1958 Contemporary – Dayton, OH – $119,900

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462 Elm Grove Dr, Dayton, OH 45415

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This three bedroom, 3 bath home offers a unique design with a full, walkout basement and is located on a large lot.
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Tim Stammen, Keller Williams/Home Town Realty      937-890-9111
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41 Comments on 1958 Contemporary – Dayton, OH – $119,900

    • Then there needs to be way more cheerleaders for Dayton. I’ve posted homes in Dayton before and people complain about Dayton so I don’t post there a while. I finally post a house after a long while and now a complaint I don’t post enough from Dayton. I give up. I seriously give up. There’s no winning anything with people anymore. I give up.

      • I’m glad you posted this. Its nice to see a house style like this that doesn’t cost $500,000. Good to see a countrywide representation of housing. I get that mid century modern isnt everyone’s thing but I love it!

          • I actually greatly enjoy looking at these 1950’s MCM time capsules. This one in particular is exceptional. The colours, layout, and although modern it’s formality with straight lines and symmetry. Homes like this help us escape for a moment into another time and pretend that we live in an era of stunning chrome covered cars, afternoon cocktails, and dreams of elegance and a simpler time. That is what makes each and every one of us Old House Dreamers coming back to see the extraordinary finds that you make every day. I hope that you keep posting houses like this, they open up my imagination. πŸ™‚

      • Kelly, don’t give up your wonderful and interesting work; just give up on ms. Rodgers! she is an example of an individual that does not understand architectural history and the importance of saving it. this house is a great time-capsule of 1958 design in what appears to be a great setting of woods. i’m guessing that dayton is still a city with lots of challenges, but wonderful old homes in old cities have always been a challenge. again, thanks Kelly.

      • I would not judge a community by the homes you post here. All I could think of is how great it is that Dayton has such a variety of architecture. And this would be such a GREAT fixer-upper! Thanks Kelly! I appreciate you for bringing us homes in all degrees of ‘needs love.’

  1. I love mid century modern!!!! I would so live in this house and only change the newer tile with retro style befitting the house.

  2. Reminds me of an elementary school I attended back in the day. Nice contrast from flat roof house, to A-frame shed, I love it!

    • I was thinking the same thing Jason, and the basement definitely looks like some sort of old fashioned corporate center or retreat, or possibly a home school setup. I would not change a single thing on this house (not even the tiles!).

  3. Such a time capsule! Rare to see a mid century modern untouched and in great
    condition. I’m such a fan of being sensitive to original interiors. Congrats to past owners for that! Unbelievable price too.

  4. Interesting – a bit too rectilinear for my taste, but interesting to see. Thanks for posting it!

  5. For some reason, I can’t get the thought of it being an old school out of my head. Either that or an old contemporary church. Just a feeling that it was not originally a house…. Does anyone else see that?

  6. Why do I feel this house is perfect for the drink “martini” .. though not my style he’s a beauty (I say he, because to me this style is masculine LOL)

  7. The one big room also immediately reminded me of an elementary school. There are some wonderful features in this house, though. I would also replace the bathroom tiles to something more appropriate to the age.

    • I had the same thought. For me it was the exterior side that made me flash to a school. I’m guessing that’s because this time period is when so many of our schools were built.

  8. A lot to love and work with there for one nineteen nine. I especially like that A frame shelter outside and the bee box shaped piece of furniture.

  9. I was fascinated by this house. It almost meshed itself into the land and forest around it. I love mid century too.

  10. I love MCM. Thank you for posting them. Not that I want a whole site of them but I really enjoy the variety. I also love the unusual structures made into homes. Again, I love this site.

  11. My husband and I just met with a realtor on Saturday and toured this house. It has many original features and has been well taken care of. Standing in the living room and looking out the windows, the house felt like a tree house to me. I loved the yard, the house seemed just right for the lot. I was wondering if the basement area had maybe been a home daycare long ago. The house is quite a time capsule and I loved it!

      • We are going to continue looking, although we really loved this house. We are certain that we are looking for a mid century modern, hopefully one that has original features, like this one! Love this site, Kelly! I have stalked old houses since I was a little girl and enjoy this site so much!!

    • Oh I am so jealous! If I lived anywhere near Dayton I would be looking at this one. We dont get a lot of this style in my area.

  12. Anyone know what the wall covering is next to the fireplace? Is it original?

    My sense of symmetry is frowning, but I think I could learn to love it.

    • By the pictures, I thought that it was wallpaper, but seeing it in person, it is not. They are actual tiles, with a raised design and texture. There are several areas thoughout the house that have cork adhered to the walls. Not sure if it was for decoration, insulation, or soundproofing?

      • Thank you! I have that other wallcovering, begins with an L, on my brain since being introduced to it here recently. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Best of luck with your home search!

        • You were thinking of lincrusta, maybe?
          I’m not a MCM fan in general, but I like that Mondrian style (large) sidelight.

  13. Very nice property, especially the retro furniture! I wonder if any of it comes with the sale?


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