1891 – Polo, IL

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National Register

410 W Mason St, Polo, IL 61064

  • $299,900
  • 7 Bed
  • 8004 Sq Ft
  • 0.67 Ac.
On the National Register of Historic Places, you'll find this stately Roman brick mansion designed by Joseph Lyman Sillsbee (Frank Lloyd Wright's instructor) and built in 1891. Step into the huge Atrium with an impressive open staircase to be embraced in the elegance of an era of quality workmanship & materials, from the ionic columns and dental trim made of seasoned 100 yr old woods of oak, birch, cherrywood, mahogany and rock oak floors throughout, to the Italian hand-painted canvas ceilings professionally restored, along with the brass light fixtures, wiring, plumbing, kitchen and baths all completely updated in 1986, according to NRHP Standards. This breathtaking home offers 7 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 4 half baths, one 1/4 bath & lavatories in each bedroom, 8 fireplaces, 2 kitchens, attic to basement back staircase, finished 3rd floor & unique possibilities in the basement. This approx. 8000 sq ft home is full of HISTORY.....SOME YET TO BE MADE....WILL IT BE BY YOU?
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46 Comments on 1891 – Polo, IL

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  1. mary dunton says: 14 comments

    The woodwork and fireplaces in this house are so beautiful. I wish I could buy it!

  2. Scott CunninghamScott Cunningham says: 394 comments
    1856 Tudor (fmr Victorian)
    Leavenworth , KS

    This place is amazing! It just oozes character, and the stuff I dont like about it (the upstairs carpets) could be handled in a weekend! Even the servants stairs are done with style. What a gem!!

  3. Rick says: 11 comments

    Amazing house. but the green shag carpet in the bedroom would have to go…LOL

  4. Violet Collin says: 1 comments

    It’s such a beautiful house, but the only thing that bugs me is the small bathrooms

  5. Lindsay G says: 558 comments

    What a house!!! All that woodwork and those built-ins?! I’m totally smitten! And I really love that adorable little cubby-hole bathroom. How darling!

  6. cyberc says: 98 comments

    Absolutely beautiful neighborhood that’s close enough to town but still far enough away to enjoy the peacefulness of the old neighborhood. Did you see all those other gorgeous OLD HOUSES?! Amazingly priced and a real gem for the next homeowners to put their stamp on it to call it home.

  7. Joe says: 750 comments

    I love the mosaic around the fireplace. I’d really like to see a good close up picture of it. I also really like the wash basins in the cellar. The rest of the house has so many wonderful features to offer that I think that I could move there if I wasn’t already in, (not quite I hope), over my head here in Baltimore. I also wonder what one does for entertainment in Polo Illinois.

  8. PhillipPhillip says: 276 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    I have a weakness for richardsonian romanesque houses. They just ooze masculinity and this one is just incredible. The wood work and the ceilings are over the top. Of course being a foreclosure there is no telling what it will go for, but it needs little other than ripping out some carpet and repainting some walls. What a treasure of a house, i truly hope this one falls into a true preservationist hands. If someone paints that woodwork it will be a criminal act.

  9. RossRoss says: 2458 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    I have just three words:

    D R O O L

    D R O O L

    D R O O L

  10. johnboy says: 8 comments

    I am weak at the knees

    I am weak at the knees.I am so in love with this style of home. Does anyone know if there is anything going on in polo.Like a coffee shop or a home depot.You get my drift. Chicago 2.30 from Polo.

    • Ron G says: 168 comments

      Polo like so many of these small communities on the western side off Illinois, are farming communities. Polo is just a 40 minute drive from where I live in Iowa. I was shocked by the property taxes. But where I live, rising property taxes are the cause for many people to look for relief from the rising cost of home ownership by moving away or turning to rental units.

  11. Christine says: 12 comments

    Be still my heart! *SWOON*

  12. Blake Mauney says: 6 comments

    House is in foreclosure

  13. StevenFStevenF says: 821 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    I Love This Place! But quick question: where’s the realtor-cited “atrium”?

  14. Suzanne king says: 4 comments

    May I add a DROOL.

  15. Joe Bender says: 5 comments

    This house is very reasonably priced, and has the huge bonus of never being “remodeled”, but the property taxes are near $10,000 a year. If you are retired, or approaching retirement, it is to much of a fixed, never ending cost.


    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11877 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Thanks Joe, interesting article. I’ve been posting less and less homes in Illinois unless it’s a more than ordinary old house due to the comments about taxes, makes me go “Why bother?” It’s understandable, I don’t see how anyone middle class and below can afford a home in Illinois.

      • DianeEG says: 555 comments

        I know the comments ring true about much of Illinois but please don’t give up on posting Illinois houses. We live in a “downstate” home built in 1896 on 3 acres and our property taxes are $1,800 a year. The closer to Chicago – the more taxed. As this home shows, there are so many beautiful historic homes in need to loving owners. Hang in there with us Kelly, those of us who live here still buy homes and appreciate the OHL postings from our neighborhoods.

      • Johnboy says: 8 comments

        Thank you Kelly so much for what you do. I have wanted a home like this one in polo my whole life. Im 68 now and I still have hope of having my life long dream come true.Untill then you you help me keep my dream alive! Thank you so very much!! I also would like to see more from Mo. The property taxes are a fraction of Il.

  16. Teri says: 74 comments

    And not one painted piece of woodwork in the whole place. It is gorgeous. Hate to think what it cost to heat it. The ceilings are beautiful too with the curves,.

  17. Lottie says: 369 comments

    Incredible home! I love it! I know it is a big house, and probably had several servants, but why would they need three large sinks for the laundry?

    • RossRoss says: 2458 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      Triple sink were common for the era.

      I think one was for soaking, one for washing, and the third for rinsing.

      • LouB says: 79 comments

        Our place had triple slop sinks.
        Mesh reinforced concrete.
        They’re gone now, replaced by a single stainless tub that cane out of the moody bible institute’s no longer needed darkroom.
        We even have the old washboards!

        • BrendaInWI says: 75 comments

          They can’t. They are leaving Illinois in droves and coming up here to Wisconsin! I did!;-)

          • John Shiflet says: 5456 comments

            The tax situation in Illinois is indeed dismal. They do vary somewhat as Diane EG explained. We looked at a couple of lovely Victorian homes in Jacksonville, IL, a couple of years ago and found them to be reasonably priced but the taxes were as much or even more than we could handle. Next door Indiana changed their tax laws to reduce the burden on homeowners and thus you also have the phenomenon there of ex-pat Illinois homeowners relocating to Hoosierland to save money paid out in taxes. If the Land of Lincoln could find a way to bring property taxes into alignment with Indiana, the wonderful variety of old houses in Illinois would probably bring us there. As for this bona fide mansion, it looks like no expense was spared although I would have expected the master bathroom to be marble clad with things like a huge porcelain tub and/or a ribcage shower. Perhaps its not shown for some reason. The heating and cooling costs in an 8,000 sq. foot house are also substantial so all in all, the bargain price for such outstanding elegance is understandable. This would have to be a when I win the Lottery house for us but for the right buyers this could easily be a true dream home. In some places, a mansion home like this one would be well into the millions.

    • DonS says: 51 comments

      Some serious hand laundering was done back in those days. Three tubs was very common right into the 1930s in large houses. I had three big tubs in my four bedroom house built circa 1910. One may have been for soapsuds, one for rinse water, and maybe the third for draining and wringing. Can you say dishpan hands? LOL

  18. RosewaterRosewater says: 6648 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Great original kitchen with larder and scullery; nicely preserved. Would love to explore the “unique possibilities in the basement” – I’ll bet!

    Interesting blog here by a Silsbee scholar / fanatic if you’d like to learn more about him or see many other examples of his work;


  19. Liz Little says: 4 comments

    My husband and I are looking for an old grand home and really appreciate your posts. We would love to buy in MO as we have family there but are open to other states as well. It is really hard to find a house in KS or MO that has not been remodeled into oblivion or had all the woodwork painted over. Keep posting! We have several viewing scheduled for August based on your recommendations. – Liz and Bob

  20. PhillipPhillip says: 276 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    I too am just astounded by property taxes in some places up north. My taxes here are half what this one is and my house is worth 2 and 1/2 times their asking price. I just don’t understand how they could have let taxes get that out of control. They are killing their own resale market.

  21. JimHJimH says: 5147 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Here’s the NRHP report on this one, written in 1972. The house is said to be Classical Revival but “retains the picturesque elements of Silsbee’s earlier work, especially the variety of room shapes…” Interior stained woodwork of white oak, maple, cherry and red birch, “anti-classical in feeling and continue Silsbee’s previous manner except that the details themselves are derived from classical sources.”
    Also mentioned is stencil work in the main rooms added by Italian artisans in 1899. The house was built for Henry D. Barber (1855-1896), owner of the Barber and Trumbauer Bank of Polo. Silsbee also designed a fine house in Polo for his brother Bryant H. Barber.


  22. Pesolira says: 1 comments

    We love your website Kelly and appreciate all you do. We are from Dallas and are really interested in the Texas and Arkansas homes.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11877 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Thanks! I love all the input on where people are looking, it is WAY more helpful and motivating than what people complain about seeing. 🙂

      If anyone would like to shoot me an email or make a comment on price ranges and more areas, y’all are always welcome to. kelly@oldhousedreams.com

  23. Terri Carlson says: 1 comments

    We live in Illinois, and our taxes have gone up 450% in 20 years. Love that Polo house. I’ve driven by it so many times. We have an acreage in the country with outbuildings and home c.1850.

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