c. 1770 – Lexington, VA – $599,000

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822 Turnpike Rd, Lexington, VA 24450
  • $599,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4752 Sq Ft
  • 5.15 Ac.
Mackeys Tavern (c. 1770) exemplifies the historic architecture of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Located only 5 miles west of Lexington, this impeccably restored stone tavern with frame addition completed in 1883 sits beautifully on over 5 park-like acres overlooking spring-fed pond and year-round stream. Outbuildings include stone spring house, fort/smokehouse, barn and two car garage.
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Will Moore, James Wm Moore Real Estate
(540) 463-7080
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31 Comments on c. 1770 – Lexington, VA – $599,000

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  1. AvatarBethany says: 2663 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    Gorgeous! The property is amazing; I can only imagine how it looks in summer! I bet the owners are going to buy something to fit their mid-century furniture collection which doesn’t really go with this 1700’s house.

  2. AvatarKay says: 67 comments

    Oh if these walls could talk!! The history of the place must be amazing. Just a beautiful place. It needs to be purchased by someone who will love it!

  3. AvatarMW says: 727 comments

    Wow, this house has a lot of charm inside and out. I was kind of surprised at how nice the interiors are. Not perfectly historical, but what is not is excusable and still very, very charming and comfortable looking. All of it has a lot of nice character.

  4. AvatarKLeigh says: 24 comments

    I kinda like the modern furniture and art. Clean lines and shapes against the crisp moldings, ceiling rafters and windows. Reminds me of articles in European interior decorating magazines. They know how to live modern lives in old buildings. They don’t feel compelled to slavishly reconstruct the past just because the building they happen to live in is old.

    • Avatarannemaeve says: 23 comments

      I rather like it, too, especially in the dining room. I never would have thought mid-mod and colonial furniture would look good together, but the dining set and the antique chair are both delicate-looking while being absolutely serviceable, have clean lines, and float against the expanses of wall and floor like well-hung pictures. No floral printed sofas or dark dusty corners here!

      • AvatarColleen Johnson says: 1260 comments

        I used to have a teak dining room set that looked a lot like that dining set, chairs and table exact, side table and hutch a little different but not much. Now I wonder where it is LOL

      • AvatarDoreen says: 231 comments

        I think it’s Danish “Modern” walnut. My mom had tons of this stuff. I still have one of the chairs (that is similar to the dining room chairs) that I use in my bathroom. Some of that stuff is worth a small fortune. Seriously.

  5. RosewaterRosewater says: 4561 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Odds are that the furniture was all brought in for staging purposes. Likely the agent normally sells houses a bit younger than the mid 18th century.

    What a gorgeous property! Fascinating. The active spring house is a real treasure. Outstanding. Whoever restored this house did a VERY admirable job. Just beautiful all the way around. The original kitchen hearth room below would be a dreamy place to curl up with a good book in front of the fire on a cold winter night. Lucky buyer!

  6. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 857 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    I’m in love! I love the simplicity of the decor, just painted trim, no heavy furniture, i even like the mcm piece of furniture in the dining-room. They kept the beams instead of hiding them in a ceiling, which gives an extra rustic twist to the house. This is just perfect. And in somes ways (of which the ceiling beams), it reminds me of some of our French countryside houses (but i live in a limestone house from 1855 with stone walls and beams and original stone fireplaces but with modern floor and materials, so i’m being a bit biaised 🙂 ) Oh, and also, I love the square windows!

  7. AvatarNicki says: 2 comments

    I live right up the road from this property, in the summer it is stunning! gorgeous area to top! someone would be lucky to buy this place

  8. CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 849 comments

    This looks like a beautiful setting for this interesting mix of Federal period and Victorian era styling. The basement gameroom sure looks like a lot of fun.

  9. AvatarBoudreaux says: 16 comments

    Soap stone counters in the kitchen would have made the appearance of the kitchen so much more in tune with the age and style of the home vs the all too common granite that has been far overused and misused.

  10. AvatarAnnabelle says: 96 comments

    My pick of the week!

  11. AvatarLorenN says: 102 comments

    Picturesque property with Spring fed water & a Stone Smokehouse! If walls could talk – oh, the History here. Nice job on the rehab of it, too. I do imagine distressed leather sofa and chairs in the common Great Room, though. The MCM furniture seems very odd to me in this setting. To each, his own!

  12. AvatarColleen Johnson says: 1260 comments

    I would never want to leave this property, it is GORGEOUS…wow! Beautiful listing, whoever is blessed enough to purchase this, please enjoy it!

  13. Nhgal03Nhgal03 says: 113 comments

    Need to add this one to the favorites list! What a beauty. Love the furniture too!

  14. Avatarbrandymulvaine says: 61 comments

    Love that spring house! It seems weird that the outbuildings are so close to the water though?

  15. AvatarSuzieHC says: 23 comments

    This is perfect!! I love everything about it!!

  16. AvatarDano says: 54 comments

    Just love this place, grounds etc and looks so peaceful! Would be amazing living here, a wonderful place artist retreat for inspiration from nature and all the history, just love it…but counters would be just perfect with soapstone countertops. Marble and granite are great but not for this kitchen, if it were mine. Whomever buys will have a gem!

  17. Avatarjulie@lamedia.tv says: 153 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1914 foursquare farmhouse
    New Germany, MN

    I get dibs on the basement! Love it all! beautiful setting, wonderful home, really, two homes and so lovingly cared for. It’s hard to believe it’s that old. Kudos to the current owners!

  18. AvatarMary says: 15 comments

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the land and outbuildings as well, and the beautiful natural light. It would be my gardening paradise!! I love it!!! I forget what the cooling creek is called, but you can keep bait or other things needing chilled in those channels and the springs/ creeks attached to them. That is really cool! Does anyone know the name of those spring fed channels?

  19. AvatarJamie K says: 25 comments

    I love this house! To live in a home that old would be such a privilege. It looks very well kept and the furniture doesn’t bother me too much. So many of these homes have furniture, wallpaper, carpet, or awful renovations done that typically leaves me un-enthused. But this home looks great! Also, finally, someone who knows how to take pictures! Lol

  20. AvatarJoy Louters says: 119 comments

    Okay, if I could buy this house and it’s land, I would invite all of you over for a summer evening Bbq! I love every luscious inch of this place. Sorry, but the furniture would be replaced with something more comfortable and fitting to the time period of the home. These pics make the rooms all look huge! Love it!

  21. AvatarShannah302 says: 43 comments

    By far, my absolute favorite of ALL TIME!!! The doors, the floors. THAT BASEMENT!!! Love, love, LOVE!!!

  22. AvatarJennifer HT says: 796 comments

    This isn’t my favorite style, but it is my favorite example of it! Just lovely! I ADORE the MCM furniture even though it’s an odd fit.

  23. AvatarBrosia says: 80 comments

    This place is pretty close to my dream property – spring-fed pond, smokehouse, etc. It’s the kind of place you could farm (and smoke) your own fish, raise a great garden and maybe even a small orchard/vineyard. Add some chickens, a couple goats, and a beehive or 2 and it’s paradise!

  24. AvatarMary Furr says: 1 comments

    By now this house must be sold!!! It is gorgeous, if I could buy it I would love every inch of it, and respect its past!!!! History galore!

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