c. 1890 Queen Anne – Topeka, KS

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1935 SW Buchanan St, Topeka, KS 66604

  • $35,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3336 Sq Ft
  • 0.39 Ac.
historic brick 2 1/2 story victorian on large corner lot. 4 bedroom, 2 bath is ready to be restored to formal elegance. hardwood floors, high ceilings, lots of original fixtures. covered front porch. previously converted to two separate living areas one on main and one up. private entrance to upper story. attic has high ceiling & could make for future expansion. full unfin. bsmt & det garage with office/wkshop. property has been in same family for many years. sold as is. close to washburn univ.
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Wayne Wischropp, Miller & Midyett Real Estate,
(785) 828-4212

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41 Comments on c. 1890 Queen Anne – Topeka, KS

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11869 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks Cora for sharing!

  2. Linda says: 22 comments

    Contact paper on the kitchen countertop… God love em for trying!

  3. GeoffreyPS says: 105 comments

    Old girl needs some love. Lots of potential Why would anyone paint over that beautiful brick.

  4. Scott CunninghamScott Cunningham says: 393 comments
    1856 Tudor (fmr Victorian)
    Leavenworth , KS

    House has been badly neglected… Probably a lot of hidden issues that you wouldn’t even see until you started fixing it up. I’m very leery of properties like this, but the price certainly is attractive.

    • Diane says: 68 comments

      Not only that, it appears someone has started removing the paint from the brick. That ruins the brick. The brick loses all protection from the elements because its finish is removed with the paint.
      But it looks like a wonderful old house under all that was (and wasn’t) done.

      • Cora says: 2055 comments

        I kinda thought they either ran out of the mustard paint when they got round to the back, or they just got tired of the task and left it 3/4 painted.

      • Ross says: 2479 comments

        Removing paint from brick does not ruin the brick.

        Unless you do sandblasting.

        There are various non-destructive ways of removing paint from brick.

        • jeklstudio says: 1127 comments

          You know Ross, I’m glad you’ve made this comment. Please give us some guidance on removing paint from the bricks on our Mid cent house (fireplace) we’re restoring. It’s the narrow style, horizontally laid. Some numbskull painted it white sometime in its life and we want to remove but don’t know how without damaging. I know that sandblasting is not recommended, but then…what? If you see this and give tips, the hubs and I would really appreciate it. 🙂

      • Paul W says: 471 comments

        Actually there are methods to remove paint from brick, that if done properly, will result in no adverse effects. There are non corrosive chemicals available. The key is that work be done in a period long before freezing (so all moisture is gone) and that proper tuck-pointing be done so that any loose mortar is properly repaired. It’s expensive and time consuming but it can be done. Also there are now certain sealers that can be used on brick that can prolong it as well. Paint removal methods have advanced a lot in the last 20 years. Now you can’t sandblast brick or use high corrosive chemicals combined with a lot of wire brushing but the old adage that once it’s painted, it stays painted is no longer true. So “IF” it was done correctly will take a little work to determine but if done correctly its no the problem it once was thought to be.

      • Kathy says: 16 comments

        For some reason the trend in the Nashville, TN area right now is to paint over brick. We about had a stroke when we saw it done to the house across the street. Now that we’re used to seeing it, it doesn’t look bad.

  5. Bethany Otto says: 3473 comments

    Needs some help but looks worth it! The kitchen has great bones and lots of potential.

  6. Sue S. says: 279 comments

    Ah, nothing says “home” like a roll of crime scene tape on the kitchen counter. 😉

  7. Mike E says: 4 comments

    Yes, it needs a LOT of work, but what a house! I only saw one instance (Bathroom) where the original moldings were gone. Being close to a university, it is a wonder that this house has not been chopped up into student housing. Old and run down is often better than remuddled…I LIKE IT 🙂

    • LauraG says: 40 comments

      I am surprised about that too. My first thought was that it looked like an old frat house.

    • GloriaH says: 82 comments

      Washburn University is fairly small, with a law school focus and graduate classes for post secondary programs. It sits is a solid neighborhood of homes, and while some have been chopped into apartments, it hasn’t suffered the fate of many neighborhoods close to colleges. Many of the students live in Topeka, or the surrounding areas. Seems like I spent many of my evenings sitting in classes there.

  8. Cora says: 2055 comments

    She’s taken some pretty serious abuse, but she could be grand again with lots of love and money, and the price allows for that. Topeka is a nice city and not far from KC.

    I wish I could see photos of this home when it was new and loved.

  9. A Paul Price says: 202 comments

    Would love the see the wooden kitchen cabinets restored. The scope and scale of the rooms is lovely.

  10. John Nevitt says: 104 comments

    There’s still a solid, beautiful house underneath all the wreck and ruin. Hope someone who can fix this house up buys it.

  11. RosewaterRosewater says: 6216 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    That is one very curious niche ———–.

    Someone PLEASE replace the missing, original French doors in the back. Their removal in favor of (?) is also curious. Nice of them to have left the fan light above, as opposed to (?).

    The brick vs. mustard paint is also curious. This house reads quite chaotic; but someone is about to luck into a nice, BIG, solid house for next to nothing: and with those Kansas restoration incentives and credits – nice.

  12. Cora says: 2055 comments

    Did anyone notice the framed picture to the upper right of the fireplace in photo #7? Is that a picture of the house? Seems like I can see the triple roof peaks in the picture.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6216 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Yes, I think you are exactly right Cora. I didn’t notice it, having fixated on the strange niche, but yes, a naïve depiction of the house.

      • Cora says: 2055 comments

        The off-center niche does make you wonder why. It appears to be centered between the doorways, but not above the mantle.
        The mantle appears quite simple and plain compared to the tile on the floor in front of it, and to the other mouldings in the house, too. Wonder if its original.

        Oh if walls could talk.

  13. Sascha says: 47 comments

    It makes me sad that a house in that poor condition was –presumably– still being lived in.

    That pedestal sink was a gem.

    • Jenny says: 146 comments

      That was my first thought as well, Sascha. The wallpaper peeling off, the grime, so very sad someone lived like that. I hope whomever buys this will bring back the love that must’ve been there for many, many years.

  14. Leigh Ferris says: 9 comments

    At this price, I’d seriously looking closer if the location were near me. Very nice.

  15. Leigh Ferris says: 9 comments

    At this price, I’d be seriously looking closer if the location were near me. Still much to admire here.

  16. Jerry says: 39 comments

    I like the pedestal bathroom sink, but not the modern faucet.

  17. JB says: 102 comments

    Ah, soooooooooooo much potential! Kitchen and bathrooms need a restoration, but the sinks and bathtubs and tile work can be brought back to life. Water damage here and there, but nothing that can’t be corrected. And those nice tall windows, wow! Love this one and the price isn’t bad. Live in a couple of rooms after cleaning them up while you have at it in the others! I’d start with all of that fallen wallpaper! lol

  18. Colleen Johnson says: 1180 comments

    My first thought was “oh dear” but then scrolled back up to the price and then thought “oh please someone buy gand bring back to glory days” … that’s a lot of house for such a small price.

  19. Adele says: 17 comments

    So sad to see this house in this condition. It could be a beauty. In picture six, I noticed on the floor what looked like a cane used by the blind. Makes me wonder if who had lived here lived alone and didn’t know how bad it had gotten.

    • says: 21 comments

      Good detective work, Adele. That would explain a lot. I had thought the piano idiosyncratic from the lack of other aesthetics. Its presence could support your premise. Maybe someone with more info will deliver the final story.

  20. EyesOnYou1959EyesOnYou1959 says: 279 comments
    Lincoln, NE

    It is so sad that people let these grand old homes go to pot
    like this. It would be so nice to have seen this home when it
    was first built!

  21. I don’t think blind people buy television sets……I guess they could just listen to programs, but I think they use other devises. I wonder how and when water damaged occurred. Could be LOTS of scary things under and around damaged areas as stated above…….a lot of time and money even if they allow you to live in it and work on interior at same time. Would it need to meet new and/or existing code before you can occupy? Still…..could be beautiful.

    • Adele says: 17 comments

      No blind people don’t buy televisions but not all people are born blind. Could have had it way before they went blind but I’ve also seen blind people listen to tv. I guess we’ll never know.

    • Phyllis says: 1 comments

      Blind people do buy television sets. My mother was completely blind for many years and “listened” to television a lot. Reruns of old programs she’d seen before she was blind, the news programs, many talk shows, etc. provided hours of listening pleasure in her dark world.

  22. Unheard Uv says: 30 comments

    I have kept this listing saved from very early on before it hit all the big name old house blogs. I’m 4 hours south of it in OKC. In 2011 i traveled to Muskogee to look at the Fite mansion when it was for sale for $79,900. It needed a lot of tlc which would have been quite the project just due to sheer size alone. The realtor informed me that someone had put an offer in on it but by law wasnt allowed to tell me what it was, just that it was considerably lower than the (already awesome) asking price. I spent 3 days in Muskogee going over the house with a fine tooth comb. I knew you could easily drop $100k into it and not notice.. I didnt want to feel rushed and certainly didnt want to bring along my then girlfriend and her collection of children so i backed out. the 12 bedroom 7 1/2 bath Fite mansion on almost 2 acres with guest house sold for $57,700. Whoever got their hands on it absolutely ruined it. Everything from the checkerboard flooring in the kitchen and laundry room to the shelves in the library to the nifty midwestern type lantern on one of the 3 staircases were all unnessicarily torn out for reasons unknown…. Then put back up for sale for 3 times what he paid for it… It was like my dog had died. That house was no longer a financially feasible project as it would take every bit of $300k plus just to undo what someone had ruined and then it wouldn’t be original to the house.. I still feel partially responsible for walking away from the deal maybe a bit to quick. This home in Topeka is in worse shape, but it’s a 4th the size and half the price which beams manageable and affordable. If this home lingers on the market for too long i may just have to go take a look. I travel to Salina, Ks about once a year anyway. Who knows what the future holds? What I do know that house Needs the right person to do it justice.

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