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1892 Church – Mt. Jewett, PA – $75,000

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11 Gallup Ave, Mt. Jewett, PA 16740









11 GALLUP AVENUE, MOUNT JEWETT, PA - ONE OF A KIND! HISTORICAL GEM! The unique character and style of this property speaks for itself. Renovated from a church to a magnificent home or office. Enter the double doors to an open room off original, beautiful wooden cathedral ceiling, chandeliers and hardwood flooring. Step up to the open dining/sitting area and the quaint kitchen. Stainless steel gas stove, refrigerator and microwave. Natural sunlight adorns this room with stained glass window above the antique kitchen cabinet sink and a stained glass window above the entry. A couple stained glass are still remain for character. There is a 3/4 bath with a corner shower and a bedroom/office on the first floor with the with the cord to the working church bell. The finished basement offers an open room for recreation area or bedroom. A full bath and a bedroom off the rec room. Stackable washer and dryer. Walk out entry. Large parking lot or driveway. Furnishings can be included in the sale or Seller will remove. This would make a great home or as a seasonal home.
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18 Comments on 1892 Church – Mt. Jewett, PA – $75,000

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  1. StevenF says: 632 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    Repurposing a church into a home is tough because of the relatively huge sanctuary and little else to work with. These folks did a fine job making this dynamic work. It helps that the sanctuary isn’t mammoth. They wisely used the platform near the alter end of the church as a way to distinguish between the living and dining spaces. I’m personally not a big fan of open kitchens but don’t think there was a better option here.

  2. Bethany Otto says: 2397 comments

    Valient effort. Church conversions are the hardest, way harder than school houses. While I don’t think it looks like a home, I appreciate the fact that it still looks like a church, if that makes any sense? LOL

  3. Jane says: 1 comments

    I am glad they don’t try to eliminate the “church”
    look. That is, after all, the historicalvalue and original intent for the structure. Again, glad it’s preserved.
    I am looking for large old church for ~20 person retreats etc.

  4. Mississippi Dude says: 29 comments

    All that beautiful woodwork makes the place look rich and cozy. I could see two people living there, but not a family, as it appears from one of the bedrooms with the twin beds. Members of a family need places for private time. They’ve done a beautiful job of repurposing the church, however.

  5. Colleen J says: 1272 comments

    Great conversion, I might consider living in this one if I were single, I really wasn’t fond of church conversions, but just now I thought, if they hadn’t turned this into a home, would it be abandoned and stand rotting, so I change my view on that, much better this than that. I’m impressed with this one.

  6. SUSAN JAYNE says: 1 comments

    Very tastefully done! LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. JJ says: 99 comments

    I’ve never been a fan of church conversions because they feel a bit sacrilegious but I understand the need if the option is a tear down. I admit to being impressed with this one. They have respected the church elements and kept them intact while making a serene living space. Nicely done!

    • Darla Pulver says: 109 comments

      JJ — there is a historic church in Denver that was “repurposed.” It was turned in a nightclub and named “The Church.” I did find that far too irreverent in every way. But such is life, or at least Denver.

      • JJ says: 99 comments

        I agree with you on that one, Darla. I would have a difficult time with a church turned nightclub, but like you said, “such is life”, and who are we to judge? I’ll look that club up online, I’m curious to see what it looks like now. Thanks for responding!

  8. elliott morehardt says: 38 comments

    Beautiful! Currently looking for a larger church. I personally think repurposing a church is ideal.

  9. Lissie says: 284 comments

    Stunning! Great job on conversion. Whoever buys this house I hope they don’t remove the cross.

  10. Elizabeth Rossi says: 7 comments

    Saint Margaret’s 1892 Church. At this link, great article of the place and current owner: http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/MP/20091003/LIFE01/310039987

    • KLeigh says: 24 comments

      The article’s one picture actually makes the interior look much more inviting in my opinion. With all the pictures on the walls and the multiple soft lighting the room looks more gothic hunting lodge than sanctuary.

  11. mlsheelerphoto says: 57 comments
    1929 Brick Foursquare
    Harrisonburg, VA

    What’s that joke about making burnt offerings?

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