1908 Queen Anne – Rio, WI – $249,900

For Sale
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503 Lincoln Ave, Rio, WI 53960

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Your home can truly be your castle. Imagine historic architecture and features that include leaded glass, hardwood floors, original trim, pocket doors and so much more. Imagine the laughter that filled the rooms, while entertaining family & friends. Maybe you enjoy sitting quietly, surrounded with the true feeling of HOME. This 4 bedroom, 2 bath includes a kitchen on each level, perfect for quests or family members. A 1-Year Home Warranty is included for your peace of mind. Corner lot within walking distance of downtown & schools. Easy, 25 minute commute to Madison. Separate entrances.
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Dianne Reierson, Reierson Realty      (920) 992-4200
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2 Comments on 1908 Queen Anne – Rio, WI – $249,900

  1. Oh, my. Love the exterior, not so sure about the muddled up interior but would love to restore this back to it’s original splendor.

  2. Lots to love. Nice big kitchen space — I’d rip out every bit of remuddling and go for a functional yet Victorian-looking kitchen. It can be done!

    Looking at the place in Google street view, it’s on a large, well-kept lot, although rather a blank slate for landscaping. Seems like a quaint little town; across the street are a couple of old churches and next door is a park-like (?) lot.


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