1938 Minimal Traditional – Tulsa, OK – $149,900

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1223 S Canton Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112

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Enjoy your favorite beverage on the lovely front porch of this charming midtown cottage. 3+ bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Beautiful hardwoods, fireplace, built-ins, formal liv & din, eat-in kitchen. Game c/b 4th bdrm. Lg fenced shady backyard w/patio.Well located.
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Corrie Egge, Coldwell Banker      (918) 251-4142
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13 Comments on 1938 Minimal Traditional – Tulsa, OK – $149,900

  1. It would be great fun selecting the perfect period-correct lighting and furnishings for this house.

    Something kinda traditional but with a late 1930s vibe.

    My mind races with possibilities.

  2. I like this house’s front façade’s curb appeal, and then the inside didn’t disappoint. A cute house, with lots of storage space – in the kitchen, the first bathroom, and the bedroom/den with all of its built-in shelving & more cupboards.

  3. Minimal Traditional. That’s a new style name for me. What I love though is my eye can now tell that it definitely is its own style. Plus I love it.

    • It’s not exactly a “style” like we think of many of the more rigidly defined architectural styles that preceded WWII. After the Great Depression, there were a lot of houses built for the working class that combined many simplified elements from various styles that were popular during the first couple decades of the 20th century. When you think of a small, working-class cottage from the 30’s or 40’s, minimal traditional will normally describe it.

      In many ways this “style” continued for the next several decades and was applied to many different house forms gradually morphing into the ranch, rambler, and split-level houses that followed. Even today, most entry level “traditional” homes borrow elements from historical styles in the same way.

  4. Kelly, I’m in ecstacy today with the top-notch houses you provided us! This one is a piece of yummy candy, irresistable. The outside’s so tidy & welcoming — I especially like the sitting areas and their dappled light & shade. Inside, I’d let Ross do my furniture & decor — his idea is just right. I can also hear a lot of cheerful laughter there.


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