lived in and polished up.

  9. JimHJimH says: 5271 comments
    OHD Supporter

    As Cathy mentioned, this house has been owned by the Govern family since its construction. Eugene F. Govern (1873-1963) was the builder and first owner. A son of Irish immigrant Matthew B. Govern and carpenter by trade, Eugene operated a sawmill in town, and began building kitchen cabinetry in 1948. His son James built the cabinet shop into a substantial manufacturing company, and owned the home until his death last year at age 92.

    • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

      Yes, that’s it… Jim Govern! Thanks for the info; I didn’t realize that he had started Catskill Craftsmen. There was a younger Gene Govern, too – one 2-3 years younger than I, a Leonard Govern – my age, etc, etc.

      Amusing & tangential anecdote: No Kdg. when my father started school (1924), so he started in First Grade. He had told me the story of how the teacher, on the first day of school, had the kids line up and intro themselves to her, one by one, at her desk. Backstory info: my father’s first name was John, but he always went by the nickname Jack.

      Okay, so… The kid just in front of my father in line was Tom Govern.

      Teacher: “And what is your name?l
      Tom: “Tom”
      Teacher: “No, dear, your real name is Thomas, Thom-as. Tom is your nickname.”
      Tom leaves the line, it’s my father’s turn, and he figures he doesn’t want to look like an idiot on the first day of school, so…
      Teacher: “And what is your name?”
      My father/Jack: “Jack-as”

      Which came out sounding like Jackass. Which earned him a call home from the teacher to his mother on his very first day of school. ?

  10. Cheryl Dillinger says: 5 comments

    Am I weird to love that folding shower door? Beautiful house, sigh!

  11. Glorybe says: 133 comments

    I’m a sucker for the chandeliers. Love the leaded glass too. Isn’t the area extremely rural?

  12. Bigrog says: 159 comments

    Beautiful home that good really be lovely if the kitchen was updated, floors returned to a wood finish, and some paint.

  13. Shelly says: 4 comments

    LOVE this home, and agree about the Maytags! I grew up with white ones of those models and they lasted forever. First thing I’d want to do is poke up into those tile ceilings…do you think they’re dropped on purpose? I dream of beautiful beams hidden up under there!

  14. Tracy Everhart says: 6 comments

    I have never seen an accordion shower door. That’s a first!

  15. Sean Lowry says: 25 comments

    The region of the country that this stately home rests in is absolutely awesome. And this home is perfectly befitting its location. I love the exterior and the large porch but would change a few things on the interior to refresh its original design.

  16. ReneeVReneeV says: 21 comments

    Did anyone else notice the Greek Key pattern in the wooden floor? It’s in the pic with the stairs. I would love to see what is under that carpet. With a woodworking family lineage, it could be amazing. Also, love the chandeliers, especially the smaller wall mounted ones and glass in the pocket doors too. Beautiful touches.

    • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

      No, I hadn’t noticed, so just went back to look for the Greek Key patterned border – cool. Yep, all of that carpeting would be removed and the floors refinished if it were to become mine.

  17. Gemma says: 109 comments

    I’m surprised that nobody mentioned the door in the dining room wall. Outside, it’s an obvious door beneath the windows. There is a box on the inside that is covered with an afghan next to a lamp on a collapsible-wing table.

  18. Amanda Crowell says: 7 comments

    We love going up to Stamford– the Hobart Book Village is really close, so we usually hit all seven book stores then eat in Stamford. Also, if you want to see something fun, check out the Roxbury Motel– also close. Themed rooms!

    Does anyone know what the industrial building is just behind the house on the satellite view? It looks like the driveway for it goes right by the house. It’s odd to see industry so close to bigger houses like that.

    • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

      I think you’re looking at Catskill Craftsmen. You’d think it would be noticeable, noisy, etc, but believe it or not, it isn’t.

  19. Julie says: 18 comments

    Cathy F. ~ Thank you so much for all of the background and history of the house, family and surrounding area. Reading about them really makes these houses come alive for me! Beautiful house just waiting to have new life breathed into it for the next century!

    • Cathy F. says: 2264 comments

      Julie – You’re welcome! I agree with your last sentence: I really hope whoever buys this house will take good care of it, first sprucing up what needs sprucing, without changing the stateliness and general ‘feel’ of it. It’s one of the grander homes in the village, and IMO deserves good upkeep, with visible pride of ownership!

  20. AmyBeeAmyBee says: 829 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1859 Mod Vern Greek Revival
    Lockport, NY

    SOLD 6/26/2018 (ZILLOW).

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