c. 1830 Federal – Royalston, MA – $284,500

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23 On The Common, Royalston, MA 01368

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Unique circa 1830's Colonial with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. This home is set on the Common in rural Royalston MA. The old feel with hints of the modern; such as central air conditioning.
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15 Comments on c. 1830 Federal – Royalston, MA – $284,500

  1. Thanks Anne M. for sharing!

    I hope someone will turn up an old painting/map of this little area, I’d love to know what it looked like before all the roads.

    • Kelly, the road locations haven’t changed much in 150 years and there are fewer buildings than there were, but through traffic on MA 68 and all the paving have certainly altered the character of the place. The main road should have been re-routed to bypass the Common a long time ago. All the poles and wires in every street view don’t help either. Convenience and saving money usually carry the day and make it very difficult to preserve these unique old locales as they were. Interesting place.

      • I imagined a small road going through originally with a big green space. I think there are a few houses on the site that the common is now a park and really cute and homey.

  2. It appears this charming Federal Style house is documented to have originally been built in 1820 by William Raymond for Barnet Bullock on the northeast side of the common field. In 1827 this house was moved to the current site and expanded.

    See lower right corner of this 1870 map, house is listed as belonging to J. Raymond… it appears the common was a simply a field between the buildings.

    Called the Margaret Nash House here. See page 11. The house is noted as the first home built on the N.E. side of the field.

  3. I think this is such a lovely house, Kelly! thanks for putting it up front.
    According to the Brief History of Royalston Historic District Houses this house was first built in 1820 by Barnet Bullock on the “N.E. side of the field”, then moved in 1827 and incorporated into the house as it sits now by Horace Pierce. In 1874, Timothy Longley added bay windows in the front and a second story to the ell. The house is known as the Margaret Nash house, and there were members of the family there from 1925 to at least 2004. Margaret’s brother owned the house next door 25 The Common. Here’s a link to an 1870 map: http://www.historicmapworks.com/Map/US/6922/Royalston++Royalston+South++South+Royalston++Royalston+Center/Worcester+County+1870/Massachusetts/

    12 The Common is also for sale (pending offer) has a store & was the town’s Post Office for nearly 150 years.

  4. Interesting to compare the decisions on preservation and decorating of this and the first home listed today. Not comparing the physical buildings, but how the owners chose to use them. I might add, both were skillfully photographed.

  5. I love that back porch. Nice place to sit and sip lemonade. Don’t care much for the yellow and blue kitchen floor. Rest of the home is beautiful.

  6. It does seem so light and airy, love the screened porch too! I’d spend alot of time there during the summer!

  7. I like this house for its understated elegance. And its light and cheery kitchen – neat color scheme, and the screened porch.

  8. Adorable kitchen!! Love the covered porch. Not a fan of all the painted floors, but I’m sure they could be refinished 🙂


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