1925 Tudor Revival – Memphis, TN – $1,500,000

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65 E Parkway N, Memphis, TN 38104

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Designed by Jones & Furbringer in the early 1920's for a lumberman for his personal home, with enhancements for the current owners by Noland Van Powell, the quality is only exceeded by the grandeur in this meticulously maintained "Mansion on the Parkway". On 1.18 acre (Gated), the approx. 6200sf does NOT include a 48x19 Ballroom Downstairs with a real Soda Fountain! If only the walls could talk...the lavish dinners, orchestral events, family functions - beyond your expectations!
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Sheldon Rosengarten, Marx-Bensdorf      (901) 682-1868
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38 Comments on 1925 Tudor Revival – Memphis, TN – $1,500,000

  1. I looked at the home before reading the description and my first thought was the parties they had here!

    If the next owner dumps that fabulous (1950’s?) kitchen, PLEASE at least allow someone to attempt to salvage it. I can’t tell about the pantry, original cabinets but replaced hardware from when they updated the kitchen?

    • You captured the vibe perfectly! Auntie Mame is one of my favorite films and I can just see Vera gliding down those fabulous stairs!

      • When I first saw the powder room picture my mind went immediately to Rosalind Russell and Coral Brown in Auntie Mame. Perfect! And that kitchen is wonderful. I hope the new owners leave it alone too!

  2. This looks like a fun house for someone with a talent for decorating and entertaining, and yeah, that kitchen is way too nice not to keep. The pink exterior gives this Tudor influenced home a bit of a Mediterranean vibe and makes it seem a whole lot less serious. There are a number of interior classical elements as well, which serve to lighten up the place. Many people find most Tudor Revival homes dark and dislike their dungeon-revival styling. That’s not an issue here.

    • I think the pink/classical elements/pale colors is why I’m not fond of this ‘Tudor’. Normally Tudor is No.1 on my hit parade, but this doesn’t really look Tudor at all (to me). The kitchen is trĂ©s cool and I really hope no one goes hog wild and tears it all out to replace with granite…

        • Oh my…that bathroom is… shall we say quirky? I always wonder, when seeing something like this (finest example of dungeon revival I have ever seen) if that’s the look they were going for, or if things just kind of got away from them. How was the rest of the “cabin”? I far prefer my own style, which I call “Early American Back Porch” but I am sure that someone must have loved this bathroom very much 🙂

  3. To me, it looks Tudor on the outside only. Really a fabu house overall, but way, way too pink for me.

    • This is an unusual thing to say, but I think I would remodel the ballroom. Make it more time appropriate for the house. It DOES seem very bowling alley the way it is now. But the 50’s kitchen would stay exactly as is.

    • You’re correct. It was the house of Russel Lee Wiener, one of the co-founders of Donruss candies. He is the “russ”; his brother was the “Don.” One of their staples was pink bubble gum, thus the color of the house. Also baseball cards, once fashionable. He and his wife (who was a concert violinist) were major Memphis philanthropists. Ironically, he had a degree in dentistry – perfect for a candy manufacturer! Here is an obituary:


      • How appropriate that this pink confection was the home of a candy-maker. Because my first reaction was, “I could eat this house with a spoon!”

  4. I grew up in Memphis, and this house was always one of the most striking on East Parkway. It hasn’t changed a bit from the 1960s – at least. Still pink and still with the distinctive paired statues at the door. To change a thing would be a crime!

  5. It’s absolutely fabulous. Reminded me of looking at vintage interior home shots. And an elevator? Of course!!

  6. Someone had very deep pockets to redo the whole house in the 50s. It looks like they touched everything including the amazing kitchen and soda fountain. Yes, very Auntie Mama! Just the cost of the window treatments boggles the mind and I am not a window treatment person, but the expense! Also, favorite part is the Oriental bedroom with the amazing lantern light

  7. I was going to ask if Mary Kay lived in this house, I still see pink Mary Kay cosmetic reps cars around my city once in awhile. Love the pantry! Cool house though!

  8. I love house colors of Gray, Pink and White! Reminds me of the Vintage houses in Del Mar, California. I love this house!

  9. I beg the future owner of this home: please leave that elegant kitchen intact.

  10. THANK YOU for sharing the well produced video!! It showed the home’s beauty with depth, color, and details WAY better than photos! It was a joy to view!

  11. Holy ballerina barbie! This is my total dream!! Omgggg I’m in love. Someone call me if they dare rip anything out of the house. Fantastic!!!

  12. Thought I would just look because of the color. Holy smokes batman!!! Completely gorgeous!! Love the ice cream bar.

  13. I just feel like I would need to lose about a hundred pounds and dress like Donna Reed everyday. I wouldn’t mind living in the pink doll house.

  14. Oh my!!! This is one of my favorite homes ever! Spectacular! LOVE the kitchen! Oh the entertaining I could do…

  15. This video tour is fabulous, and I have been trying to figure out what to do with all that space in the ballroom… I wonder if you could use it as a wedding/event venue, or if zoning would prohibit that. It seems a shame to not use that space, and unless you have a LOT of parties, I think it would not get the attention it deserves. When I talked about this house with a friend from the highlands, she told me that Memphis has one of the highest crime rates in the country, which I find hard to believe, especially when I look at this incredible house. Does anyone know why the crime rate would be so high?


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