1957 Ranch – Wichita, KS

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6001 N Sullivan Rd, Wichita, KS 67204

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This is truly a unique 1957 built ranch home on an over 3/4 acre very wooded lot. There is a huge sycamore tree on the property thought to be the oldest in Kansas and potentially 185 years old. This home was the property of a master gardener. There are two greenhouses, Koi pond, Chinese architecture garden house, and a real outhouse for garden show guest in the yard. The "bones" of the garden are there, but there is work needed to restore it to it's former grandeur. There are two greenhouses on the property as well. The home is a nice retro all brick ranch style house. The kitchen features original working turquoise wall oven and cook-top right out of 1957! There are 3 bedrooms upstairs, and two vintage era bathrooms, one in pink and black. The majority of the main floor of the home is carpeted, but it is believed there is original hardwood floors in most of the home. The living room/den area features a beautiful double sided wood burning fireplace. One of the most unique features of the home is a large heated solarium on back of the house with large windows overlooking the gardens, patio and Koi ponds. This room had all manor of tropical plants that thrived year round at one time. The basement is bright and airy with new paint and new laminate floors throughout. There is a large game room with a wet bar. There is a nice sized separate office as well. There are two furnaces, one is believed to have heated the solarium but the seller does not represent that it works at this point. The house furnace is newer and in good working order. Highland roofing just completed roofing for the house and solarium, including mostly new decking. This is truly a lifestyle property ready made for the master gardener. Schedule a time to see this house and make it your home.
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43 Comments on 1957 Ranch – Wichita, KS

  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 8339 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks Cora for sharing this fun home! The kitchen, the bathrooms and the yard are awesome! This would be so fun to decorate!

    Does anyone produce retro vinyl or linoleum flooring?

  2. Carolyn says: 175 comments

    I wouldn’t change a thing about the main house or the yard but that solarium is just begging for an indoor pool!

  3. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 598 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    I love this place, I’d buy just for the 185 yr old tree, which I’m guessing is the one in the backyard. Nice home-y home.

    • Marc says: 133 comments

      I’m not usually an expert here, but I am an expert on trees! The sycamore is in the fourth backyard picture, on the right side. It is almost certainly not the oldest sycamore in Kansas. Sycamores are native to eastern Kansas and can live up to 600 years and reach diameters of 8 feet. Most states, including Kansas, actually keep track of the largest known individual tree (champion) of each species within the state, although it’s based on size, not age. The current state champion is located at 4916 NW Button Rd. in Topeka and has a circumference of 25 feet (about 8 feet diameter) and is 120 feet tall. Appropriate since Buttonwood is another name for sycamore. http://www.kansasforests.org/kansas_forest_services/kfs_docs/champion_tree_report_6_2_2017.pdf

  4. Wendi Sue says: 65 comments

    I’m absolutely in love with the kitchen!

    • Ingajane says: 27 comments

      The cabinetry is lovely. The oven is so pretty, hardly notice that one is working so hard in the kitchen… 😉

  5. JimHJimH says: 3395 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This house was built for William G. Schneider, a 29 year old engineer, his wife Wanda Lou 28, and their daughter Charisse 4.
    Schneider worked for the Boeing Company in its commercial aircraft division, most likely part of the development team for the iconic Boeing 707. Launched in 1957, the 707 was the first large production commercial aircraft of the Jet Age.
    Wanda Lou Mayo Schneider studied art at Wichita State and her Japanese garden here was much admired. Wanda died last year at 87.

    • CoraCora says: 1640 comments

      I always love to read your history posts, Jim. Thank you!
      I am an obsessive researcher and actually found Charisse on Facebook. There is a photo there taken recently (within the last few years) of Charisse, and possibly a younger brother, with Wanda, posing in front of that great fireplace – in this wonderful house. It appears Wanda lived there until she passed.

      I truly wish I could buy this home. I would love to go home to Kansas, and my husband is a gardener extraordinaire. He was literally googly-eyed when I showed him photos of Wanda’s beautiful garden, albeit in sad condition now. He would be the perfect person to bring it back.

      Sigh. Unfortunately, jobs and a mortgage keep us in Tennessee.

      I so hope the right folks buy this special home.

      • JimHJimH says: 3395 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Thanks Cora! I fall in love with houses and the folks who lived in them as well! I lived in 4 different 1950’s houses for 40 years and this one is a nostalgia trip. Charisse is a year older than me but maybe we could have walked home from school together had I been in Wichita. Her Mom made some great cookies – I’m sure of it!

      • cloudhidden says: 1 comments

        I wish you could/would buy this home too! I can tell you would love it and would care for it. I’d love it too if I were younger.

  6. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 683 comments

    I am crazy about the turquoise wall oven — and of course, that delicious pink bath!

  7. Valerie says: 5 comments

    This is one of my most favorite homes by far. I love Mid century modern. Very little I would change, flooring at the top of the list. I am in love.

  8. Gina Hill says: 47 comments

    Cool house! I love the occasional mid century modern on the site!

  9. Phillip says: 128 comments

    What an incredible house and yard for that price. I would keep it just as it is and furnish it with period pieces.

  10. Rosie of Wyandotte says: 1 comments

    I am not a big mid Century Modern fan; but this one is so well executed. Too bad it is beyond a commuting distance for me or I would have to make an offer. I think my Mission style furniture would look just fine in this beautiful home.

  11. kevinb says: 131 comments

    nice 50’s house that hasn’t been destroyed with bad remodels. i could rock that place for sure. got a 50’s place in los angeles. they are well built and comfortable to live in. love that big yard too.

  12. DianeEG says: 397 comments

    I had turquoise appliances in a home we owned “back when”. The doors of the dishwasher and frig. could be taken to an automotive paint shop and matched perfectly. As a Master Gardener, too, I tell new gardeners to garden for today because the next person may not want the work, not have the vision or not care. Two yards at former homes fell to the bulldozer to add a pool and room additions. One took a 100+ home and made it country chic. I hope whoever buys this home takes the inside and outside back to the original intent of the owners who built this little lovely.

  13. azdi says: 5 comments

    Wow!This house is great! I adore mid-century ranch homes tha are NOT track homes. This house was loved and I hope that whomever is lucky to buy it keeps it mid-century charm! LOVE the bath, kitchen, and firelaces. Beautiful garden too! To keep with the turquoise theme in the kitchen, I’d splurge on a retro turquoise fridge! Wish I could move to KS just for this house!

  14. Kimmers says: 46 comments

    If you’re thinking about a kitchen or bathroom remodel THIS IS NOT THE HOUSE FOR YOU!

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 8339 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      You must have read the comment on Facebook of someone saying they would gut the kitchen and bathroom? 🙁 Those are the best parts besides the rest of the house!

      • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 745 comments

        Oh dear god, someone actually said they’d gut it? No, no NO. The only nit I would pick on this house is that I prefer to cook with gas rather than electric. Right now I’m trying to find a vintage gas counter cook top for the 1947 rancher we’re restoring. But to gut it? Nothing they could find anywhere at any price would come close to the ultimate cool of what’s already there!

  15. ddbacker says: 273 comments

    Very original…very groovy!

  16. Dr. Peterson says: 85 comments

    I expected to see Ronald Reagan standing in the “”GE Kitchen”.

  17. DreamOn says: 43 comments

    I don’t normally go for mid century modern or modern of any kind, but I love this house minus the carpeting.

  18. historybuff says: 44 comments

    Boeing Wichita sent my Dad to Seattle in 1957. If I could talk my husband into moving back (I was born and raised in Wichita) I’d nab this house! Love the yellow-and-white room (laundry?)!

  19. toni4ball says: 1 comments

    This is amazing! If I could find a house like this in Minneapolis, I would be in heaven! Thank you for all the history lessons about the house & area too, they were super fun to read!

  20. NateDogg says: 1 comments

    What a crazy beautiful house. And talk about a great layout as well. Had no idea it was that big, until you see room after room and what it offers. Totally jealous of whoever purchases this spectacular dream home.

  21. Tommy QTommy Q says: 447 comments

    Twenty years living in Tokyo until 2008 (university instructor and very slightly “famous” TV guy) makes this the best house I have ever seen on OHD — for me. Subarashi to omoimasu… (really splendid)

  22. Ediemay says: 1 comments

    OMG, I can only dream of owning a house like this, in Washington State this house and land would cost a half a million. For $199,000 I’d be lucky to get a 1000 sf fixer upper.

  23. UpstateNY says: 8 comments

    I have a late 50’s/early 60’s 24-light sputnik chandelier that would go perfect in the dining area.

  24. JullesJulles says: 536 comments

    Yes on the Sputnik light fixture! I would also make the garage doors have Circles instead of rectangular windows and a 50’s fence that had staggered horizontal rhombus pieces. The front of the house needs to match the rest of the house and be more MCM. A Question though. In Georgia, you couldn’t have that glassed in patio in the back of the house because for six months a year it would be an oven. Does Kansas have temperate enough weather to have it glassed in or would it be better as screened in which is what I would have.

  25. Janet says: 2 comments

    Big fan of mid-century modern, and this home is a gem. However, I do think that the pergola in the front is out of place here.


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