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c. 1839 Greek Revival – San Felipe, TX – $295,000

For Sale
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147 3rd St, San Felipe, TX 77473

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Here is your chance to own a piece of history. This property has many original features. The front of the home has two parlors with fireplace in each, dining room and an room which could be a bedroom. The living quarters features a large living/dining area, a master bedroom with master & a 2nd bathroom....roomy kitchen & laundry room. The sellers have added an additional space to the back of the quarters that was intended to be used as another bedroom. You really need to see this property in person to appreciate it.
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Judy Gammill, Realm Real Estate Professional      (281) 598-5800
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20 Comments on c. 1839 Greek Revival – San Felipe, TX – $295,000

  1. This is my favorite home of the week, despite not seeing much of the home. Double doors that open as these do, if we can have our own home in Heaven, this is what I want (I say Heaven because I’m assuming no bugs so we can keep the doors open all year round without a screen door!)

    • Sure is rare to see the original hall unobstructed at the back like that onto the porch. They usually were turned into baths, or closets and the like; and the porch enclosed for a kitchen or laundry and such.

      This RAD house In Vincennes, (that I’m crazy for), had the same feature originally; but the door with side lights and transom at the back of the hall now opens onto a bathroom; and the porch beyond was completely enclosed to further house a laundry and utility closet. Good thing I’m not buying it cause I’d promptly rip it all out and restore the porch; [an absolutely $ insane move].

      Now under $100K!

  2. Hmmm…I have to wonder whether this house was constructed as late as 1878? In form and details, it matches many Antebellum homes dating from the 1850s. If the original date is indeed 1878, then it is one of the latest documented Antebellum type Greek Revival houses that I’m aware of. If it were mine, I would have to seek historical information which proved the date was correct or incorrect. Could be that a local builder continued to build traditional folk type Greek Revival homes long after they fell out of favor in other areas. I don’t see many modern intrusions here and hope the next owner(s) keep the period flavor of this well preserved house.

  3. Well since it’s your fave this week, let’s find out a little more.

    As John S. mentioned, this was almost certainly built earlier than the listed 1878 date, which would have put it decidedly out of the Greek Revival period and decades before any revival would have made it fashionable to build a tribute. This appears to be the Lambert House also called the Lambart(sic)-Wilson House by some sources.

    This 1962 newspaper article detailing the awarding of a historic medallions gives a 1839 build date…

    Here’s a link to some pics from 1971 of the house…

    and a more recent pic with the Lambert label…


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