1887 Queen Anne – Spokane, WA

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908 W Frederick Ave, Spokane, WA 99205

  • $66,900
  • Foreclosure
  • 2584 Sq Ft
  • 0.28 Ac.
Your opportunity to own ''The Currie House'', one of the oldest homes in Spokane and listed on the Spokane Historic Registry. Built in 1883, this beautiful Victorian features original woodwork, flooring, painted ceilings and a unique turret design. Over 2500 square feet with large, unfinished attic, double lot, one car garage and central location close to major arterials. In need of repairs and renovation to restore this historic Spokane home to it's highest and best use. Cash only due to condition.

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  1. Shelby says: 12 comments

    I know it says the condition is rough and it is, but I am almost glad that the one picture of the bathroom is gutted, because the very following picture is a bathroom that I would gut. I would buy this house for the wallpaper in the formal parlor room and the staircase. I don’t live in the area and I am not acquainted with house prices there, but it seems like a spectacular buy for the price.

  2. MW says: 902 comments

    Street view link isn’t working, says it has violated rules. Here is a fresh one. Interesting shot, maybe that is why, LOL!


    $67K seems kind of cheap for a house like this in Spokane. I have never been there, but I would have thought Spokane would be a bit more valuable than that, but I guess maybe not. Also is a bank owned foreclosure, so maybe they just want to get it unloaded at this point.

    Definitely needs some work but appears to have a lot of nice original finishes and paper too. Would be worth a lot if that is still in salvageable shape. The neighborhood seems ok, nothing too exiting or sketchy looking.

    2500sf also seems a bit low. I’m guessing it must be bigger than that

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Still working for me, are you on a phone or desktop?

      • MW says: 902 comments

        I just checked again and still not working. It says (from copy and paste of the actual message):

        Google URL Shortener
        http://goo.gl/QpZLXd – this goo.gl shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here and here for more information about our terms and policies respectively.

        I am using an Apple Mac Pro desktop computer (OSX Yosemite 10.10.1) w/ Safari browser, but in just checking now also gives me the same thing in Firefox.

        Maybe you are getting the cached version on your computer which is why it still is working for you?

        • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

          1901 Folk Victorian
          Chestatee, GA

          Ok, appears to be something wrong with a lot of people using the Google URL Shortener service, so hopefully it’ll clear up. If not, then I guess there goes all the links to the street view.

  3. John Shiflet says: 5471 comments

    As everyone knows, location trumps everything else in real estate. A friend of mine is a realtor in Seattle, prices there for houses, including old ones, are at California coastal levels, i.e., priced very high. But looking at a map, one finds that Spokane is located on the far eastern edge of Washington state near the Idaho border. Perhaps its somewhat remote location accounts for the survival of its many older homes. However, even for Spokane’s stable housing market, this Queen Anne style home is surely bargain priced. The house appears to have experienced a long period of rental use with lowered ceilings in some rooms; apparently is missing art glass transoms (stained-leaded-beveled) in some rooms, but overall is still fairly intact for an unrestored home of its age. Rare stenciled/mural art ceilings remain in a couple of the rooms. (parlor/dining rooms?) Perhaps someone local or more familiar with Spokane’s neighborhoods could explain the low price on this property? In Seattle, it would have been snapped up in a minute and easily flipped for a million dollars or more but even in Spokane I would expect a higher price. It will need a fair amount of work so the price may even out once the required repair/restoration work is taken into consideration.

    • Alexis says: 2 comments

      Spokane is on the east side of Washington Sate. Not desirable like the I-5 corridor. Hot summers and cold winters.
      Brown, not very attractive landscape. Seattle, Tacoma, and up and down the I-5 is green, beautiful, mild winters, gorgeous summers, which is why the real estate is expensive. And there is Microsoft and lots big named employers. Spokane is dead in comparison, which is why the low price. It’s not a bad price, but I would not call it a steal for that area.

      • Jonny says: 1 comments

        ummm I’ve lived in both and Spokane has a way better climate. Summers at the lake hot and nice. Winters with snow a winter playground. Seattle for sure has the economy advantage but I’ve never heard anyone say the rainy Seattle climate is better until your post. The geography around Spokane is beautiful. You have a myopic view of the world…

      • Annalee Jackson says: 1 comments

        Have you spent much time in Spokane? I don’t remember in my 30 years in Spokane, a “brown” landscape. Summer temps get into the 90s in late July and August but it’s hardly brutal or anything. Granted I live in Phoenix now so they seem especially tame by current standards, LOL. Sorry you’re experience in Spokane doesn’t appear to have been a positive one. I’m wondering if this house is in Browne’s addition. Looks like a steal if you have the money to fix it up.

        • Kcinnova says: 3 comments

          House is in the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood of Spokane. I’ve driven by it several times. Yes, it needs work, but what a find! It is one block east of Monroe street — a corridor filled with vintage and antique shops — and just a few miles north of downtown. The Emerson-Garfield neighborhood association has been very active in the past few years, starting up a farmer’s market and other neighborhood-enhancing projects.

      • WEndy says: 1 comments

        Um, Spokane is a great place to live and the area this house is in is fantastic. Definitely a steal. I agree with jonny

      • Latae says: 1 comments

        Its foreclosure that needs a lot of work. This is probably the owners last attempt to break even with the bank. If it gets foreclosed on by the bank it will probably go up for auction and sell for more. Its not in the greatest parts of town far from horrible but its a block from a busy street. As far as climate Spokane is far from “brown” you obviously were confused with the desert between Spokane and Seattle. I’ve personal drove my this house for years and love it. Have been super saddened by its continued decay. I hope someone snatches it up and treats it properly.

    • Kellie says: 1 comments

      I noticed on the top of the listing near the price it says this is a foreclosure, that combined with the work that needs to be done on it is probably the reason for the low price. The bank just wants to get rid of it

    • Kevin P says: 1 comments

      Beautiful old home in a working class neighborhood of Spokane. We are very protective of our historic buildings here so they are plentiful. This example needs a lot of work though. Some of the negatives are: street on 3 sides, only half block off a major business arterial and the condition. The home last sold in 1997 for $150K. Fully renovated it might fetch around $225K? Keep in mind this home is on the historic register so you can’t just go in there and start ripping everything up. There are certain rules and regulations you have to follow. It is going to need all new windows (currently has single pane), new siding, all the floors need to be redone, new kitchen and bathrooms, most likely has knob & tube electrical which will need to be brought up to code, probably has plumbing issues and will need a full landscaping on a 1/4 acre lot. On the plus side it looks to have a newer roof! One could easily drop $150-200K into this to bring it back to life but it would have to be because you love the house and plan on living in it. Would be a horrible investment in the short term. You could probably take it from the bank for half the asking price and save a little money. There is still a sizeable inventory of foreclosures here in Spokane.

      • Aimee says: 1 comments

        It’s on the Spokane Register,which only prohibits changes on the outside. Not the inside. And because it’s on the register, if you buy it and put 25% off the assessed value into it in rehab, you’ll get a property tax break. I worked for the preservation office for years.

    • Amy says: 1 comments

      I know this house VERY WELL, I lived in the area walked by this home many times. This is a GREAT house with a sweet back yard garden area. BUT the neighborhood is very shady I had two cars stolen in 6 months, multiple times people caught breaking into my garage, things stolen out of my yard. But Lord knows I have dreamed of this home admired from the sidewalks many many times. Spokane is an amazing place to live, we have great weather and it is not brown and dry it is green and clean. Just has bad spots like any town does. If you do your research you will see that Spokane was voted one of the best cities to live recently.
      I have seen some old homes in this neighborhood get bought and renovated and flipped for a good price. In fact just down the road form this house is the newest development Kendal Yards and with that it will spread further NORTH with new builds and development and this house will end up being a GOLD MINE in a few years. WHY will Kendal Yards move North toward this home? Because a river and Downtown is South!

  4. Rick says: 71 comments

    Even by Spokane standards this is still very low priced. Winters are harsh, summer sizzles. I’ve always told my relatives it been nice to visit you but I’d never live here.

    • Sarah says: 1 comments

      I’ve lived in Spokane for 9 years(having lived in Colorado, California, Texas, and the Philippines), and never would describe it as brown. It’s in a beautiful valley where the buildings stand up out of a green covering of pine trees. It gets hot for 3 weeks every summer, but the rest of summer is pleasant. And it cools down at night. The winters have snow, but not a lot. There has been one ‘bad’ winter in the years I’ve lived here, but usually only a few feet all winter.

    • BJ says: 1 comments

      How silly. My wife and I moved from San Diego (where we both grew up). We love it here. I’m 5-10 minutes from Wal-Mart and Costco, 30 minutes to the airport. My house sits on the side of a large hill with great views of the Valley. Moose, deer, turkeys traipse through our property. Weather is great. Within an hour I can snow ski, water ski, go river rafting, bike the Centennial Trail, hike mountains or swim in one of more of the dozens of lakes and nearby river.

      Conversely, I could go to Seattle. Cost of living is significantly higher. Traffic is a nightmare. Taxes are totally out of control. Weather absolutely sucks (seriously, I’ve been in Seattle about 30 days over the past 10 years – maybe 2 days it didn’t rain). Mountains are beautiful and everything is a luscious green. But those few positives don’t come close to outweighing the negatives.

      Spokane is a wonderful place to raise a family.

      • Kcinnova says: 3 comments

        Thank you for your description of Spokane. We also love it here and have lived in many other places (including the wet side of the state).

  5. says: 51 comments

    Holy pink kitchen!
    That mantel, about 8 pictures down is nice, That whole room is pretty.

    • lynsey says: 27 comments

      LOL yep. I was thinking, “Oh this house isn’t too bad and it does need work but whoa! pink! a pink kitchen gasp!” who would do that to an innocent kitchen. lol Pepto pink omg. I also thought it was odd/creepy for a toilet to just be sitting next to the stairs in the attic. (Although, I imagine it was from the gutted bathroom-still looked weird though.

      • Cindy says: 1 comments

        Long ago the exterior was the same shade of pink as the kitchen – REALLY! We called the place “The Pepto Bismal House”

  6. Larry Cebula says: 1 comments

    I am a historian and old house guy living in Spokane. 1) This is a GREAT town, appearing in on a lot of best places to live sort of lists. Vibrant culture and food scene, gorgeous natural areas (not brown at all–previous writer was thinking of central Washington?), four glorious seasons for everything from mountain biking to skiing. Really good place to live! 2) The neighborhood for this place is the Cannon Park Neighborhood, near Garland District. It is an improving neighborhood with a ways to go. The homes right around Cannon Park are pretty wonderful, this house is a block or two away. Some sketchy rentals nearby for sure. Also an easy walk to some interesting dining and drinking options on Garland. 3) This price is crazy low even for Spokane–I wonder if there are not some major structural issues we can’t see in the photos? If not, someone should snap this up.

    • Marc says: 241 comments

      I lived in CDA for 12 years, and I agree, Spokane is a great city. You can’t compare it to Seattle; I like them both but they are completely different cities.

    • steve says: 2 comments

      Corbin Park, not Cannon. Neighborhood is actually quite sketchy and if you don’t mind walking up a large hill then yes you are in walking distance to the Garland District.

  7. Tiffany says: 2 comments

    Spokane is not brown and unattractive. It is green and beautiful with a river running through the downtown portion of the city. It’s priced low because it’s a forclosed property. Spokane is the second largest city in Washington. It has four seasons. Great schools. Tons of outdoor activities. The older homes here are definitely worth more then this. I have lived here for years. I would love to snatch this property up. Our housing market is on the low side and always has been. It’s a great thing about living here. We are four hours from Seattle on I-90. Close to lakes and ski mountains. Washington is the evergreen state. It is gorgeous on the east side.

  8. Frederick street where this property is is not the upper class party of the city. It’s A lower income area. That’s why it’s prices like this. Still totally worth the investment for such a beautiful house in my opinion.

  9. patrick says: 1 comments

    I grew up in Spokane but have lived in the Seattle area for around 20 years now. Spokane is a great town that holds up well against a lot of U.S. cities. Riverfront Park is fantastic, Gonzaga University is there, there’s not much traffic, and the restaurant scene is picking up. It’s the biggest city between Seattle and Minneapolis. The only thing “wrong” with Spokane is that it just can’t compete with the gem that is Seattle.

    As far as values are concerned, the comment about location being everything is spot on – and this isn’t the best Spokane neighborhood. Home values are lower than Seattle, but this is appears to be a very good price for a larger Spokane home with some character. The question is, after sinking $2-300k into it, do you want to have the nicest home in a mediocre neighborhood?

  10. Chris says: 1 comments

    I lived in this house with several other renters about a decade ago. I would say the major things contributing to the low price of this house are it’s location and the neighborhood around it. As well as the large amount of work and capital needed to fully restore/remodel it.

  11. Arlis Tyner says: 1 comments

    It also says “cash only, due to condition”. Which means no mortgage, because this thing could collapse on itself any second. That’s why the price is crazy low. 2500 sq ft, on a quarter acre, for 67k cash-only? Guaranteed money-pit.

    • says: 413 comments

      Not necessarily in dire condition. Non-functioning baths, etc. mean it may not get approved from many lenders, particularly if it is VA or such. No matter how financed, the seller gets paid – so it doesn’t matter if the money comes from a lender or your mother. This restriction is probably just to keep people from looking if they cannot go through with it.


  12. Tia P. says: 54 comments

    This is a lovely home. I love the fireplace and the bright windows in the kitchen. I was wondering why there was a huge gap over one of the windows? Reading someone else comment, I assume it was stained glass there, of which, would have been a cool addition to this home. I really love the two windows in the kitchen, the light it gives off screams “good morning”! Lol! I think this house has lots of potential and lots of rooms to be creative with. I love the curved room at the top as well.

  13. Wendy says: 1 comments

    I think the person who is interested in purchasing this house has to restore it per historical guidelines. Which includes colors, interior wood, light fixtures. So it will be expensive. In this area, may be at risk for theft of materials. I wonder if property taxes are delinquent as well. Inquire smart before purchasing.

  14. Lanny says: 1 comments

    Theft for materials? This is Emerson-Garfield – the city’s first historic neighborhood, I might add – not compton. I live four doors down from this and paid $100k for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom victorian cottage on a lot half this size. EVEN for Spokane, EVEN for a ‘low income’ area, this is an incredible price. We care a great deal about historic preservation in our neighborhood, and I can attest to the fact that nothing in the order of materials would be stolen from your job site. This is a gorgeous home in a wonderful, diverse, historic community. Get a grip, people.

    • steve says: 2 comments

      i am also very close to this home. theft is a problem in this area. vehicles broken into, vehicles stolen, items stolen off of my property. although i will the people that actually live in this area are good people. it is the people that frequent the area that dont live here that are the problem.

    • Patches says: 1 comments

      Well said. I love to see community pride. That is what keeps the trouble out. I hope someone who loves her gets this grand old dame.

  15. Paul W says: 470 comments

    Looks like bargain to me the value of the original ceiling stencil work is immeasurable. I imagine some old photos would shed light on the missing windows. If anyone looks at it I’d love to see some better ceiling photos for documentation purposes. I am establishing database of stencil designs

    • Kelly2000 says: 3 comments

      The windows used to have small leaded glass windows above the main windows. Years back, a couple took those window out, boarded them up, then put shingles on the entire house covering where the leaded glass windows were supposed to be. The ceiling work in the “fireplace room” is AMAZING, as is the ceiling work in the “dining room.” Both ceilings need to be completely redone which over ten years ago would have cost thousands of dollars to restore them to their original look and designs.

  16. Kris Allen says: 1 comments

    Spokane is a beautiful city as is the surrounding landscape. This house is in an older neighborhood surrounded by a range of houses in varying levels of upkeep. It is close to Corbin Park, which is a beautiful neighborhood, however the house is sandwiched between two very busy streets. Overall, the neighborhood is mediocre, but the price is very good.

  17. missElle says: 1 comments

    This low ball price is just a ploy to get you interested. We just experienced this tactic on another property in the area. Offered the $80k advertised price and we were the sole bidder…. the bank offered $135k and the house is back with the bank.

  18. JimHJimH says: 5119 comments
    OHD Supporter

    From the sheetrock in progress, hanging bulbs and wires etc., it looks like this was foreclosed mid-renovation. Who knows what might be unfinished? The cash requirement suggests a lot needs to be done and the house isn’t livable at present. There are very few houses in the area over $200k; most are more recent bungalows and ranches averaging a bit over $100k. I don’t think they’re giving it away, but the house is unique enough to possibly be a great opportunity for an old house lover especially if able to DIY to some degree.

  19. BeckyN says: 1 comments

    I’m a realtor in Spokane and have taken clients to this home several times over the past week. It is very interesting to read all of your opinions of the area and Spokane overall. Regardless, this is one of the oldest homes in Spokane. It is a rare piece of history. I hope it sells to someone that will take pride in restoring it to its original glory.

  20. Jill says: 1 comments

    Having renovated a 1908 Craftsman on the south hill this is a great house with good bones. Granted it isn’t in the best part of town but it is still better than other parts. Spokane is far from brown! Live in Colorado and experience brown/drought filled summers. I would give anything to live back there again, especially in our house.

  21. Amber says: 1 comments

    How creepy and lovey! With the right renovating, this house could be amazing!!

  22. Faline says: 1 comments

    By the person saying “brown” they don’t mean literally. I have lived up here for almost 10 years. They area is by brownes addition which is known to have some not so good people there and a few dealers in the area. Criminal rate is moderate hence part of the reason for the price. Mead and parts of the south hill are more aesthetically pleasing for the city itself.

  23. Shannon says: 1 comments

    Cute house but near Felony Flats, the name should clue you into the kind of neighborhood this house is in. I bought my first house not far from there in 2000. The area was sketchy then, I can’t imagine it’s improved. Spokane is Number 2 for violent crimes in the nation.

    • B says: 1 comments

      I live in this neighborhood (this house is half a block away). It’s not a bad neighborhood. Not the best maybe, but I feel safe here and haven’t been a victim of any crimes. It’s pretty quiet. It’s really not that close to Felony Flats at all. I’m curious, what are your sources that say Spokane is No. 2 for violent crimes in the nation? I don’t believe you. I have not seen Spokane on any list of violent crimes.

    • Kelly2000 says: 3 comments

      Felony flats is a couple miles away. This house is officially in the Emerson-Garfield area. I lived in this house from 2003 to 2009 and did not have any problems with the neighborhood.

  24. Tia P. says: 54 comments

    Seems like to me, the people who reside in this area has a positive point of view about its location, than those who do not reside near this home. After all of the comments, I surfed the web and really did not see anything about Spokane being in the top 2 for crime. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/15/most-dangerous-cities_n_6164864.html

  25. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Good point Tia!

    I think the subject of Spokane has been beat to death. Unless you have a comment about the house or live in the neighborhood and would like to give your experience, lets keep it at that.

  26. Josh says: 1 comments

    I grew up in this area…lived on Gordon just at the top of the Monroe street hill behind this house. I remember this house well…when it was pink and lavender with lavender curtains in every window. I would marvel at its brightness and wonder about that turret and what the inside was like. It’s been abused, but the potential is there…that woodwork is beautiful and those ceiling murals are priceless! Even in disrepair it’s beautiful…a piece of history that needs some love.

  27. Kelly2000 says: 3 comments

    I lived in this house for a few years. My ex-husband’s parents owned it and had done the kind-of renovations on it. It’s a really neat house. If someone has the money to fix it up, it would be great. It has so much character and potential. I do know, though, that it needs to be fully gutted, all the way down to the studs, including electrical needing to be redone as well. It is not insulated, the floors need to be replaced, the house is super drafty and has HUGE electricity and gas costs to heat it. I miss living in the house, as does my oldest son. But, it needs a tremendous amount of work. I truly hope that someone can buy this house and renovate it to it’s true potential and correctly. If that happens, I sure hope I can see it as this house was part of my life for 5 years…When it comes to the location, I lived there as I said for a little over 5 years. In that time, we never had any problems with the neighborhood. Within a few blocks of the house were some iffy parts, but right where it’s located was fine, though granted I moved out of it in 2009. If anyone has any questions about the house, feel free to ask…

  28. Kcinnova says: 3 comments

    This is the neighborhood:

  29. Sandy K says: 1 comments

    Is there an update on this house? Was it bought?

  30. KATH says: 197 comments

    i graduated from hs in spokane, in 68, and i recall this house. how can families let a mansion get in this shape, so sad, breaks my heart.

  31. Tom T says: 1 comments

    I am a building contractor in Spokane. The house is probably a good buy for some one that wanted to fix it up for themselves. It is a beautiful old home. The house prices are low in that neighborhood. I went by there the other day and the for sale sign was gone.

  32. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Sold for $89,777!

    • John Shiflet says: 5471 comments

      Outstanding! One often hears about or sees on the HGTV shows multiple offers coming in for certain California based properties. (like the young realtor couple on their Flip or Flop show in the Los Angeles area) But old houses, especially those needing substantial work, are seldom so lucky. Let’s hope this is an example of a growing trend to appreciate older homes lacking in modern amenities but making up for this lack of modernity with original details and period charm. I give a lot of credit for this growing awareness to the Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis, for showing alternatives to the standard gutting of an old house. She even went beyond my preservation standards in one recent episode by choosing to save an old bathroom sink despite it being badly corroded in places. I would have probably replaced it with either a salvage item or an appropriate reproduction sink, but Ms. Curtis chipped off the rust, recoated the pitted metal with an epoxy coating and left the sink (and its history) to speak for itself. Old houses have been under-appreciated and largely undervalued for many years in this country; I’d love to see that reversed before many more fine old houses are lost to neglect or suffer from mindless modernization by tradespeople who see little value in the old. I hope this house soon re-appears in all of its 1880’s glory. If done correctly, the house and property may need an extra zero added to its post-restoration value.

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