c. 1920 Prairie – Iowa Falls, IA – $139,900

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2224 River Rd, Iowa Falls, IA 50126
  • $139,900
  • 4 Beds 
  • 1 Baths 
  • 1920 SqFt 
  • 1 Acres 
  • Map: Street View
4 bedroom family home located along the Iowa River in Iowa Falls. This home features one of a kind views, original wood work, tons of space, and a fireplace in the great room! This home is just begging someone to put some life back into it!
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Mark Gehling, Gnb Real Estate      (641) 648-6689
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10 Comments on c. 1920 Prairie – Iowa Falls, IA – $139,900

  1. Nice pressure steam heat system. Nice boiler! Pretty unusual pipe config. Prbably someone’s applied theory of water hammer cxltn. I love this stuff: the frustrated plumber wannabe.

  2. Nice place. To me the snow makes it look homier. Looks a bit like the house I grew up in in Oregon (my avatar), love the barn. I am wondering though. The door on the 2nd story in the back, I have seen this before but never thought to ask about it. Do you think there was another full porch like on the front with a balcony type roof or do you think it was just a staircase that was removed?

    • My guess: A sleeping porch over a back entry porch. I suspect they both covered half the back not the entire. If the current siding was removed, the shadow of the porch might still be a clue. It appears the home and barn have been well-maintained. Probably nice floors under the carpet (carpet would add warmth.) With the oak woodwork, it looks solid as a rock AND an awesome river view.

      • I’ll bet the floors are nice under that carpeting also. When I told my husband I wanted our home to have wood floors he said…..”they’re cold” but I told him…. “that’s what slippers are for”. I love my wood floors! Haha!

  3. While I’m not a fan of paneling or wtw carpet, there’s plenty of original stuff remaining to make this place interesting. 50s/60s kitchens with formica, etc., don’t bother me though. And that BARN! Think of all the stuff I could accumulate.

    • Not a fan of paneling or wtw carpeting either. My mom & I spent a very hot summer painting the paneling in a house she & my stepdad bought. They lived in the house while they revived it. Anyway, it turned out pretty nice, gave it a cottage look.

    • I can’t leave anything alone, so I’d see what’s under it! There was paneling on one of the walls along my stairs… turned out someone just slapped it up there instead of fixing the cracks in the plaster. Fixed the cracks and nail holes and that was that!

  4. LOVE IT! Kind of reminds me of the house I grew up in too. When it said river view I “gulped” always afraid of flooding, but it seems far back enough, but living in a land locked city and still seeing our city cener flood in 2013, (Calgary, Alberta) I don’t know how far back is safe enough, but I love this house!

  5. I love the kitchen cabinets! And the paneling actually looks okay, its not the whole room but a focal point. I don’t like the exposed pipes to the right of the fireplace.
    Like someone said, this place looks well maintained!


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