1895 Queen Anne – Middletown, NY – $214,900

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48 Highland Ave, Middletown, NY 10940

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Gorgeous Queen Anne Victorian loaded with original charm and grace. From original stained and leaded glass windows to the original hardware on all the doors this lovely Painted Lady offers so much to that discriminate buyer looking for a true piece of history. Featured in the Epoc Times list of beautiful homes of Middletown!! You'll be sold at the foyer, but there will be endless amazement to follow. Original hardwood floors, pocket doors, a Harry Potter closet, banquet size dining room w/ original china closet & cabinets. Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper thru out main floor. Modern kitchen w/ butler staircase. Original interior shutters in living room. Upstairs you'll find 4-5 bedrooms, 2 of which have original "sleeping porches". Plus a walkup attic that will be full of surprises!!! Beautiful wrap around porch, pool, newer boiler and hotwater heater all located on Highland Ave, the premier street of classic houses!
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Steve Vinti, Weichert      (914) 443-6410
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21 Comments on 1895 Queen Anne – Middletown, NY – $214,900

  1. All the leaded windows are beautiful, and dining room light is gorgeous. Trying to understand the light fixture in the foyer; does she have a big bow tied on top of it? People sure do love their wallpaper..

  2. I love every detail of this beautiful home inside and out. The woodwork appears to have been refinished at some point and is simply breathtaking. I love wallpaper but even I would appreciate this being toned down a bit. The front porch is the kind I dream of when imagining my Victorian! Thank you for sharing this lovely home. Anyone would feel warm and welcome here!

  3. its a bit overwhelming but the wall paper is totally historically accurate…I recognize a number of the patterns, all inspired by William Morris…theres a famous wallpaper company whose name I forget at the moment but they specialize in authentic recreations that frequently involved 3 different papers for each room….wainscoting, wall and ceiling…Plus a border!!!! they will even recreate matching fabric for the drapes in case you didnt get enough looking at the walls….

    I have a theory about insane Victorian ornamentation {beyond the status symbol reason} In a world before recorded music and color photography people strove to find ways to stimulate their aesthetic taastes and keep their brains occupied….I think if women had to stay home as much as they did {not having the option of jumping in a shower, throwing on a pair of jeans, grabbing a coffee and the car keys and being at the mall in 15 minutes} they were gonna give themselves something to look at all day long.And of course all that wallpaper screamed one thing….BOY ARE WE RICH!!!!

  4. http://www.flexmls.com/link.html?180jwrizhgmx%2C14%2C1%2C19011

    The seller took this house when it was in desperate need of renovation, spent 3 years of labor just on bringing the wood work back to the original wood and happily did the other work to bring it back to its original charm. It was a great pleasure for me to tour the house when getting it ready to list for sale. I am very much in love with all historical houses and their charm. I’m Thank you. Sincerely, Tamera Gomez

  5. Way too busy and full of stuff for me, but I think underneath it all is a very pretty home. The exterior is lovely.

  6. You Americans don’t realise how lucky you are. This house in southern Ontario in the same kind of neighbourhood would go for $600,000 to $750,000.

    • The U.S. is a mighty big place; there are a lot of places here where it would go for nearly a million. Also NY state has some of the highest taxes in the country so you have to figure that in.

      • Yeah I noticed looking at the Trulia listing taxes last year were over $7000. Then I had a look at the Google Streetview…and saw that huge red brick building next door!! Everything is relative I guess.

  7. Lovely Queen Anne. If you don’t want to get sold, don’t stand in the foyer! And watch out for Harry Potter in the closet. Ok, enough silliness…lovely Queen Anne style house that has been fully restored inside and out. As others have noted, such a fine home would fetch much more in many other places but then the taxes have been mentioned and in New York state, they are indeed a factor to consider. I applaud the owners for being brave enough to use colors and patterns as well as pricey Bradbury papers in some rooms. This riot of colors and patterns approximates the original interiors of many houses from this period. I think our era may well be known someday as the “Great White-Out” period. Like it or not, our Victorian ancestors loved colors and patterns inside their homes.

    • Intense interior colors, embellishments and bedizenments are often characteristics of residences in cold regions of the U.S……and the rest of the world, as well. People spending much of their time indoor during cold and inclement weather have long preferred their interior milieu to stimulate them – whether it was colors or furniture or furnishings. On a macro scale (and oversimplifying), residences in Scandinavian countries have historically been adorned with interesting interior furnishings with comfort being of high import. Conversely, one only need to look at the warm Mediterranean coastal areas (such as the five town of Cinque Terre, and Portofino, Lipari Island, Amorgos in Greece, etc.) to see that exterior color and adornment was valued. Of course, many exceptions to the idea.

  8. The only thing I DON’T love about this house is the above ground pool! I am not a fan of wallpaper, but this seems age-appropriate (yeah, I know it’s new, but man o man, that stuff was expensive!).


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