1915 Craftsman – Santa Rosa, CA

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510 B St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Map: Street

  • $569,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 2893 Sq Ft
This may be one of the last post-1906 properties in Santa Rosa that hasn't been restored. This old house still retains all it's original charm. Truly an incredible opportunity for the right buyer to bring it back to it's former grace and glory! It's bones are good. It's history is undeniable. It's charm is still apparent in spite of it's present condition. Be the right new owner to save a bit of local history! House sold in AS IS condition.
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27 Comments on 1915 Craftsman – Santa Rosa, CA

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11504 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks Jennifer HT for sharing!

  2. Jennifer HT says: 797 comments

    Wow that was quick! lol! Thanks for sharing it. 😀 I hope this is restored and not flipped in any way.

  3. Anne M. says: 674 comments

    Well, isn’t this fantastic! Those built-ins in the dining room are great. Would love to see the baths.

  4. Bethany Otto says: 3207 comments

    Too bad it’s crammed next to those apartments, but it it still an amazing original condition house that I hope goes to the “right” buyer (by our OHD standards).

  5. John Shiflet says: 5252 comments

    The only drawback I see with this house is the location. Some of you may remember a similar sited house in Dayton, Ohio, that was one of only a few residences still left in a transitioning to commercial area. That example was equally impressive but location is always paramount. Hat’s off to previous owners for leaving the beautiful millwork and brick mantel unpainted as well as the exterior brick. This is the kind of house that needs someone like the HGTV’s Vintage Flip with Tina and Jessie Rodriguez (some info and photos: http://www.hgtv.com/shows/vintage-flip/hgtv-first-look-vintage-flip-pictures ) who preserve and enhance original period details rather than totally gutting and putting in everything new. 1906 is probably spot-on as Santa Rosa (which I’ve visited a number of times) suffered major damage in the 1906 earthquake that did massive damage in the SF Bay area. Rebuilding efforts were underway just months after the April 1906 quake. Santa Rosa has not yet seen the astronomical housing prices common further to the south and to me seemed a little slower paced community than the bigger Bay cities. I hope the next owner preserves the wonderful period details inside and out. As the listing notes, this is one a few “unrestored” period homes remaining in the town.

    • MW says: 806 comments

      Well, looks like a price increase of 900% in 20 years from $70K in 1996. So, might not be astronomical, but sure is at least pretty respectable. But yes, close to San Fransisco and it would easily be $1M+ in even marginal areas. But then it probably wouldn’t have been ‘just’ $70K in ’96 either.

  6. says: 19 comments

    I am in Santa Rosa through October if I can be of any assistance to anyone from this site.

    It is worth mentioning the exquisite Renaissance Revival specimen one half a block west. The former library, it was moved to its current site to become the Sonoma County Museum.


  7. Franceslyns says: 94 comments

    I live in the next town north (Windsor) of here and grew up in Santa Rosa. Not the best area but it has gotten better in the last few years. I believe it is in the Saint Rosa Historic District. You can walk to the mall (if you are so inclined) and old Railroad Square which has some fun shops and restaurants. Prices in Santa Rosa are cheap compared to a lot of the bay area but expensive compared to other places. Sonoma County is wine country so the closer to the vineyards you are the more the prices go up.

  8. LorenN says: 99 comments

    From N. California: Santa Rosa home prices have in fact, increased dramatically (as have all Bay Area home prices) in the past 25 years & so have property taxes. The draw back on this home is that it is surrounded by Commercial Buildings. Therefore, NO privacy or views from windows & looks to me like by the appearance of the Brick Building sever stories tall in the back yard of it – not much back yard or patio space. Not my cup of tea!

  9. SF says: 132 comments

    John Shiflet-HGTV’s Vintage Flip show is not welcome in my community-actually they tried to buy a home down the street from me, and thankfully, our friends ( who will raise a family there and restore the home-not flip it and ruin it) bough it. I contacted HGTV to beg them to stop this show. They are flippers-not restorers. They are taking historic inventory away from first time buyers as starter homes, they are flipping them only for a profit, not for the integrity of the historic resource. I have seen their flips. Not the quality a restorer would appreciate. I personally don’t want a TV show in my historic neighborhood. Nicole Curtis is the only one I have seen that does it right. Sorry-the show really upsets me-we looked for years to find our historic home,I see young families work so hard to buy a historic home and fix it up-they can’t afford a crazy overpriced poorly “restored” flip. Historic homes deserve better.NIMBY HGTV! In regards to this Santa Rosa beauty-it is in a commercial area-very congested and busy, not a neighborhood, too bad, it looks like ours when we bought it-I would love to buy it if it wasn’t on a busy street. Santa Rosa has a great downtown, a lovely area, NAPA close, SF close, good weather, etc. It would be a great group home, artist retreat, business, school, or co-op housing. This is a good investment for someone that would properly restore it. No flips please!

  10. John Shiflet says: 5252 comments

    SF, I appreciate your comments. Tina and Jesse Rodriguez ARE flippers, hence their Vintage Flip show. I do recall one episode where they tore off what appeared to be an early porch claiming it was not original. Others claimed it was. If one wants pure restoration, I sincerely applaud that. But this house is in a downtown setting surrounded by commercial development so I used the Vintage Flip show as an example of a compromise made between restoration and renovation. As for the insane pricing around the Bay area, that’s nothing new. Between Asian investors parking funds in Bay and West Coast real estate as a monetary safe harbor as well as Silicon Valley tech millionaires plunking down millions for SF Victorians in which they rip out the interiors and rebuild new inside, its tough to find anything affordable. The McDonald Mansion in Santa Rosa is an extreme example of over-restoration with many lavish details and finishes the house never had originally. In summary, of course its better for any relatively intact period home to be lovingly restored to period perfection but seldom does that happen. (except in Museum houses) Good luck in your old house search.

    • says: 19 comments

      Well said, John. It’s a circus in the Bay Area. I agree any preservation is better than none with the latter being most typical.

      I am awestruck every time I see the latest installations at the MacDonald Mansion. I remember it overgrown and quite sedate in the seventies. A close friend was George Matson, who restored the gardens and planted the many magnolia trees when the land was divided. I had other friends who worked with George; I am very fond of the property. Have you seen the extensive new roof spires? Quite a dramatic diversion! Maybe of what you were referring

    • jeklstudio says: 1092 comments

      To SF and John S. I appreciate BOTH your views. I completely agree with SF on the horror those flipper shows induce in me, yet I can understand that after ‘progress’ and commercial areas expand, sometimes an insensitive ‘redo’ is the only real option. It still makes me furious in ways that can never be reconciled. Time marches on. I wish we could save all of the gorgeous old homes, but unfortunately we can’t.
      I’ve seen things on those shows that makes my blood boil. Example: We just watched HGTV’s home reno show in which a young woman was going to buy her first home. She wanted vintage (This was in the LA area). She wanted Spanish style. She found a sweet 1930s home with most of its original features. You can imagine the kitchen. Burgundy and cream tile counters, a lovely arched recess for the fridge, etc. The ‘designer’ said that the tiles were loaded with lead and said they all had to go. Okay, I can see that (maybe). But did he give her the same kitchen only with newly made tiles? No, he gutted the kitchen (squared off the arched recess) and put in granite counters and gloss black cabinets, and the now ubiquitous farmhouse sink, all the while trying to convince this sweet (and very young, inexperienced) woman that it was ‘just gorgeous’ and perfect for the house!! This house was in a lovely neighborhood of pretty little similar homes. Not cramped and being squeezed out of a commercial area. It made me sick. The interiors of the homes these ‘decorators’ do all look exactly the same.

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11504 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        I saw that episode!!!! Cute to cuteless.

      • Bethster says: 913 comments

        Oh my lord. I am so glad I didn’t see that. I do watch some HGTV but avoid any show devoted to “renovations.” But even watching something like House Hunters, I sometimes see (at the end) that a charming original feature has been destroyed. 🙁

        I’m curious to know what there was about a Spanish home that this woman wanted. Did she mostly like the way the exteriors look? Or did she actually like the kitchen but the “designer” just steamrollered over her wishes? And…did they redo they bathroom, too?

        • jeklstudio says: 1092 comments

          Bethster, the show was simply pitiful. The woman was very young. First house purchase. She was set on Spanish style and found one in Leimert Park (LA). It is a planned neighborhood from the 1920s.
          Here is a link to the Wikipedia page.
          She found a charming, smallish Spanish home she liked. It had fantastic original kitchen with lovely original tiles. He gutted the whole place. ‘Restyled’ the arched recess and made it square. She and her family (I believe) did the reno on the bathroom and did a superior job. At lease when they were done, it looked a little like it belonged in a Spanish style home. Truthfully, I saw the look in her eyes. I don’t think she was all that happy with the kitchen. But it’s TV, who knows? I really should know better than to watch these shows. All they do is raise my blood pressure and anxiety levels..

          • Bethster says: 913 comments

            That’s a shame. At least she must have been happy with the bathroom.

            Thanks for the link to Leimert Park. I wasn’t very familiar with it before, though I had heard about the old theater there.

            • Jeklstudio says: 1092 comments

              Yes, it’s a community planned in the 1920s, the height of the Spanish style in So. CA. Primarily an African American neighborhood it is full to the brim with lovely, well kept homes. Crime rates are quite high unfortunately.

  11. says: 19 comments

    This house has always caught the eye, has a handsome presence. The location has big pluses and big minuses.

    I’m going to take a closer look in the next few days. From a couple of years ago, I recall all the wood near the eaves was in extremely poor condition.

    There is a historic wood frame church and house complex in the Cherry Street Historic District which is decidedly residential and with equal access to downtown. Cherry Street is much quieter with smaller streets, significant but less traffic.

    It appears the Cherry Street complex had work stopped mid sensitive renovations. It is listed at a similar price point as this house.

  12. Tommy Q says: 464 comments

    B Street is not so bad at all. Think of it as a town house. Santa Rosa was once a farm town. Not so much anymore. It is not a bad neighborhood by any means. And if you work in the Bay Area, you are minutes from the freeway south. I could actually see the location as a plus.

  13. Marisa Hammack says: 2 comments

    I’ve lived in Santa Rosa my whole life. This is a cute area of town, but it is not a great area. It is a historical district, but is mostly apartments, commercial, and is right by the mall which brings quite a bit of riff raff. Santa Rosa definitely become a very busy city, but if you’re willing to pay the prices to live here there are alot of great areas. Downfall, HWY 101 in our area down South to Novato is rated one of the worst commutes in the nation.

  14. Elaine Jaworski says: 7 comments

    Beautiful house! I once owned a home in Santa Rosa and my parents still live there. Great town but prices are astronomical and traffic is pretty terrible. The large brick structure in the background is the mall parking garage! So not a real residential neighborhood, but if the new buyers like downtowns shops and restaurants, I would bet this place has a great walk-score.

  15. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11504 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks to Nicholas for sharing a photo of what the exterior looks like now.

    Cute statue!

  16. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 5252 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1889 Eastlake Cottage
    Fort Worth, TX

    The current photo makes the house look very nice. Thanks for sharing and posting.

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