1850 Gothic Revival – Montpelier, VT – $139,900

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41 Northfield St, Montpelier, VT 05602

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A truly unique historic home! Athenwood was the home of renowned artist Thomas W. Wood. Vaulted ceilings, natural woodwork and decorative motifs are some of the highlights of this Gothic cottage. Situated on a ledge overlooking the city with the back drop of a wooded setting. Easy walk to city amenities, this is a rare opportunity to own of piece of Montpelier history
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16 Comments on 1850 Gothic Revival – Montpelier, VT – $139,900

    • I guess I did it right – the original posting that is. I am so intrigued by this house and the story of the artist. Thank you, Kelly for this great site and I pray that you are feeling stronger every day.

    • Great comment, you gave me an unexpected belly laugh, thank you! But I agree with you 100%

  1. Lovely and rare little gem, but yikes; take a look at the street view. It’s super close to the road – almost like it’s about to fall into the road. Hopefully it’s not a really busy thoroughfare.

    • There is no yard w this it’s ledge side walk the. Street and it’s Farley Busey 99% of the time I lived in Northfield and drove buy this place every day

  2. Has lots of potential. I’m not much of a gothic revival fan but I can appreciate the beauty in this one.

    Of course THAT ROAD looks pretty treacherous! Can you imagine a big rig rumbling past that house in the middle of the night? I’d be scared to death! Cars and trucks whizzing past my house in such close proximity would put me on edge. I’d never be able to relax in my own home. Looks like you could fall right off the front stoop by just walking outside your house. Nope, not for me.

  3. Go to Google Street View for great views of house and neighbors. The red house appears to be connected to Athenwood by a walkway above street level leading to a speculation that maybe it was an outbuilding originally. And that house now has a covered walkway leading to its parking space.
    The two houses down the hill are also converted to “Steamboat Gothic” – same carpenter?

  4. If I was a city dweller, I could happily live here. I would redo the bathroom and make a few other small changes that I can see, but what could be done with this…..such a romantic house! Just enchanting and charming.

  5. Look up Thomas W Wood on Wikipedia and there are some more views of the house. It shows it painted green and with two garage doors. Plus you get to learn all about Thomas Wood – pretty interesting.

  6. I think this house may have been included in Loth and Sadler’s 1975 survey of Gothic Revival architecture, The Only Proper Style: Gothic Architecture in America…I know I’ve seen it published!


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