1883 Italianate – Atchison, KS – $249,000

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1117 N 3rd St, Atchison, KS 66002

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Fantastic original Victorian home close to college. Some of the updates include wiring, plumbing, enclosed mud room between garage & house, updated Kitchen.The home boast everything a Victorian home from the era has ti offer, stain glass, 5 fireplaces, hardwood floors, large wood hand crafted trim throughout , wrap around porch & more! Exterior has play house, fenced in yard, large garden area and more. This house is on the National Registry Of Historic Places!
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John Asher, Gateway Realty      (913) 367-3116
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26 Comments on 1883 Italianate – Atchison, KS – $249,000

  1. Kansas strikes again! I have GOT to move there! That stained glass window is extra special.

    • LOL Bethany. Please do come to Kansas. Lots of very nice folks and old homes here. We have 4 seasons with generally pretty moderate weather. Compared to many places, prices and taxes are pretty reasonable. I moved to Texas due to work for 26 years but as soon as I started thinking about retirement, I began planning my move back and couldn’t be happier! Be sure to bring Toto too.

      This has been an unpaid advertisement sponsored by a die-hard Kansan……….

      • It’s comments that speak well about certain states (Kansas being one), that makes me slow down and look closer at homes than I do in other states that are rarely spoken well of.

        Readers, if you’d like to see more houses out of a certain state or town, this is the way to do it. Be a spokesperson about what you LOVE about a place! The more negative a state or town is spoken of, “Why bother posting?” comes into my mind when looking.

        • States like Kansas as well as Oklahoma and Texas frequently get a bad rap. Only those who have been born and raised there (yours truly) really understand the beauty of the land. Yes, the wind may blow and it may get hot in the summer, but there is much beauty to be seen, some VERY nice people and all the great old houses are a bonus!

    • Houses like this, and all the reasons Randy mentioned below are the reason I decided on Kansas as where I wanted to buy my old house. So far I’ve been loving it. Its one of the great secrets for old house fans!! So much going for it!!

      Atchison as a town it literally packed with old houses. Some are modest, some are extravagant. Almost all are affordable (I’ve seen mansions going for under $300K). Its a neat little town that’s got a curious dichotomy of population. You have the Benedictine Monastery and University, coupled with the rest of the town, which is agricultural. I looked at many houses there and considered a few before settling on my current house 20miles south (in Leavenworth). Like Leavenworth, its right on the Missouri River, and is actually a lot more hilly than people imagine when the word Kansas is mentioned.

      Take a look at Zillow and keep it as a saved search. You will see gems like this pop up fairly regularly.

  2. This one is worth every penny they are asking. Very well maintained… Beautiful home… Love it!

  3. Except for the face in the second fireplace photo this house is lovely and pretty land. Those little outbuildings are cute as heck, and the stained glass window is simply beautiful. Wonder what the heat bills run.

    • Jim you just made my morning coffee turn into pot of coffee reading the history, I read about Edgar, then his sons, then his daughter in law LOL. This sounds like a journalist family. Wouldn’t it be cool to find some of their writings and frame and hang in this house! Okay okay I got carried away. LOL

    • Thanks, Jim. Howe sounds like someone I should look into further. He sounds colorful. (I love how it’s said that he “coined widely circulated aphorisms.”) Did you happen to notice any information about where Potato Hill is or was located? I didn’t see anything specific, just that it was three and a half miles south of Atchison.

  4. So many things aren’t pictured or just a peak – this is a house deserving of a professional photographer. Does anyone but me cue in on town names and the songs that have been written about them? If you are with this one, check out the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad museum and the history of this great railroad town. No wonder a home of this grandeur is found in here.

  5. Wonder if the little building was where he wrote. If in the library of the house, it would be nice to showcase his writing there in some way. This is just a gem of a home!

  6. I went through this house and almost bought it last year. The house is absolutely wonderful. It is comfortable, spacious, well maintained, and pretty. We decided we would rather live out in the country so we did not buy it. The neighborhood is great.

  7. Atchison is the most haunted city in the state of Kansas!! I just couldn’t live there!! But it is a BEAUTIFUL house. I am a Kansan, lived here my whole life.

  8. Love the house and as Ross would probably say, all the pointy things up on the roof!


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