1889 Queen Anne – Hutchinson, KS – $101,900

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528 E Sherman St, Hutchinson, KS 67501
  • $101,900
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • Sqft: 2660
  • Acres: 0.33
  • Map: Street View
Step back in time and imagine this house in it's original glory! Surely this home was one of the grandest homes in Hutchinson in 1889. Some updating has been completed and the rest is for you to design and restore as you wish! Enjoy over 2600 sq.ft., 3 classic fireplaces, a large main floor family room and huge master suite. The third floor is open and can be finished for additional living space. Large outside deck, gazebo and original carriage house with alley access. Own a piece of history!
Listing Agent: Angie Zwickl, J.P. Weigand & Sons // (316) 292-3991
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13 Comments on 1889 Queen Anne – Hutchinson, KS – $101,900

  1. Normally this would have gone in a sampler, some of the interior design choices over the years gave me a headache and the layout confuses me. But I really loved the exterior, the shape of it, the potential if you gave it a hell of a Victorian era paint job. Made the interior not seem so bad, especially at this price.

    • Agreed. The exterior is really nice, very much in the taste of Palliser’s published designs from 1883 and 1887. The entry hall is quite good, too, and the bold stair detailing especially so. The modern touches of tile and carpeting and louvered doors everywhere are distracting, but perhaps belie how easy it would be to undo many or most. The separate two-story carriage house is nice, too. All that and a handsome street of historic houses for just $110,000.

  2. Not for the purist at all – too many changes and additions inside and out to reasonably undo. The curb view looks almost stock, and there’s enough original stuff left to make it feel like an old house. Renovations like this define the market for old houses, not the rare and fussy museums. A lot of attractive real estate in pleasant surroundings for a bargain price; in a poll the thumbs up would win about 95-5.

    • I’m not a purist, doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll take it! Hutch is a great town. I would love to relocate back to Kansas!

  3. I agree, a lot of the interior is odd, though I do like the entry and stairwell, as well as the nice plaster nook detail around the fireplace. But the exterior is really great.

  4. Lots of potential in this lovely house. I know it makes the house warmer, feels good on your feet and you don’t have to mop, B.U.U.U.T W2W carpet in an historic home kills me!

  5. This house illustrates more ‘real world’ approach to restoration. It has the kind of amenities that will appeal to the broadest base of buyers, The whirlpool and more modern kitchen for example and they had the smarts to keep the historic details that make this house special. The side “deck/gazebo” is nicely integrated to provide some outdoor entertaining space BUT needs some screening , either fencing or plantings, to give it street privacy. For people like us, we would strip the carpet, apply a four color paint job, etc. I’d keep the whirlpool maybe just rework its installation for better look. I put a whirlpool tub in every house I won because my back appreciates it. There are better choices now (including clawfoot designs). This house will likely sell before the “restoration’ houses in the area and the HGTV inspired redos sell. Its a “common sense’ restoration that recognizes that someday you have to sell it.

  6. Posted 2014. Hasn’t sold but recently back on the market, new photos and price. Moved to front page, comments above may be older.

    Today is update day so that’s why you are seeing some old posts moved to front page.

  7. I don’t think it is nearly as bad as some say. For the price, you could easily put $100K inside, lose the windows and still have enough left over to join the local country club… :- ) (Is the horizontal siding wood? Please say it isn’t vinyl.)

    Assuming the systems are solid and the separate building is tight, I think this would be an excellent purchase and nothing to be ashamed of at all.

  8. Love the outside! Great curb appeal with most of the siding and trim intact from what I see. I’d like to see different colors to highlight some of the nice details. I still see some original things on the interior but hard to tell what has been changed.

  9. I agree with Tommy. I don’t think it is that bad inside and wouldn’t be too hard to change. Truly a beautiful home at a fantastic price.

  10. For me, the interior of this house lives up to the promise of the exterior. The asymmetrical newel post, the shape of the staircase windows, the art glass, the old Hoosier Cabinet in the kitchen, some good woodwork and nice mantles, two with their original mirrored overmantles… There are some important interior design choices that I’d find it difficult to live with on a long term basis, but I could change them over time.

    This would make a fine project, and a handsome result.


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