1848 Greek Revival – Angelica, NY – $159,900

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2 W Main St, Angelica, NY 14709

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Beautiful Greek Revival Home! Built in 1848, this home is a picture perfect setting. Nice wrap-around front porch with large white columns. Wrought iron fence surrounds the front and side yards. The home has hosted weddings, movies and several other events.All the rooms have high ceilings with lots of windows for light. Beautiful hardwood floors throughout most of the house. Spacious dining room with a library wall and fireplace insert. There is a large bedroom with a full bath on the first floor. Gorgeous stairway has wide steps and leads to 3 bedrooms and another full bath. Stunning 30 x 40 open room that was once a Ball Room, and is currently used as a family room and a fitness room.Property includes a Carriage House with a large yard.
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Girard Kelly, NY Land Quest      (607) 844-9690
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19 Comments on 1848 Greek Revival – Angelica, NY – $159,900

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  1. Brenda Mannino says: 21 comments

    You had me at BUILT IN BOOKCASES ! 📚😍

  2. CharlesB says: 349 comments

    Angelica has a Twilight Zone-like quality, in a GOOD way. The town has a magic about it unlike any other place I’ve ever been. Nothing has changed very much in the last 150 years or so; the historic architecture and surrounding countryside are both superb (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OT7Q7vQb5I). On top of that, Angelica is famous around the region for its dense, chewy salt-rising bread, and for a pancake restaurant that is only open for a few short weeks each year during maple syrup production.

    This house dominates ‘Park Circle,’ the village focal point. The architecture reminds me of Ashland Plantation in Louisiana. I wonder if there could be a connection?

    • oldbeauty says: 26 comments

      Thank you for adding the youtube video. It does look so beautiful. Looking at the street view it looks like the house next door has some type of sign in the front yard. Do you know what it says? Is it a private home? Thank you.

    • Mary C. says: 174 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Upstate, NY

      Thx for the video, CharlesB. And the other info. Two houses of worship right next to each other! Have not seen that before. It does seem like a town that time forgot.

  3. JimHJimH says: 3574 comments
    OHD Supporter

    The house was built for a tailor named Theodore Haight, who sold it unfinished in 1850 to the family of Samuel Hartshorn, a carpenter who may have been the actual builder.

    A really fine house that was used as a restaurant called Magnolia House. I don’t know why there’s no photo of the great early carriage house:

    Here’s a shaky walk-through video that shows the layout.

  4. Georgia Girl says: 46 comments

    What a beauty! A lot of house and a lot to love!

  5. DreamOn says: 43 comments

    It’s certainly a beautiful and appears to be a well kept home. So why is the price so low? That’s low even for this part of VA. Also, don’t all those post make it difficult to waltz around that “ballroom”?

  6. Peggy Sullivan says: 29 comments

    Well, the kitchen needs some TLC but…I’d LOVE to have that wringer washer!!!

  7. Pj says: 1 comments

    Is the last picture a side view of the home? Because if its not it looks different than the first picture front of the home. Thank you!

  8. Lissie says: 288 comments

    Beautiful home inside and out!

  9. Karen says: 359 comments

    I was wondering at the price too. Nothing is said about the state of the roof or plumbing, etc. so maybe it needs some updating there? I think, from the one photo, that the kitchen needs a total makeover to modernize things there-I hope the next owner does something in keeping with the style and age of the house. That ballroom-is that linoleum tile I see?! I bet there’s more of that great hardwood flooring in that room. I love the fence! Great to see that apparently that’s been kept up and isn’t falling over or missing sections. I love this house and it just might be worth the drive to Angelica! Did you know the town is named for Alexander Hamilton’s sister in law? Her husband was a major investor in the area when it was being settled, and I’m not sure, but they may have lived there.

  10. Karen says: 359 comments

    Oh-and that wringer washer! What a hoot! I wonder if the owner uses it!

  11. jimtownjimtown says: 85 comments

    Talk about curb appeal!

  12. Woeisme says: 68 comments

    I fell in love with this house 3 years ago when they put it in EBAY of all things. It was about 30,000 more than this back then. I live near San Francisco so the move would be a shock to me considering the winter pictures. The carriage house is quite nice too and has a nice big cupola on it. The taxes are not too bad in this part of the state

  13. Colleen J says: 1307 comments

    THIS IS AMAZING! And by all the comments the town sounds lovely too. If only!

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