1921 Craftsman – Washington, NC

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736 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889

  • $139,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • 2824 Sq Ft
  • 0.3 Ac.
Vacant for over 35 years. New roof in 2014. Property needs Total and Complete Rehabilitation, as pricing reflects. Excellent Opportunity to Restore this Incredible Craftsman Style House to Original Grandeur. Many Original Features including Hardwood Floors, French and Crown Moldings, French Doors, Butler's Pantry, Original Staircase. Ceilings are High and Front Porch and Details are Expansive. Rooms are very large with many Windows. Fantastic Architectural details Abound! Location, Location!
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Scott Campbell, Century 21
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45 Comments on 1921 Craftsman – Washington, NC

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  1. Jane says: 5 comments

    I can see the potential in this place. I’m a bit naive on these matters, but how does a home sit vacant for over 35 years? Where were the owners? Is all the junk in the pictures from pre-1980? Just curious.

  2. Bethany says: 3486 comments

    I’ll take it, lock, stock, and barrel! Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Kelli says: 7 comments

    Lock stock and barrel is right! Would love it just how it is with all the treasures inside!

  4. Holly Q says: 75 comments

    I don’t see junk when I look at the pics. Kind of makes me sad, like someone just left their life behind. Photos still on the mantle. I do love the house and many of the pieces are gorgeous! Love the couch.

  5. Jane says: 5 comments

    I can definitely see junk when I look at the kitchen, but in some bizarrely romantic way, it would also be some very interesting junk – a bit like stepping into a time machine.

  6. pam says: 8 comments

    looks like a lot of work has already been started. new roof and a brick exterior, trim looks scraped. so many beautiful belongings–the mirrors! be still my heart. would like to know what needs fixing. to me, it looks pretty darn good. and i can just hear a sweet voice asking her husband to bring her the basin from the top of the ice-box. i really like this house!

  7. roger cook says: 1 comments

    It really looks like someone went through to anything of real value and left the rest behind, Strangest thing is the way the house seems to have been left as in everyone just got up one day and left. Even food seems to have been left behind. This can truly be a fantastic house though

  8. Lourdes says: 2 comments

    I would take it in a minute. With everything in it as it shows in the picture. I agree though how can a home sit vacant for 35 years?

  9. RossRoss says: 2426 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    Wow. This house is kinda a wreck.

    So, of course, I just LOVE it!

  10. says: 5 comments

    Me, three! I’ll take it. All of it. That brass bed! Crystal? light sconces! My guess for the 35 year vacancy is Mom passed away and the only child had long since moved away making it difficult to return to put things in order for sale. 35 years is a long time though! Whatever the strange empty case may be, the house has good bones and plenty of charm.

  11. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12399 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Looks like this home is in the historic district, PDF. No name associated with it though.

  12. Marlene Gentile says: 1 comments

    I agree with you, JoeD. With all the women’s clothing it seems as if it belonged to a widow. How I would love to know more. Surprising it wasn’t vandalized or didn’t get destroyed by fire after all these years. Does anyone know who is selling it?

  13. Melody says: 497 comments

    What an amazing collection of stuff. I’d love to go through everything and discover the treasures.
    For being empty for 35 years, it’s in great shape. Some landscaping, some painting, some light repairs, and a serious cleaning would make this place sparkle.
    That first bathroom is a bit of a shock though, doesn’t match anything else in the house.

  14. Sherry says: 1 comments

    I would take it in a second too! I have a never dying dream to own an Arts & Craft style home!

  15. Carolyn says: 303 comments

    This house isn’t just calling my name it’s bellowing it, jumping up and down and waving it’s arms at me. I see so much potential. I’m in love!

  16. Pam Knox says: 34 comments

    Washington is a groovy little town. This is a groovy little house but I see lots of pesticide on the kitchen counter- yikes!!!!

  17. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    Can some local yokel give us an opinion of the amenities, taxes, and market conditions in North Carolina? Never been there myself. I assume there’s not much snow.

    • says: 10 comments

      I’m not from Washington specifically, but I am an NC native. It’s really a nice state overall. Great variety of people and places from the mountains to the coast. Taxes are reasonable. Washington is at the base of the Pamlico sound where the Tar river empties. It’s right off 17 which is a fairly scenic eastern NC road that I believe goes through SC as well. Never been to Washington specifically, but if it’s like Edenton or New Bern which are both similarly situated, it should be a nice town with a coastal flair.

      And to the house, what an awesome time capsule it is!

    • Suzanne Pichler says: 1 comments

      I grew up in Washington. It’s a great little town that has seen a bunch of growth in the last 30 years. Where we used to have to travel 30+ miles away to get “big town” items, newer hotels, shops, and dining establishments have been added. The waterfront is beautiful and has been completely revitalized with the addition of the Estuariam and the rehabbing of old warehouses into shops and condos. Still has a lot of the historical, “original Washington” feel about it. Doesn’t snow much, but when it does, it’s like the apocolypse happened! Stores emptied, schools closed, MAYHEM!

  18. Sapphy says: 371 comments

    I’ve noticed a pattern in many of these older homes. Large, sweeping rooms, with teeny-tiny kitchens. I can’t work in a room that small. Walls would definitely need to come down to expand.

    • RossRoss says: 2426 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      I do not see a tiny kitchen. I see a poorly laid out kitchen.

      • Sapphy says: 371 comments

        I might have posted the comment on the wrong house, but either way, it’s tiny compared to the kitchen i have in my farmhouse 😉

        I just realized that this house has been vacant for 35 years. Does anyone know if this was once a crime-scene?

  19. mariebushman says: 201 comments

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    It can give you a lot of information about the area and climate, etc.

  20. John Shiflet says: 5630 comments

    I’d be curious to know if this house today is still as seen in the photos. If allowed, I’d buy it with the contents because I can see a sprinkling of good antiques among the lesser value stuff. Looks like it was a nice home in the early days but now reflects a long period of neglect and deferred maintenance. It’s good to learn it was re-roofed recently, a bad roof is the kiss of death for old houses.

  21. says: 6 comments

    I LOVE that some houses like this still exist! I love that it is a time capsule with memories still hanging on the walls. I see many BEAUTIFUL treasures with what looks like an AMAZING story tied to them. Gorgeous furnishings and decorative items that time has left alone, as if locked in a trunk for decades. I’ve always dreamed of walking into a house like this somewhere and everything looks as if time stood still. You can almost hear the family gatherings over the years in that house.

  22. says: 8 comments

    I would love to have this house, especially if everything inside is included! Can you imagine the treasure you might find!!! It could be gorgeous after a good reno is done!

  23. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1041 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    I think this house is spectacular. I didn’t look at first because I thought it was Washington State, and too far away to consider. Love the moldings, the sun porch, the green bathroom — and the kitchen! Yes, it needs work, but thankfully it’s still authentic!

  24. memosonic says: 15 comments

    Other than the porch, the ceilings that are shown in the photos appear to be in good shape. This is a large house on a small lot but it is a block away from the river which opens into Pimlico .

  25. Sapphy says: 371 comments

    I keep coming back to look at this one. It’s very nice, but it has an overall lonely feeling. The description says that it needs a complete rehab, but from the photos, the house doesn’t look to be in bad condition at all. Does anyone know what they mean by “rehab”? Is this just cosmetic, or…? And are all the furnishings included?!

  26. Holly Q says: 75 comments

    I just want to give this house a big ol hug and tell her she’s still so pretty.

  27. Cassie Barrett says: 8 comments

    Question (because this site has a wealth of amazing info provided by followers): The outside is clearly Craftsman, but is the inside? It doesn’t look like what I think of as a Craftsman interior… Although I do think the inside is lovely.

    • bfish says: 83 comments

      Cassie, I think some of this is the power of suggestion. The realtor’s description really plays up “Craftsman” and you see a few typical elements on the exterior (bracketed eaves, exposed rafter tails, the front porch) but the outside is really kind of a hybrid of styles. However, the inside is pure Colonial Revival and a very upscale version at that. I associate a Craftsman interior with simple trims and particular styles of light fixtures. This house has very elaborate moldings throughout and the many prism sconces, though lovely, sure aren’t Arts and Crafts. Personally, I think calling this rather formal residence a “Craftsman house” is pretty misleading.

  28. Bridget says: 7 comments

    Realtor website says this beautiful home was sold September 24, 2015 for $115,000

  29. JennieW says: 1 comments

    Wow, what a time capsule! I would love to just go poke around the closets and look at all the vintage goodies. I’ve never posted before but I do look at this site frequently, so I will take the opportunity to thank you for all the time/effort/love you put into this site.

  30. Deb says: 48 comments

    So sad. I cannot believe that the family would just leave it like that. Think of the pictures and airlooms. I just don’t get it.


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