1929 – Greenville, FL – $146,000

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9575 NW Lovett Rd, Greenville, FL 32331

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The most adorable county home is now for sale in Madison, County! Enjoy living on 14 acres in rural North Florida. This country home is the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a hunting lodge! Approximately one acre of land is cleared where the 2bedroom/1bath country home sits. It also has a secondary guest home that is two stories with 1bedroom/2bath. The location is perfect for hunting because there are very few neighbors with plenty of hunting land surrounding the home. The home still has all the unique qualities a home built in 1929 would have. Hard wood covers the floors and walls in this 1,444 sq. ft. quaint home! The front porch covers the entire front portion on the home! Enjoy swinging outside in the peace and quiet in beautiful Greenville, FL. The home also has a back-patio, great for sipping coffee, and a covered Jacuzzi hut behind the home. Don't miss out on this prime location for hunting or a quiet weekend getaway in North Florida only minutes away from the Georgia line!
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Ashlyn Welch, Searcy Realty/United Country      (850) 973-7434
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11 Comments on 1929 – Greenville, FL – $146,000

  1. Now -this- I like! But why so inexpensive if in Florida> Is it a “Fixer Upper” that needs a little (or a lot of) TLC or something else? It is way cheaper than a lot of other homes in Florida – especially for including about 14 acres. Also, it has a basic look like a modular home or double wide trailer. Is that the case? What about Real Estate Taxes and Property taxes? What about other costs? Electric or other heat? Are there any restrictions on renting or leasing out the second home? Are the fireplaces functional? Could you expand the back porch area into a basic patio? And what about “lay of the land”? Is it prone to flooding or other weather related problems? Is there any restrictions on selling off some of the extra land for others to buy and use for housing? Let me know….

    • It is priced to reflect it’s location. Rural N FL is more like GA or AL than Florida, and priced accordingly. Of course, areas near Tallahassee and Jacksonville are much higher priced, and anything near the coast, of course. Lots of beautiful country up there, and bargain priced too. We have no state taxes, and my house in Central Florida, just north of Orlando has exceptionally low taxes… about $700 a year. Taxes in the city of Orlando and most points south are higher, but not prohibitively so. Sales tax here is 6 or 7%

  2. So much fun to see homes in different areas of the country, and today you had a nice mix. It’s good to shake up our preconceived notions of what other places are like.

  3. I can’t help but question the age. Maybe the original cabin was built in 1929 and everything else added around it. Maybe the fake stone and well and unused fireplaces are affecting my view of it.

    • I assume that the one storey home with the front porch dates to 1929, and the second house is much more recent. I love all that beadbaord, and having two fireplaces, and enough land to make it feel very private. Seems like a great deal to me.


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