1887 Queen Anne – Eatonton, GA – $649,000

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300 N Madison Ave, Eatonton, GA 31024

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This 1887 Victorian house (known as the Ezell House) is set in half an acre of beautifully landscaped gardens with established heirloom plantings and a new formal boxwood parterre and patio. The house was constructed using Georgia heart pine and boasts original woodwork, stained glass and wonderful doors with Eastlake hardware.

The property sits on a corner lot within an historic residential district and is a 3 minute walk to downtown Eatonton. All bedrooms have lovely views and the master is very grand. The two smaller bedrooms can be used for family, guests or as a study and dressing room. All full baths have clawfoot tubs and appropriate tile. The living and sleeping rooms in the main house have working log fireplaces with gas starters. The kitchen has gas logs and a Viking gas range. The large wrap around front porch is a favorite outdoor living space for drinks, tea and chats with the neighbors. There is a balcony upstairs, a deck off the kitchen and a brick patio under the kitchen for those hot summer days.

Most of the period furniture is for sale; to be negotiated. The self-contained apartment at the side of the house can be rented out or used as a studio, 6th bedroom, in-law suite, or servants quarters. It has it's own kitchen, bathroom, and small living room. You have to see this property first hand to appreciate its beauty and charm.
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Keith Rowell or Shelagh Fagan      706-923-0031
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51 Comments on 1887 Queen Anne – Eatonton, GA – $649,000

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  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 9132 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks to the owner and Jennifer HT (and anyone else) for sharing this amazing home!

    This is for sale by owner so if interested call at a reasonable hour. 🙂

    • Jennifer HT says: 798 comments

      Thanks for sharing! Glad the owner is here to answer any questions. 🙂 It is a fantastic house!

  2. Bethany Otto says: 2300 comments

    Dream home! In the vintage photo, there’s a tantalizing glimpse of what might be the coolest carriage house ever, to the left as you look at the house in the photo . . . is that what is now called the apartment? without the tower?

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      That’s the original kitchen. It’s called a “summer kitchen” in the south. The tower is a dovecote on the roof. A summer kitchen was detached from the main house by a breezeway to keep the heat of the cooking stove out of the main house, keeping it cool in the summer. The dovecote could be reached by a ladder from inside providing squab and eggs for the table. The well is also under the kitchen providing convenient access to water for cooking. It was renovated into an apartment in the 40’s/50’s we believe judging by the materials. It would be cool to restore the breezeway and dovecote I think. We’ve discussed it. Maybe that’s a good project for the new owner.

      • JimHJimH says: 3645 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Never had squab (pigeon) or their eggs. Supposedly, “tastes like dark chicken.”

        Beautiful home, Keith! Did you do the marbling on the entry and mantels? Looks convincingly well done.

        • James Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

          The marbling was done by the previous owner. I got involved in the part around the front door. It was gray and pink when we bought it and i I u u clashed after we changed the house colors to Green and gold. So I painted over the previous in alabaster / yellow, matching the previous effect. I’ve had pro faux finishers appraise the mantles and ours are a more functional than realistic example. Some of the colors are a little too bright and the patterns a little too regular. There was a lot of faux finishes done in this area and it’s very cool to see the originals. They run the gamut from crude to hyper real but all have their charm. I had plans at one time to modify some of the existing faux finishes and add more but I think I like gardening more. : )

  3. Annabelle says: 124 comments

    Love it! Love everything about it! Specially love the bathtub in the shower stall. What a good idea.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      I can’t claim responsibility for that. The previous owner installed it that way. We did, however, change the tile to add the greek key patterns. Before it was all white.

  4. HeidiHeidi says: 130 comments

    Drool!!!!! I can’t see one thing I would change.

  5. Tommy (anyone seen my roller?) QTommy (anyone seen my roller?) Q says: 447 comments

    100 gallons of white latex interior paint and we can make it a true Southern beauty! Seriously…what a grand old house. The wood is to die for. Maybe my favorite home yet. As a pro gardener before I got into the growing trade up here on the Mendocino Coast(many, many years ago), I think you have done an outstanding job on the gardens. Thanks to the owners for keeping it so nice and the white paint thing is a bit of an inside joke around here… :- )

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      I got it. Good one! White was the only “color” in my parent’s generation and this house was white in the 50’s as well. But that was long before we bought it in the 90’s. Thanks very much for the garden comments. I’m quite proud of them. I added the boxwoods and fountain and bricks. It was a derelict above ground pool and a gravel parking lot when we bought it. And decades of weeds and weed trees. One common misperception is that the boxwoods must be a lot of work to maintain. They are actually very easy because they grow so slowly. The lawn needs mowing twice a week in the summer. The boxwoods need clipping twice a year, if you’re picky. They easily get by on only one.

  6. Randy C says: 379 comments

    This is definitely one of my all time favorites as well. Beautiful woodwork, very nice bathrooms, great kitchen and on and on. Beautiful grounds (that I wouldn’t be good at taking care of). I too am curious about the missing tower, and dying to know what the price would be for the furnishings as mine would look ridiculous in this home!

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thanks, we do love it. The grounds look difficult but are actually easier than lawns. Lawns need mowing twice a week in summer, the boxwoods get clipped twice a year. They grow very slowly. We only clip twice because we are showing a lot, you can easily get by on just one clipping per year. The furnishings that are for sale amount to between $40k and $70k depending on what is bought and when. A buyer that buys them all in place gets a huge discount. If not, an auction house will take a large cut.

  7. THERESA HENNESSEY says: 4 comments

    My heart loves this home. Breathless beauty.

  8. RosewaterRosewater says: 3923 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    What can one say about an absolutely flawless Stick style Victorian house and gardens with a period perfectly re-created Stick Victorian interior which has been meticulously, sensitively updated and enhanced very wisely in so many ways? I’ll tell you what – – – BORING! Heheheh. What’s to do? Yawwwwwn. Where is the filth; the dry rot; the wonky foundations; THE SPIDERS? Not the house for an old house masochist like myself: but if YOU are looking for a turn key masterpiece in the warm winter sun – HERE YA GO! 🙂

  9. KarenZ says: 753 comments

    Gorgeous! I love that the old photo is included! Just a grand beauty with not one detail missed-even the ceilings are beautiful. I actually found the link while on Pinterest, because I had not gotten to the OHD site yet! I have shared on Pinterest as well. Thank you so much to the owner for sharing this glorious home. I hope that this home sells to someone who will love it as much as the current owners obviously have!

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad the old photo helped. It does get some comments. And thanks for sharing on Pintrest. Do you have the pintrest link?

  10. Colleen J says: 1291 comments

    Worth every dollar and more!!!! To the owners thank you for sharing this beauty, and if this is what you do buy and restore and your off to your next, or if you are retiring from the master you created here, then thank you for loving this home to life. Congratulations!

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      That’s nice to hear, thank you very much! We do love it and will miss it. We’ve been here 20 years and are simply ready for a new adventure. Maybe Charleston…

  11. PhillipPhillip says: 139 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    Well i share everyone’s sentiments, this place is fantastic. When I first saw the price I thought that was a lot of money, but then I looked at the pics and thought it was worth it. This just shows what stained woodwork does for a home of this style. I always look at these just dreading to see the woodwork painted white which is most often the case. When I saw this one I was thrilled. Add to that the wonderful taste that the owners used in color choices and wallpaper and you have what I consider one of the best homes that I have seen on this site. Just amazing.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thank you, sir, for your kind words. Best on the site is quite an honor. You make me feel quite proud. The design choices were long in the making and we deliberated on each one. Again, thank you very much.

  12. Connie says: 23 comments

    Absolute perfection! Someone with a loving heart, an eye for detail, and an extremely large bank account, did a marvelous job with this one. I wonder why they squared off the upstairs front bedroom? From the old picture the windows were different.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thank you so much. I can tell you the renovation cost was greater than the purchase price. And you have quite an eye for detail. The squared corners are an oddity indeed. From old photos we can tell it was done after 1895 but before 1950. We assume it was the son of the original owner that changed it, probably in the 20’s. There are 5 “squared” corners, two in the dining room and two in the parlor and one upstairs. The “squareing” goes all the way to the foundations and you can see where they added the corners in the bricks, the floorboards, the windows… What an odd thing to do, we agree. Wierd.

  13. DianeEG says: 418 comments

    At first glance I thought the asking price reflected an Atlanta location, but, after viewing the entire perfection, I’m thinking it might be underpriced. No detail left unfinished or unattended. Thanks to the owners for all you did to this old girl and for sharing with us. Took my breath away that the back of the home and the backyard is as stunning as the rest of the house.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thank you very much. I think it is underpriced as well, but I am biased. Now I’m vindicated! : ) We are an hour from Atlanta and we moved from there to here. It’s a very convenient location for access to Atlanta, Macon, Athens, Agusta. Very central.

  14. Roy says: 6 comments

    Wow – this house is truly stunning. I don’t live too far from Eatonton, so maybe I’ll go take a look at it – from the outside. Way beyond my price range.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thank you for your kind words. You are welcome to see inside Roy. Just give us a call. 706-923-0031 We’re frequently on tours so you might like to see others in the neighborhood at the same time.

  15. Jane says: 19 comments

    Eatonton, GA is located near Lake Oconee and is in a very desireable area of Middle Georgia.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thank you Jane. That’s an important point. Lakes Oconee, and Sinclair, the towns; Greensboro, Milledgeville, Madison, the cities; Athens, Macon, Agusta, Atlanta, all are near by. It is indeed a great location. The Chamber’s tag line is “close to everything, next to perfect”. : )

  16. glorybe says: 146 comments

    This one does takes one’s breath away and makes you sing too!
    My husband is been a landscaper for 29 years and I sure appreciate the beautiful gardens!
    The bathroom is spectacular.
    The rainbow colored stained glass windows are striking! What a grand porch.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Thanks Glorybe! Realtors measure just the house so often it’s nice to get a comment on the gardens. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. : )

  17. Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

    Your comments are so kind! Thank you all. We do love our old house and to hear that others love it too is heartwarming to say the least. Thank you very very much.

  18. Claudia Moore says: 9 comments

    I would buy it for the gardens alone!

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Another gardener I see. I’ve really enjoyed this garden and will miss it when we’re gone.

  19. Jeanne Smith says: 40 comments

    This house is perfect. I especially love the wet room shower area and having no shower curtain to ubstruct the tub. The Greek key tile is stunning.

    • Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      The large shower room has been a revelation. I’ll never use shower curtains or glass doors again. There’s nothing to get water spots or stains on.

  20. ElaineElaine says: 140 comments

    This is another house on ”The Avenue” that my grandparents walked past when they were ”courting,” back in the early 1900s. I think the house Grandma grew up in was on High Street? Her father owned a big drygoods store in town. I just looked, and if you put Eatonton, Ga in Google, a picture comes up. The big building right under the water tower there is where his store was. Her Aunt Gusta’s house and her Grandma Rosser’s house were next door to each other on Jefferson Avenue. Aunt Gusta’s house was for sale a while back and I never could find out what happened to it. I wrote the historical society twice and never got a response. It was a shame! For years that house was just beautiful, and all of a sudden it went to pot, out of the blue. My grandfather preached at the Presbyterian church across from Panola Hall. I never saw if Panola Hall was sold or not. Lots of my family members are buried at Pine Grove. A gorgeous cemetery! Eatonton is absolutely beautiful old south. Love it!

    • James Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      Panola Hall is one on the next block “on the avenue”;). You can see it and the presbyterian church in the street view on the website link above. Go to the “about” page and click “neighborhood”. Here’s a photo of the street with the dry goods store from 100 years ago. https://goo.gl/images/xRaSXV

  21. Nancygirl says: 61 comments

    This is the most beautiful home I have ever seen! I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll take an older home any day over a fancy modern one. I love the little rocker in front of the fireplace, just my size, ❣️

  22. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 642 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    so. many. incredible. details. oh wooow! What a perfect house, i’ll have to look at all the pics a dozen times to be able to catch each detail, trim, fireplaces, fretwork, floors, wallpapers, etc… Just incredible!

    • James Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

      When we bought it there was blue carpet over the entire first floor. It’s the first thing we took out.

  23. Keith Rowell says: 30 comments

    We’ve listed with The National Trust for Historic Preservation Magazine. https://realestate.savingplaces.org/properties/the-ezell-house/

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