1868 – Boscobel, WI – $79,900

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501 Park St, Boscobel, WI 53805

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Locally historically significant Bonnie View home offers opportunity to continue the improvements and restoration started. A lot of living space including main floor with large kitchen, formal dining, foyer/entry with fireplace and a bedroom that would serve nicely as home office with private entry. Up to five bedrooms on second floor. Open staircase, french doors, hardwood floors plus many unique features. Main floor laundry/mud room off the kitchen. Enclosed patio room with large wood stove. Large corner lot in convenient location near parks and downtown. Unique; take a good look today.
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Jonathan Miles, Century 21      (888) 570-5676
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16 Comments on 1868 – Boscobel, WI – $79,900

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  1. JJ says: 99 comments

    I would buy this house for that beautiful green stove. Such memories!

    On the surface, and I am certainly no restoration expert, this house doesn’t appear to be too scary as far as what needs to be done. Some good paint inside and out, refinish the floors and some lemon oil on the wood, and I could be happy while other things were taken care of. I do hope this beauty in the rough finds a new owner who wants to clean her up and make her pretty again.

  2. Barbara N Kahl says: 46 comments

    what a gem! This is the type of house I would love to own – and to be able to strip and re-stain that gorgeous woodwork would be a treat. Alas, it is a touch too far away from my job in New York…sigh

  3. Tricia says: 15 comments

    On the 14th and 15th pictures, it looks like a wall has been removed? Does it look that way to anyone else?

    • TGrantTGrant says: 467 comments
      OHD Supporter

      New Orleans, LA

      It does indeed look like that. But given the baseboard is undisturbed I would bet good money it was a later partition wall that’s been removed.

  4. Jane says: 19 comments

    This beautiful ole girl is just screaming to someone – please come and clean me up and restore my beauty. And I will be yours forever!

    Seriously, this looks like a worthwhile project.

  5. JB says: 110 comments

    911…Paint job STAT! What potential this diamond in the rough possesses! What once was could be again if someone dove in to save this sad beauty. I can imagine several unique colors highlighting the exterior shapes and designs of the home. With some serious dedication and lots of love and elbow grease, this house could be restored very nicely, imho.

  6. Colleen J says: 1272 comments

    For the price and the condition this would be a wonderful project. I like it. Looks like someone moved after Christmas and left decorations behind.

  7. Rhonda@HomerRidge says: 10 comments

    Ah heck! This is in my nearest town and I’ve admired it as I’ve driven by many times. Come on someone and take this old girl on—I’d be happy to welcome a fellow ‘old house dreamer’ to our area and give a hand!

  8. trish says: 1 comments

    That was my first thought but nothing else lines up with it to validate it. My vision is not the greatest but i wonder if that is an overlay of something, like duct tape or similar.Thee appears to be a grille in the floor to the left-perhaps it is to with that or covering an electrical cord. Who knows. Great potential for a sympathetic makeover , hope someone does it.

  9. Robinjn says: 211 comments

    Call me crazy but I would do almost nothing to this house. Sure, clean it up, rip up the lino in the kitchen, and make sure all is stable and sound. But there is something about this house that shines right now. I’m not sure I would want it glamorized too much. I even love how the exterior looks. I can see kids and dogs running up and down the stairs and lots of casual comfy furniture. It’s a gorgeous part of Wisconsin too, a beautiful state.

    • brigidbrigid says: 216 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1930 Eclectic Lake Cabin
      Smalltown, OK

      I totally agree! I love her the way she is. Maybe a little paint stripper, but the rest is beautiful. As for the outside I would find a sealer, but she’s gorgeous with the rustic wood.

  10. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4467 comments

    This house falls into the category of a “good bones” house. I don’t see too much needing attention that an energetic homeowner couldn’t take care of. As for not painting the exterior, over time, the wood will crack and deteriorate. A few woods, like Cypress, can tolerate long periods, even centuries, without paint but most locales require the exteriors of homes to be painted periodically. Since my own home badly needs painting in some areas, you’ll likely find me up on a ladder when Spring arrives.

  11. kmmoore says: 277 comments
    Weatherford , TX

    The staircase is so beautiful!

  12. Big Rog says: 163 comments

    I’d love to do the rehab on this home. Fix and flip, as it is to cold there in the winters.

  13. karrie says: 222 comments

    Someone needs to buy her and make her pretty again…

  14. Alice McMahon says: 7 comments

    This town is in a stunningly gorgeous part of Wisconsin, the Driftless Region. Hills and coolies and rivers abound. I don’t think much is going on in Boscobel, but it’s very close to the booming Organic Valley headquarters in Le Farge. Too much for me to take on, but it looks like a lovely home. I have many friends in the area. Sigh…

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