1940 – Detroit, MI – $250,000

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18686 Oak Dr, Detroit, MI 48221
  • $250,000
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 3
  • Sqft: 2732
  • Acres: 0.13
  • Map: Street View
Great opportunity to renovate a home in the University District. This home features hardwood floors throughout, spacious bedrooms, beautiful wood paneled library and vintage bathrooms. Inquire about opportunites to get a renovation loan for this property. University District is one of Detroit’s premier neighborhoods with a strong homeowners’ association. Visit the neighborhood website at udca. info for more information about the neighborhood.
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Austin Black II, City Living Detroit      (313) 242-7800
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31 Comments on 1940 – Detroit, MI – $250,000

    • And that YOU, Kelly, for posting it!

      What captured my special attention was the wallpaper in the bathrooms. LOVE IT! Particularly the paper in the pink powder room. Would not change any of it.

      LOVE the bathrooms, too. Drool. Drool.

      I would remove the paper in the kitchen, but otherwise LOVE the kitchen!

      The chandelier in the breakfast room is 1940s, very high-quality, and by the fabulous Lightolier Company. It is from their DINELIER line.

  1. WOW. I would’ve put this house a bit earlier than 1940, but Oh, it’s got so much going for it! Astounding bathrooms!

    • I agree, it doesn’t look like 1940, at least not in its bones, its basic style. I would have thought it was late ’20s. Except for a lot of the later revisions, like the wallpaper.

      It’s a fantastic house that has so much to work with.

      • Yeah, I too was thinking more 1925-1930. But I would have such a blast with this one, who cares what year? The wallpapers leave me kind of blinded (I’m not a WP person), but the tile in the baths, the built ins, oooh the library, the paneling, the…, the……LOL!

        • Yes, I know what you mean! I’m not into that kind of wallpaper (or much of any kind, really), but I would be awfully tempted to leave it up in the blue bathroom. Maybe I’d even leave it on the ceiling!

    • YEs, I love the foil wall papers and the bright blue fixtures. The whole house is very cool, great kitchen as well, just needs new counter tops. The street view shows gorgeous brick homes for blocks.

  2. I appreciate how untouched this appears. It is nice to see a house without generations of updates hiding the period integrity. With a bit of polish and sweat, this house could be amazing.

  3. Love, love, love those old bathrooms with the vintage psychedelic foil wallpapers. Looks like this house has been mostly left original with only minor cosmetic updates. Terrific.

  4. Those are the most glamorous bathrooms I’ve ever seen! What pleasure to put on my face in one of those sweet rooms…

  5. Love the pink bathroom, the only thing I’d change are the curtains lol. There’s so many great old homes in Detroit it’s almost pick and choose.

  6. Love,love,love when people take ugly colored bathroom fixtures, and run with it! I will make you want an avocado green tub, by the time I am finished! (Or pink or blue, in this case!)

  7. Love this house, incl. the wonderful library/office with that really cool built-in desk, the cute kitchen, breakfast room/pantry, & baths! But I would change the paint colors & wallpapers, toning it down. And… a very pretty street view!

  8. Detroit is full of places like this, which a couple of years ago you could have bought for half this much or less. Prices are climbing as Detroit emerges from the dark days following its financial troubles and the ensuing exodus. As you might expect, a number of houses like this have been remodeled for flipping, often with questionable results. When older fixtures and finishes are in pretty good shape, as here, I think it’s far more interesting and nicer if they’re saved. Having said that, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to papered ceilings.

  9. I would have to re-do the hot-pink bathroom. I love all the wood floods and the walls in the den.

  10. That LIBRARY!!!! Gorgeous! The ceiling, the woodwork! I must say I am not a fan of the bathrooms, but obviously I am in the minority on this! Something for everyone in this house. What needs renovating, I wonder?

  11. I have just one concern about this fabulous house, and that’s where the listing says “opportunity to renovate.” Please, buyers, appreciate this elegant, stylish home for the gem that it is! Keep it intact — especially those exceptional bathrooms!

    • I did like, however, that the realtor says “renovate” and not “remodel.” Of course “restore” is the best word!

  12. The bathrooms. I died. Swoon. The foiled wallpapers are so vintage glam….. I adore them! Great house!

  13. I love those bathrooms. I would leave them just as they are. The kitchen is fabulous too.

  14. Wow! This house is amazing! I love this style. I don’t think renovation is what’s in order. There is only a couple things I’d change (the foyer tile should be restored to something like the entry way), but I don’t even hate the wallpaper and light fixtures which is rare for me. The bathrooms are killer and so is the library. Love the use of the triangle details in the leaded glass as well as the tiles in the kitchen. So many great details! Plus it’s a beautiful brick house. What’s not to love?

  15. This one had me from photo number 1. Just gorgeous. And those bathrooms are just amazing! What a gem.

  16. Gorgeous house! Love that kitchen and those bathrooms are divine! I would love to fill all of those bookshelves in that Library! Whoever buys this house is one lucky duck!

  17. That house is a beauty to be sure, but me oh my! That blue bathroom shower picture is straight from the police blotter! What unknow thing crouches behinf that frosted door, waiting for the unsuspecting to open it?

  18. It’s a fabulous home. The pink bathroom had me thinking Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth etc glamour. I sort of creeped at the pic of the blue bathroom with the shower and small vanity area. Felt cramped and I’m with Chaz about the shower crouching ‘thing’ I would have this home in a heartbeat regardless. The exterior is what I love the most. So much character. Glad homes are coming back in Detroit.


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